A Morning Glory Warning Story

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    Oct 11, 2006
    One day at college, SWIM bought what was sold to him as "liquid acid". What I got for $20 was approximately 20 drops of purpleish/black liquid in a little food coloring bottle. Two drops only gave a slight buzz. SE and AP tried a couple drops each, and again no big deal. Only a slight low-level LSD type buzz.

    So, four people decided to trip on the rest. They figured it would be a light trip, but it might be entertaining...

    SWIU decided to put four shots of water into the coffee pot. Then they squeezed the remaining liquid (5 drops or so) into the water. Then the water was sucked into the bottle, then back into the water. Then a small piece of paper towel corner (1 inch square) was used to wipe out the top of the bottle nipple which was black in the ridges. Also, the bottle was cut in half and wiped out. They all took a quarter piece of the paper towel bit and washed it down with the shot of water.

    About two hours later, SWIU were all horizontal listening to Hendrix lost in space theorizing about sanity and wondering how we were ever getting back.

    I'm just warning you that it can be unpredictable. LSA is nothing to be trifled with. It's really no fun taking too much.