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Drug info - A List of the Known Psilocybin Mushrooms

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe & Amanita)' started by Smarthead, Jun 6, 2006.

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    Gerronema species
    1. Gerronema fibula (Bull. : Fr.) Singer [= Omphalina fibula (Bull. : Fr.) P. Kumm.; Quél.; Mycena fibula (Bull. : Fr.) Kühner; Rickenella fibula (Bull. : Fr.) Raithelh.; Omphalia fibula (Bull. : Fr.) P. Kumm.; Hemimycena fibula (Bull. : Fr.) Singer; Marasmiellus fibula (Bull. : Fr.) Singer]
    2. Gerronema solidipes (Fr.) Singer

    Mycena Species
    3. Mycena cyanorhiza Quél.


    Pluteus Species
    4. Pluteus atricapillus (Secr.) Singer [= P. cervinus (Schaeffer) P. Kumm.] [Orton, 1986, discussed this synonymy and concluded that the true name is P. cervinus because the epithet Agaricus atricapillus Batsch is debatable and uncertain. Singer (1986) introduced the name P. atricapillus (Secr.) Singer, but as Secretan's work has been declared invalid, this interpretation is not consider any more]
    5. Pluteus cyanopus Quél.
    6. Pluteus glaucus Singer
    7. Pluteus nigriviridis Babos
    8. Pluteus salicinus (Pers. : Fr.) P. Kumm.
    9. Pluteus villosus (Bull.) Quél.


    Copelandia Species
    10. Copelandia affinis Horak [= Panaeolus affinis (Horak) Ew. Gerhardt]
    11. Copelandia anomala (Murrill) Singer [= Panaeolus anomalus (Murrill) Sacc. & Trotter; about Gerhardt, 1996, this species is a synonym of Copelandia cyanescens)
    12. Copelandia bispora (Malençon & Bertault) Singer & R.A. Weeks [= C. papilionacea var. bispora Malençon & Bertault; Panaeolus cyanescens var. bisporus (Malençon & Bertault) G. Moreno & Esteve-Ravis.; P. bisporus (Malençon & Bertault) Ew. Gerhardt]
    13. Copelandia cambodginiensis (Ola'h & R. Heim) Singer & R.A. Weeks (= Panaeolus cambodginiensis Ola'h & R. Heim)
    14. Copelandia chlorocystis Singer & R.A. Weeks [= Panaeolus chlorocystis (Singer & R.W. Weeks) Ew. Gerhardt]
    15. Copelandia cyanescens (Berk. & Broome) Singer [= Panaeolus cyanescens (Berk. & Broome) Sacc.; P. papilionaceus sensu Bres.) (see Copelandia westii)
    16. Copelandia lentisporus (Ew. Gerhardt) Guzmán (= Panaeolus lentisporus Ew. Gerhardt) 17. Copelandia mexicana Guzmán (about Gerhardt, 1996, this a nom. excl.)
    18. Copelandia tirunelveliensis Natarajan & Raman [= Panaeolus tirunelveliensis (Natarajan & Raman) Ew. Gerhard]
    19. Copelandia tropica Natarajan & Raman (about Gerhard, 1996, this is a nom. dubia)
    20. Copelandia tropicalis (Ola'h) Singer & R.A. Weeks (= Panaeolus tropicalis Ola'h
    ) 21. Copelandia westii (Murrill) Singer (about Gerhardt, 1996, this a synonym of C. cyanescens)

    Panaeolina Species
    22. Panaeolina foenisecii (Pers. : Fr.) Maire [= Panaeolus foenisecii (Pers.: Fr.) Kühner; Psathyrella foenisecii (Pers. : Fr.) A.H. Sm.]
    23. Panaeolina rhombisperma Hongo (about Gerhardt, 1996, this is a nom. excl.) [Horak (1980) considered this species as Crucispora rhombisperma (Hongo) Horak]
    24. Panaeolina sagarae Hongo (about Gerhardt, 1996, this is a nom excl.)
    25. Panaeolina microsperma Natarajan & Raman (= Panaeolina indica Sathe & J.T. Daniel; this is the true name about Gerhardt, 1996)

    Panaeolus Species
    26. Panaeolus africanus Ola'h
    27. Panaeolus ater (J.E. Lange) Kühner & Romagn.) (it is related with P. fimicola about Gerhardt)
    28. Panaeolus castaneifolius (Murrill) A.H. Sm. (= ? P. olivaceus F. H. Møller; Panaeolina castaneifolia (Murrill) Bon; P. castaneifolia (Murrill) Ew. Gerhardt, this latest seems the true name, see Gerhardt, 1996)
    29. Panaeolus fimicola (Fr.) Gillet (see P. ater)
    30. Panaeolus microsporus Ola'h & Cailleux
    31. Panaeolus moellerianus Singer (= P. subbalteatus sensu Møller, 1945) (about Gerhardt, 1996, this is a nomen dub.)
    32. Panaeolus olivaceus F.H. Møller (it is sometimes confused as a synonym of P. castaneifolius, see that)
    33. Panaeolus papilionaceus (Fr.) Quél. var. papilionaceus sensu auct. non s. Ew. Gerhardt [= P. campanulatus (L. : Fr.) Quél.]
    34. Panaeolus retirugis (Fr.) Quél.
    35. Panaeolus rubricaulis Petch (= P. campanuloides Guzmán & K. Yokoy.)
    36. Panaeolus sphinctrinus (Fr.) Quél. [= Panaeolus campanulatus var. sphinctrinus (Fr.) Bres.]
    37. Panaeolus subbalteatus (Berk. & Broome) Sacc. (= P. venenosus Murrill)
    38. Panaeolus venezolanus Guzmán (= P. annulatus Natarajan & Raman)


    Agrocybe Species
    39. Agrocybe farinacea Hongo

    Conocybe Species
    40. Conocybe cyanopus (G.F. Atk.) Kühner [= Pholiotina "Galera" cyanopus G.F. Atk.; Ph. cyanopoda (G.F. Atk.) Singer; Galerula cyanopus G.F. Atk.]
    41. Conocybe kuehneriana Singer
    42. Conocybe siligineoides R. Heim
    43. Conocybe smithii Watling (= Galerula cyanopes Kauffman)


    Hypholoma Species
    44. Hypholoma gigaspora (Natarajan & Raman) Guzmán [= Psilocybe gigaspora Natarajan & Raman; Naematoloma gigaspora (Natarajan & Raman) Guzmán]
    45. Hypholoma guzmanii (Natarajan & Raman) Guzmán [= Psilocybe guzmanii Natarajan & Raman; Naematoloma guzmanii (Natarajan & Raman) Guzmán]
    46. Hypholoma naematoliformis (Guzmán) Guzmán [= Psilocybe naematoliformis Guzmán; Naematoloma naematoliformis (Guzmán) Guzmán]
    47. Hypholoma neocaledonica (Guzmán & Hora) Guzmán [= Psilocybe neocaledonica Guzmán & Hora; Naematoloma neocaledonica (Guzmán & Hora) Guzmán]
    48. Hypholoma popperianum (Singer) Guzmán (= Naemaotoloma popperianum Singer)
    49. Hypholoma rhombispora (Guzmán) Guzmán (= Naematoloma rhombispora Guzmán)

    Psilocybe Species
    50. Psilocybe acutipilea (Speg.) Guzmán
    51. P. angustipleurocystidiata Guzmán
    52. P. antioquensis Guzmán, Saldarriaga, Pineda, García & Velázquez
    53. P. aquamarina (Pegler) Guzmán (= Stropharia aquamarina Pegler)
    54. P. arcana Borovicka et Hlavácek sp. nov.
    55. P. argentipes K. Yokoy.
    56. P. armandii Guzmán & S.H. Pollock
    57. P. aucklandii Guzmán, C.C. King & Bandala
    58. P. australiana Guzmán & Watling
    59. P. aztecorum R. Heim emend. Guzmán var. aztecorum
    60. P. aztecorum var. bonetii (Guzmán) Guzmán (= P. bonetii Guzmán)
    61. P. azurescens Stamets & Gartz
    62. P. baeocystis Singer & A.H. Sm. emend. Guzmán
    63. P. banderiliensis Guzmán
    64. P. barrerae Cifuentes & Guzmán emend. Guzmán, 1999
    65. P. bohemica Sebek (= P. coprinifacies s. Herink, non s. Krieglsteiner)
    66. P. brasiliensis Guzmán
    67. P. brunneocystidiata Guzmán & Horak
    68. P. caeruleoannulata Singer ex Guzmán
    69. P. caerulescens Murrill var. caerulescens (= P. caerulescens var. albida R. Heim; P. caerulescens var. mazatecorum R. Heim; P. mazatecorum R. Heim; P. caerulescens var. nigripes R. Heim)
    70. P. caerulescens var. ombrophila (R. Heim) Guzmán (= P. caerulescens var. mazatecorum P. ombrophila R. Heim; P. mixaeensis R. Heim)
    71. P. caerulipes (Peck) Sacc.
    72. P. carbonaria Singer
    73. P. chiapanensis Guzmán
    74. P. collybioides Singer & A.H. Sm.
    75. P. columbiana Guzmán
    76. P. coprinifacies (Rolland) Pouzar s. auct., non s. Herink, non s. Krieglsteiner) (see discussion)
    77. P. cordispora R. Heim
    78. P. cubensis (Earle) Singer [= Stropharia cubensis Earle; P. cubensis var. caerulescens (Murrill) Singer & A.H. Sm.; Stropharia subcyanescens Rick; S. cyanescens Murrill; S. caerulescens (Pat.) Singer]
    79. P. cyanescens Wakef. (non sensu Krieglsteiner)
    80. P. cyanofibrillosa Guzmán & Stamets
    81. P. dumontii Singer ex Guzmán
    82. P. eucalypta Guzmán & Watling
    83. P. fagicola R. Heim & Cailleux var. fagicola
    84. P. fagicola R. Heim var. mesocystidiata Guzmán
    85. P. farinacea Rick ex Guzmán [= P. albofimbriata (Rick) Singer]
    86. P. fimetaria (P.D. Orton) Watling [= P. caesieannulata Singer; Stropharia fimetaria P.D. Orton]
    87. P. fuliginosa (Murrill) A.H. Sm.
    88. P. furtadoana Guzmán
    89. P. galindoi Guzmán (= P. galindii Guzmán)
    90. P. goniospora (Berk. & Broome) Singer [= P. lonchophora (Berk. Broome) Horak ex Guzmán] 91. P. graveolens Peck
    92. P. guatapensis Guzmán, Saldarriaga, Pineda, García & Velázquez
    93. P. guilartensis Guzmán, Tapia & Nieves-Rivera
    94. P. heimii Guzmán
    95. P. heliconiae Guzmán, Saldarriaga, Pineda, García & Velázquez
    96. P. herrerae Guzmán
    97. P. hispanica Guzmán
    98. P. hoogshagenii R. Heim var. hoogshagenii (= P. caerulipes var. gastonii Singer; P. zapotecorum R. Heim s. Singer)
    99. P. hoogshagenii R. Heim var. convexa Guzmán (= P. semperviva R. Heim & Cailleux)
    100. P. inconspicua Guzmán & Horak
    101. P. indica Sathe & J.T. Daniel
    102. P. isabelae Guzmán
    103. P. jacobsii Guzmán
    104. P. jaliscana Guzmán
    105. P. kumaenorum R. Heim
    106. P. laurae Guzmán
    107. P. lazoi Singer [this is a doubtful neurotropic species, considered first by Guzmán (1983) as a synonym of P. zapotecorum, but Singer, 1986, claimed that this is a not bluing fungus independent of that of Guzmán, 1983]
    108. P. liniformans Guzmán & Bas var. liniformans
    109. P. liniformans var. americana Guzmán & Stamets
    110. P. mairei Singer [= Hypholoma cyanescens Maire; Geophila cyanescens (Maire) Kühner & Romagn.; non Psilocybe cyanescens s. Krieglsteiner]
    111. P. makarorae Johnst. & Buchanan
    112. P. mammillata (Murrill) A.H. Sm.
    113. P. meridensis Guzmán
    114. P. mexicana R. Heim
    115. P. moseri Guzmán
    116. P. muliercula Singer & A.H. Sm. (= P. wassonii R. Heim)
    117. P. natalensis Gartz, Reid, Smith & Eicker
    118. P. natarajanii Guzmán [= P. aztecorum var. bonetii (Guzmán) Guzmán s. Natarajan & Raman]
    119. P. ochreata (Berk. & Broome) Horak ex Guzmán
    120. P. papuana Guzmán & Horak
    121. P. paulensis (Guzmán & Bononi) Guzmán (= P. banderiliensis var. paulensis Guzmán & Bononi)
    122. P. pelliculosa (A.H. Sm.) Singer & A.H. Sm.
    123. P. pericystis Singer
    124. P. pintonii Guzmán
    125. P. pleurocystidiosa Guzmán
    126. P. plutonia (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Sacc.
    127. P. portoricensis Guzmán, Tapia & Nieves-Rivera
    128. P. pseudoaztecorum Natarajan & Raman (= P. aztecorum var. azte-corum sensu Natarajan & Raman; "P. subaztecorum" Guzmán, 1995)
    129. P. puberula Bas & Noordel.
    130. P. quebecensis Ola'h & R. Heim
    131. P. ramulosa (Guzmán & Bononi) Guzmán (= P. zapotecorum var. ramulosum Guzmán & Bononi)
    132. P. rostrata (Petch) Pegler
    133. P. rzedowskii Guzmán
    134. P. samuiensis Guzmán, Bandala & Allen
    135. P. sanctorum Guzmán
    136. P. schultesii Guzmán & S.H. Pollock
    137. P. semilanceata (Fr. : Secr.) P. Kumm. [= P. semilanceata var. caerulescens (Cooke) Sacc.: P. cookei Singer; non P. callosa (Fr. : Fr.) Quél., which is P. strictipes Singer & A.H. Sm.]
    138. P. septentrionalis (Guzmán) Guzmán (= P. subaeriginascens Höhn. var. septentrionalis Guzmán)
    139. P. serbica Moser & Horak (non ss. Krieglsteiner)
    140. P. sierrae Singer (= P. subfimetaria Guzmán & A.H. Sm.)
    141. P. silvatica (Peck) Singer & A.H. Sm.
    142. P. singerii Guzmán
    143. P. strictipes Singer & A.H. Sm. [= P. callosa (Fr. : Fr.) Quél. s. Guzmán, 1983; P. semilanceata var. obtusa Bon; P. semilanceata var. microspora Singer ?]
    144. P. stuntzii Guzman & Ott
    145. P. subacutipilea Guzmán, Saldarriaga, Pineda, García & Velázquez 146. P. subaeruginascens Höhn. var. subaeruginascens [= P. aerugineo-maculans (Höhn.) Singer & A.H. Sm.]
    147. P. subaeruginosa Cleland
    148. P. subcaerulipes Hongo
    149. P. subcubensis Guzmán
    150. P. subtropicalis Guzmán
    151. P. subyungensis Guzmán
    152. P. subzapotecorum Guzmán
    153. P. tampanensis Guzmán & S.H. Pollock
    154. P. tasmaniana Guzmán & Watling
    155. P. uruguayensis Singer ex Guzmán
    156. P. uxpanapensis Guzmán
    157. P. venenata (S. Imai) Imaz. & Hongo (= P. fasciata Hongo; Stropharia caerulescens S. Imai)
    158. P. veraecrucis Guzmán & Pérez-Ortiz
    159. P. villarrealii Guzmán
    160. P. wassoniorum Guzmán & S.H. Pollock
    161. P. weilii Guzmán, Tapia & Stamets
    162. P. weldenii Guzmán
    163. P. wrightii Guzmán
    164. P. xalapensis Guzmán & A. López
    165. P. yungensis Singer & A.H. Sm. (= P. yungensis var. diconica Singer & A.H. Sm.; P. yungensis var. acutopapillata Singer & A.H. Sm.; P. isaurii Singer; P. acutissima R. Heim)
    166. P. zapotecorum R. Heim emend. Guzmán (= P. aggericola Singer & A.H. Sm.)


    Galerina Species

    167. Galerina steglichii Besl

    Gymnopilus Species

    168. Gymnopilus aeruginosus (Peck) Singer
    169. G. braendlei (Peck) Hesler
    170. G. intermedius (Singer) Singer
    171. G. lateritius (Pat.) Murrill
    172. G. liquiritiae (Fr.) P. Karst.
    173. G. luteofolius (Peck) Singer
    174. G. luteoviridis Thiers
    175. G. luteus (Peck) Hesler
    176. G. purpuratus (Cooke & Massee) Singer
    177. G. sapineus (Fr.) Maire (= Pholiota sapinea s. auct.)
    178. G. spectabilis (Fr.) A.H. Sm. [= G. spectabilis (Fr.) Singer; Pholiota spectabilis Fr.; Gymnopilus junonius (Fr.) P.D. Orton; G. spectabilis var. junonia (Fr.) J.E. Lange; Pholiota junonia (Fr.) P. Karst.; Ph. spectabilis var. junonia (Fr.) J.E. Lange] (G. junonius seems to be the true name)
    179. G. subpurpuratus Guzmán-Davalos & Guzmán]
    180. G. validipes (Peck) Hesler
    181. G. viridans Murrill

    Inocybe Species

    182. Inocybe aeruginascens Babos
    183. Inocybe coelestium Kuyper
    184. Inocybe corydalina Quél. var. corydalina
    185. Inocybe corydalina var. erinaceomorpha (Stangl & J. Veselsky´) Kuyper
    186. Inocybe haemacta (Berk. & Cooke) Sacc.
    187. Inocybe tricolor Kühner
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