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Experiences - α-PVP Experience Reports

Discussion in 'Beta-Ketones' started by Terrapinzflyer, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Terrapinzflyer

    Terrapinzflyer MDMA, RC & News Forums

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    May 10, 2009
    a-pvp experience reports

    Please add your experiences with a-pvp here. Please add dosage, route and duration to the top of your post like this:

    When posting a experience, please describe:
    • body weight & gender
    • dose taken
    • route of administration
    • Setting: in what environment it was taken.
    • duration of main effects
    • main effects
    • side effects
    • after effects
    • rating of the experience
    • addictive qualities / abuse potential
    • any other valuable information
    • information on heart rate / blood pressure effects if available[/quote]

    Information about this substance, other then experiences, should be discussed here:
    a-pvp Drug Info

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  2. dandrice

    dandrice Newbie

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    Nov 30, 2011
    Re: a-pvp Experience Reports

    a guy i shared a cab with was talkin about this he said its his favorite stimulant rc so far, according to him he doesnt like psychedelics, hes a musician and finds thant stimulants enhance his musical ability, he used to live in the western u.s. where crystal meth was available whenever he wanted, since he moved to the northeastern united states he was shocked to discover its one of the few places on the u.s. that the meth epidemic hasnt touched. he was very frustrated that when people said they could get meth they were talking about methadone and people in his state only heard of crystal meth on t.v. he also found it silly that the same people that would smoke crack and shoot dope said that crystal meth sounds like something they would never want to try.

    anyway on to the a-pvp just felt like pointing out that this man was a former tweaker that has been searching for something similar for a few years, he said the rc's he tried so far were mdpv, right before the ban which he liked but is glad he cant get it because it was too good for playing music on and he wouldve gone downhill,
    pentedrone-just hefelt a rush then crashed and went to sleep 2 hours after sniffing 100mg
    a-ppp -he said he sniffed 100 mg an hour until 1/2 a gram was gone and didnt feel anythinh
    4-fa/dmmc combo: he only tried it once but liked it and wants to try again

    a-pvp: he said was the closest thing to crystal out of the other ones he said it burned a bit but mixing it with lidocaine from the head shop fixed that, he said he weight out about 200-400 mg mixed it with about 200 mg lidocaine(he thinks its lidocaine its a numbening agent thats rocked up) then sniff about 4 lines about as long as a toothpick and about as wide as the E-string on a bass guitar. (i know thats kinda vague but thats what he told me). i thing he said the 4 lines would last a few hours before he would redose with more. getting about 15 lines out of his 200-400 mix, he said he smoked some on the foil which seemed good but made his lungs feel wierd thru his back so he didnt do that roa very often.

    he said it didnt give the rush that crystal gave him and the high didnt last as long but, it made him happy and motivated, but most importantly he felt that it improved his musical playing/creativity, also it was euphoric but not as euphoric as crystal, which made it good for the morning before work. he said he could sleep on it when he did go to bed but he was motiviated and didnt want to go to sleep but had no problem falling asleep if he tried. he said crystal is obviously more party time ish. but the a-pvp seemed less taxing on the body, less cravings and the come down was bearable just a little stiff and achy.

    i asked him if i could tell his expierience on an online forum and he said sure, as long as i ask if i could find out what other rc stims musicians/artists enjoy or what else out thier is like crystal. he said he doesnt like or have the money to go down the list and use himself as a guiena pig.

    oh btw hes about 40 yrs old, 6 foot 4 in and about 220 lbs so i would imagine his doses are a bit more than average because of his size, he also said that he naturally has low energy, and slow metabolism maybe thats why he enjoys long acting stims so much.
  3. Tech House

    Tech House Titanium Member

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    Dec 3, 2011
    Re: a-pvp Experience Reports

    Moab (Man on a bus) jotted down notes for me, which is so much better than trying to remember what he tells me when we're riding into town.

    80 KG male

    Drug history: his list is long, but the important info is that he has never done meth, crack, or other hard core stims, only some light cola in the 1980s (loved it but wasn't a regular and never wanted to re-dose). Also relevant to a-pvp: has done mdma and mda on a number of occasions, relatively small doses.

    RC history: 4-FA (loved it but felt like it was messing with his head in a bad way), 4-MEC (really likes it and gets no bad side effects but can't do too often or it doesn't do much), MDAI (really liked the subtlety and zero bad side effects; combined well with 4-FA and other stims like PEA and DMAA)

    Clean day (no chems, just supplements/herbs up until 4 pm trial), leisure day at home, online (what a waste, being on a computer can numb a person to the physical and mental effects of chems, herbs, and life itself)

    approximately 25 mg up his HORSE? obviously he meant "nose"
    additional 25 mg under tongue for slower release/duration

    Other reports have consistently mentioned burn in nose, he says he had none; wonders if this is actually a-pvp... given that it was easy on the nasal passages he felt safe putting it under tongue, where it dissolved instantly with no problems.

    Within 5 minutes, pleasant stim-euph wave kicks in, intensifies to the point of a little discomfort (Moab is very sensitive to chems and meds)
    Some sensations buzzing in genital region, he feels horny for first time that day and thinks this might be a good RC for sex

    20 minutes in, steady feel to it, not intensifying any more, not weakening yet. Still feels kinda sexual/sensual but almost too much on the stim side for that

    30 min. - - still going very steady, no change in effects; he feels incredible when he stops reading web pages and clicking links and just stops to close his eyes and chill; waves of euphoria

    45 min. - - euphoria is getting stronger and stimulant effects are chilling out, this is a nice substance whether it's a-pvp or DDT or the cremated remains of grandmother; seems like around the 30 minute mark would have been good time to initiate sexual activity, possibly a small re-dose under tongue for sustained release. He does neither.

    BP = 139/85, HR = 80 at t=45, just about the same as it was an hour earlier before he took his blood pressure medication; taking a little more of the BP med in expectation of re-dosing and probable increase in BP.

    50 min. - - 25 mg sublingual re-dose; while weighing out the 25 mg, euphoria gives way to a stim feeling again; seems like it's very important to use this in the right way, because what a person is doing can affect effects dramatically... wonders to himself if this is true of all drugs/herbs, he thinks probably so (I agree with him on this, when I did psychedelics in the 1970s and MDA/MDMA in the 80s, I found that what I was doing, where I was, and who with, made a HUGE difference; didn't feel as much that way about cola, though)

    1:15 - - re-dose generated the same stim feeling again, dulled the body high for the first 10-15 min, but at t = 1:15 the stim is calming and the high is better again; effects are not additive, so original dose effects might be waning.

    1:45 - - the rc has not worn off but its pleasant effects are no longer being felt. now he thinks it's like a new "baseline" where he feels normal except when he is very still, closes his eyes, and pays attention to what he's experiencing. He's more alert and stimulated than "normal" but the subjective feeling from moment to moment is like it's just a new version of normal, not a "high" feeling. My interpretation of his comments is that most DF members would have said that the effects had worn off by this time.
    BP = 142/84, HR = 77

    2:30 to 3 hours+, feels kind of sick, pressure in head, tiny bit of buzz but not enough to enjoy it due to side effects overwhelming the experience. At 3 hours, BP = 154/88, HR = 84, BP is definitely high because he took BP medication twice during his test run.

    3:30 (final entry) - the initial rush and sexual feeling didn't last more than about 15 minutes; as time went on, sexual interest went way down below normal and body sensations went from euphoric to edgy and uncomfortable, like he had been mildly poisoned. This may have been a bad batch or not even the real thing, or he just doesn't like a-pvp.

    Something he didn't write down in his report but admitted to me on the bus is that he added 25 mg of a popular dance club substance, which he asked that I not identify. He took this sublingually at about 2 hours into his journey and that's when things obviously went downhill. Strange, he didn't make the connection and blamed the a-pvp for everything, so I explained that just because X feels good and and Y feels good does NOT mean that (X+Y) feels twice as good; in fact, it can feel horrible, a lot worse than he felt. Worst case scenario: 2 things that make you feel good separately can kill you when mixed.

    I wish he would stop doing combo experiments on himself. He is going to try a-pvp again, not re-dose, and not take anything else in combination. I hope he follows that plan and resists the impulse to play around with dangerous chem combos.

    My summary: I think a-pvp sounds interesting but only when used cautiously in lower doses than what other people prefer. I would try it if I didn't already have some brain damage from concussions and hyponatremia (low blood sodium that got out of control.)

    Be safe and use your lab rats before you lose your mind!
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2012
  4. soakking

    soakking Newbie

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    Feb 3, 2012
    Re: a-pvp Experience Reports

    My pet capybara asked me to post his findings on his first time with an RC.

    Capy is about 97kg/200lb. after finding a local shop that carried some a-pvp he ran home to dump out the .5g baggie on his favorite "reflective research surface". a very nice off white powder flowed from the bag. Capy cut a nice fat line and thought this better be good...then for some reason he decided to read up on the stuff before he did it.

    Thank god he did because he rushed strait back to the shop and purchased a nice little digital scale that may have saved his life. after weighting what he was going to insufflate (nearly 225mg) he decided that he would call a friend to keep an eye on him.

    When said friend came over capy did his first line, 50mg and sat back on the couch. after about 5 minutes Capy could feel a slight heart rate increase and tingling sensation.

    the "speeding" feeling gradually increased over the next 30-40 minutes before plaining out. seems that increased creativity and thinking were making it hard to focus on one thing. at the 20 minute mark Capy started to get the urge to re dose but held off. as the speeding leveld off at the 40 minute mark Capy noticed a laid back and calm feeling that he never experienced with Stims before.

    After an hour capy decided it was a good Idea to do a 50mg redose but his friend said he should only do 25. They comprimised and both did 25mg.

    Almost immediately the rush picked back up. this time Capy was more aware that the tingling feeling he felt the first time was part of the euphoric feeling that seemed to calm him towards the end of the firest hour.

    Capy said that at this point he lost track of time but did do 25mg more after about 40 minutes. He also mentioned that his head was going 90mph and he was unable to focus on one thing or multi task. he recalls trying to read a letter or something and was jumping from paragraph to paragraph and could not make sence of what he read.

    The only thing capy didnt like about a-pvp was the jaw clenching and the fact that he is 3rd prestiged on a game and got online and made an ass of himself.

    The comedown was not too bad for Capy other than the emptyness feeling in his gut and the sudden realization that he had not eaten since about 8 am and it was now the wee hours of the next morning.

    As far as a hook, During the "trip" it was almost overly tempting to redose but the next day he felt relitivly no urge for the chem and didnt use again until the following friday (8 days later).

    Capy has had some expieriance with other stims like cocaine, meth, addy, ritalin and eppy. as well as a long lengthy history of recreational pill usage from hydrocodone to oxymorphone.

    The following week Capy had a cousin come over to partake in the festivities. we call him Dapy. Dapy has also done the same stims. Dapy would like me to tell you that there is no effect on sugar metabolism and he had no different effects than Capy. he wants to also say that if your pet happens to be a diabetic like him, be very careful with experimentation and take into consideration that all drugs/chems may react differently with waht ever you may be prescribed
  5. (NS)-M-Lo-Reason

    (NS)-M-Lo-Reason Titanium Member

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    Jul 18, 2011
    Re: a-pvp Experience Reports

    Hello all, great to be back! As I posted on my profile my manticore, who is the one who experiments with substances, was recently intervened upon and has spent the last 60 days getting clean. The circumstances leading to this conclusion are very important reading for anyone who uses cathinones recreationally, especially but not limited to the pyrollidinophenone class. Some of this story is redundant, I apologize if anyone has read my report about my uncles struggle with MDPV, the background is important. Also if this is an inappropriate place to post something like this I apologize and please move it where it better fits.

    My uncle Nate discovered MDPV after a lengthy sobriety, he had 8 months on Subutex for a pain pill/poppy tea/heroin issue. He fell in love immediately, and on his 3rd day of using he had already decided there were people on his parents roof attempting to hurt his family, and he played sentry, almost stabbing his mom in the process and having the humbling experience of being frisked by the police in his own living room.

    After a few months of maintenance use (24/7, literally) he entered treatment, but he stashed 5 grams of MDPV at home and after his first pass returned with it in his sock, and cringe worthy shenanigans were had. He left AMA soon afterward as no one in rehab likes to be given advice by someone who was clearly cracked the fuck out, and those people so often feel the need to chime in.

    He experienced blackouts frequently when he would vaporize too much of the drug, and on one occasion he wandered the house mumbling like a zombie, throwing research chemical filled vials all over the place, then fished out on the couch. His mother witnessed much of it, and the next morning he was told to stop using or kick rocks. He defiantly sniffed a bump in front of his parents and was promptly told to fuck off.

    He hotel hopped/resided in his car for a while, still using (he began injecting the drug at this point) and, conveniently never sleeping as cars get very very cold at 3 am, even in sunny California in June. He eventually developed what was probably CO poisoning from running the heater for hours at a time, came home unable to eat without vomiting and his parents helped him aquire a lovely condo.

    After a few months he became convinced that there were bugs and worms all over his apartment, in his drugs and as a result inside him as well. It is important to mention that he was working with volatile solvents performing extractions and oxidations of a certain stigmatized OTC, and as a result not only was he inhaling xylene/naphtha on a daily basis, he was also using a wide variety of RCs and alkaloids he had cooked up. Anyway the worms were seen in his food and as a result he became unable to eat anything.

    Yet the fun continued, slamming smoking and sniffing MDPV, as well as a plethora of other chemicals. Then, without warning 10/21/11 arrived, a day that will live in semi-infamy. MDPV became unavailable along with mephedrone and methylone in the US, as we are all aware (thanks a lot bath salt makers. Douchebags.) He crashed after an almost year long run of 24/7 use of the drug, and after sleeping for 3 days straight, woke up ridiculously depressed and dismal. Anhedonia, suicidal ideation, extreme lethargy, and of course an almost all consuming need for the drug were the symptoms of his withdrawal. It persisted for a long time, and in that time he tried the following substituted cathinones (as well as other drugs too numerous to mention, but I am limiting this story to cathinone derivatives) in the following ways to achieve what he hoped would be a similar effect:

    Methcathinone: sniffed
    Ethcathinone: sniffed, injected, vaporized
    Mephedrone: sniffed, oral
    4-MEC: sniffed, oral, injected, smoked
    Flephedrone: sniffed
    3-FMC: sniffed, injected, vaporized
    Brephedrone: sniffed, oral, rectal
    Methylone: sniffed, oral, injected
    Ethylone: injected, rectal
    NEB: sniffed, injected
    Pentedrone: sniffed, oral, injected, rectal, vaporized
    Pentylone: sniffed, smoked, injected
    MDPPP: sniffed, injected, vaporized, oral
    Naphyrone: sniffed, vaporized
    pMPPP: sniffed, vaporized, injected
    Buphedrone: sniffed, vaporized, injected
    Alpha-PPP: sniffed, vaporized, injected
    Alpha-PVP: sniffed, vaporized, injected*

    And now the reason why I'm sharing this story. Alpha-PVP, when vaporized, provided a very similar high to MDPV, with possibly more euphoria. Other cathinones did the trick to some degree (and shooting methylone proved to be an extremely compulsive and addictive activity, as did shooting NEB but those are different stories). He was off and running, ordering 5 gram bags and sniffing and shooting the drug, along with pentylone which he quite enjoyed as well, as evidenced by his lengthy and (hopefully) amusingly self indulgent experience report written while under its influence (think really good coke, now make it 5x cheaper, multiply the % pure by 3 and make it smokeable without freebasing it first; your probably thinking, damn that might be habit forming).

    He began to hear several different voices. They would tell him they were the neighbors, and wanted to have him arrested. They followed him everywhere; told him they were extorting his family and making his friends hate him, and one in particular claimed to be having a sexual relationship with his girlfriend of a year, who he also claimed hated Nate more than anyone and stuck with him to gather blackmail material for him. He became withdrawn and paranoid, keeping it together through his continuing knowledge of potential schizoid experiences when one sleeps only 2x a week for a year, especially when that sleep would better be described as blacking out after 4 days up, waking up fully clothed (including shoes), sitting up and noting that the apartment had been rearranged with no recollection of the act or motive for it.

    He could never quite convince himself that the voices weren't real, they had good reason for not approaching him face to face, he was armed all the time, extremely frightened, angry and alone, an equation that usually has unfortunate solutions. As he continued to vaporize and inject alpha-PVP, the voices became gang affiliated, then y----- affiliated (yeah, think the people who the US Marshals are afraid of, with influence in NorCal).*He feared every day for the safety of those he loved, including the girlfriend he thought hated him. His concern for himself had evaporated about the time he began injecting a batch of the drug that smelled very strongly of solvent. He attempted suicide a few times, one with an empty syringe which he punctured the skin with but never pushed the plunger (thank God for divine intervention, he recieved phone calls from several people and got distracted by a mission to get icy hot for his girlfriends sore back), once with a knife which he held over his wrists until the voices said his parents were outside, once when the voices told him his girlfriend had planted cyanide in his drugs and he proceeded to almost OD himself trying to ingest enough to die, and once when he had what he thought was a laser site on his head and he threw open the curtain and stood in full "view" with his eyes squeezed shut as here voices counted to 3...

    The worst nights were when his condo was surrounded by police, his parents and his girlfriends parents, and they told him that he had gotten her pregnant, and the voice he thought was having sex with her and gotten her high on OCs and given her a coat hanger abortion. He charged outside with a knife, crying and screaming death threats to someone he now knows doesn't exist, and drove around trying to find him so that he could ----------- use your imagination he doesn't want to go there, although he said something that described an act popularized by hungry pre-colonial Hawaiians... The second one was New Years when he roamed around Sausalito alone, convinced the police and everyone living there were after him after he had fled a restaurant where his friends were celebrations convinced that his food was poisoned. He rang in midnight alone in his condo vaping alpha-PVP.

    He eventually lost the trust and respect of everyone, lost the girlfriend and scared the parents to death with wild accusations and cryptic messages about motorcycle gangs and extortion schemes. Finally his supply dry dry, and with $0 to his name (well, more like $-4000, he managed to spend a five figure sum in a year period, the vast majority of which went to websites in Poland and China) and he passed out for 3 days, awakening every few hours to shoot his rapidly dwindling supply of methylone and promptly pass out again.

    Finally he ran out of methylone and decided to move onto 4-MEC. He became anxious after a few shots, and balanced it out with a hefty, unmeasured dose of phenazepam (effectively roofieing himself). He vaguely remembers his parents and an interventionist breaking in, he remembers snatching a bottle of GBL and dashing to the bathroom where he pounded probably 4-5 mls of pure G, walking through airport security impressed with how charming he was being, and then being carried to med time and meals at a SoCal facility by angels in the form of 40 something tattooed ex-felons (God bless you Rodney, Kenny, Richard, Chase, and anyone else I may have forgotten. My uncle will never forget the service and strength you gave him, or at least he hears you gave him. Thank you.)*

    And that's what happened. He continued to hear voices for a good three weeks, although a nightly 5 mg olanzapine dose finally erased them (and gave him a Buddha belly; 8 meals a day...). He is no longer on antipsychotics, is greatful to say he is buprenorphine free (that detox is another fucking story, 5 weeks of absolute misery). His girlfriend is tentatively back in his life via phone, and although he knows they are probably finished the way her voice cracked when she talked about how healthy he sounded and how happy she was was one of the most wonderful things he experienced in sobriety so far. He loves her with all his heart, and being a broke ass boyfriend who sent essays full of insults and accusations to her at 4 am whenever she upset him had caused him more shame and regret than she will ever know. For her to be proud of him and recognize his attempt to become a better person meant so much. The last time he saw her he had told her to shut up, and she had punched him.

    So that's what happened, my posts from the past year (subtly in some and not so subtly in others) document his decline into madness and severe abusive use of pyrollidinophenones. The above is not meant to be a cautionary tale, I have no motives for sharing, and no anti drug sentiments. I still love and respect this community and want only to provide a subjective account of what can happen when these drugs are misused or treated without due respect.

    If one decides that one is interested in using beta ketones, I beg you to remember a few things. First and foremost, these drugs are research chemicals (!!!). While they often feel benign, and who knows, physically they probably are, if you are in need of medical or other kinds of treatment for your use, prepare to receive a blank stare along with a random assortment of medications if you chose to be honest about your DOC. Additionally, I have never heard of this happening to others, but blackouts were commonly the result of overindulgence of MDPV and to a lesser extent alpha-PVP, especially with the more direct routes like vaporization or IV injection, be cognizant of this possibility. Remember that violent and erratic behavior is often reported in inexperienced users, and my uncle definitely behaved in a way that, had those he was mad at been real, he would be risking several felony charges. These drugs are wickedly addictive, my uncle has had copious amounts of experience with meth, cocaine, ecstasy, opiates, the list goes on. Nothing in his experience has been as seductive or rapidly habit forming as beta ketone derivatives. Also, one thing he notes that played a role in his "fall from grace" is the fact that these drugs lend themselves to 24/7 dosing. With meth and amphetamines as well as coke, sleep deprivation, acute toleration and lack of food would usually necessitate periods of abstinence. This is not the case with MDPV or alpha-PVP. One can run constantly while eating, crashing out when the body has had enough, and waking up to a bump, shot or blast from a pipe to an experience that is exactly what they want. Tolerance does develope, my uncle was doing about 200 mgs of MDPV a day, and went through a 10 gram bag of alpha-PVP a month. And finally, and most importantly of all, if you use these drugs and are experiencing any of the following symptoms: synchronicities, egocentrism, delusions of persecution, abnormal suspicion of trusted individuals, extreme anger or fear, hallucinations, or just things happening that don't make much sense, STOP. THEY ARE THE RESULT OF THE DRUGS, THEY ARE LIABLE TO GET YOU INTO TROUBLE, THEY WILL NOT GO AWAY IF YOU CONTINUE USING, AND THEY WILL GET WORSE THAN YOU COULD IMAGINE!!!! I cannot stress this enough. What my uncle went through was absolutely the most terrifying experience of his life. He is in therapy to deal with possible PTSD as a result, he has nightmares relating to it regularly, and he still catches himself looking for connections in random events, although he no longer indulges these brief slips from reality. Is this a cautionary tale? No. Take it for what it is, the brutally honest and earnestly given experience of what can only be described as drug induced Hell. Thank you for taking the time to indulge me, God bless.
  6. Cornholio

    Cornholio Newbie

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    Feb 14, 2012
    Re: a-pvp Experience Reports

    Greetings, friends.
    I am new here and find the subject matter to be very interesting and informative. The other day I talked to this guy in a bar who mentioned something called a-PVP. He looked to weigh about 150 pounds. He said he took 200mg by i.v. injection and immediately felt dizziness and experienced visual and auditory hallucinations to include the appearance of red lights, argyle patterns, and very realistic voices. He said the euphoria was tremendous, but so was the anxiety. He stated that later on, he had visions of the S.W.A.T. team approaching and delusions of persecution. He also said the strange thing was that his last time doing so didn't cause all the hallucinations and delusions. That aside, he said the emotional and physical lift as well as the boost in sex drive was significant to say the least.
  7. (NS)-M-Lo-Reason

    (NS)-M-Lo-Reason Titanium Member

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    Jul 18, 2011
    Re: a-pvp Experience Reports

    200 mg is from my uncles experience an absolutely ridiculous and unneccessarily high dose, especially IV. The symptoms described sound like those experienced by people who have a non-fatal OD on a dopaminergic stimulant. I would strongly advise you to tell the person you talked to that if they continue to shoot such extreme amounts of alpha-PVP, if I may extrapolate from the effects of better studied catecholamine reuptake inhibitors like cocaine or methylphenidate, they are in danger of having a severe cardiac event.

    Ask them to consider doing a 5th to a 10th of that amount, they will likely find the effects much more pleasant, more manageable, less psychotomimetic, and still substantially euphoria inducing. My uncle, as described above, has lots of experience with this drug and never needed to use such large quantities at once. 200 mg! Sweet lord. I would also ask that you read what I wrote above, one must treat this stuff with respect.
  8. Blinded_By_Science

    Blinded_By_Science Silver Member

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    Jan 10, 2012
    Re: a-pvp Experience Reports

    A letter was found hidden in a tree trunk in the woods about the chemical A-PVP. The letter was destroyed. This is a paraphrasing by memory:

    The author claimed a varied history with stimulants sporadically over a period of 15 years.

    The author stated that his first test of A-PVP was by way of insufflation in the amount of approximately 50mg. The powder was fine and white. She stated that it caused a pleasing burn reminiscent of Cocaine (not identical, just similar in the way that most Cocaine users enjoy). He explains that effects began at about 5-10 minutes after intake.

    She described the effects using the following key thoughts;
    subtle come up that transforms into a perfect focus. Euphoria is present, but it isn't as important as the feeling of confidence and HIGHLY improved muscle/motor function. Conversation is extremely acute and on point. Everything is 'clicking' in the body and in the brain................UNTIL about 2.5 hours.
    At this point, the author explained that it was his intention to STOP after the first dose. At this 2.5 hour mark, an internal debate began with the author. In the end, A-PVP was louder than the Author's willpower.
    The author used the substance for the next 2 nights without sleep. Each redose was around 45-50mg. Redosing sometimes had up to 4 or 5 hour breaks (as the author continued to struggle through WANTING to stop, but failing right near the point where the drug felt as though it was FINALLY leaving the body).
    It was the opinion of the author that A-PVP is very potent in low dosages and appears to have about a noticeable 2.5 to 3 hour metabolism. However, the author also noted that even after the 3 hour mark, the body is still "trying to compensate or heal, or otherwise cleanse." This discomfort is enough to prevent sleep. The author notes that as she attempted to quit using after the 2nd dosage (which was insufflated about 3 hours after the first on the first night), her brain-body communication was failing miserably.
    THIS IS IMPORTANT: DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY ACTION REQUIRING COORDINATION / MUSCLE MEMORY / ATTENTION TO DETAIL ESPECIALLY DURING THE COME DOWN (i.e. like drive a car). The author stated that the come down had a profound effect on his ability to tell his body parts to do specific complex functions. This effect was illuminated through a game of ping-pong. The author claimed he was a very good player. He stated that as he noticed the effects of the come down, that he continuingly had to remind himself how to peform a serve. He had to mimic the motion many times before actually attempting. She stated that it was at this time she felt it could be extremely dangerous if someone attempted to maybe drive during a comedown.

    The author's conclusion: This drug is the perfect drug during the beginning. It is fun and feels great. However, this drug DOES NOT want to let you go. Its the author's opinion that its easier to flush cocaine down a toilet while chasing the high than it is to stop using A-PVP. The author states that use of this drug will not continue. He hopes he doesn't get weak and want it again. In fact, the author states that this drug may have proved to him that it is time to stop using drugs. This drug made him feel as if he had two options: 1) FEEL FUCKING GREAT or 2) FEEL LIKE HALF OF A PERSON WHO HAS SPORADIC CASES OF MENTAL RETARDATION.

    The author wished whomever read the letter to be safe, listen to your body instead of the drugs AT ALL TIMES.
  9. Iluvpinkstars


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    Mar 14, 2012
    Re: a-pvp Experience Reports

    A guy in a bar discussed his experience with me. He was a 175 pound male. He said he bought 2 packeges each containing 500 mgs of powder, 75% of wich was a-PVP (800mgs all together) and smoked it over a 16 hour span. These were his facts:

    Drug history: He used uppers frequently including cocaine, crack, adderall, and MDMA(large amounts).

    That day: Started clean nothing had been in his system for about 2 weeks. He was well rested and had a full belly.

    Upon begining to smoke it (out of lightbulb) he felt instantly more alert awake and focused. As he continued smoking he proceeded to feel more a speedyness similar to that of approximetely 50-60 mgs of adderall. He felt a decent euphoria and was enjoying the high.

    As he continued smoking it over the next several hours (taking one giant puff about every 15-30 minutes) he experienced a high very similar to that of amphetamine.

    He was euphoric, speeding, stimulated, and sexually eroused. 3 hours in he had sex with a beautiful female also high on a-PVP. he noted the sexual experience very similaire to that on MDMA (Ecstasy), it was very intense and enjoyable.

    He remained awake and energetic until about 1.5-3 hours he finished his bag. Coming down from the drug he felt slow and slightly retarded. He rated the come down some where between that of cocaine and meth. After several hours of sleep he woke feeling energetic and motivated.

    Overall he rated the drug as pretty decent. He said it was cheap, easily obtained, legal to pocess, and lasted a long time. The effects were pleasing and the sex was great. The crash wasnt that horrifying, nothing compared to Meth of methadrone. However he did notice a bit of a addictiveness to it considering he loved uppers, and its effects are note greatly know for it is still in the experimental phase.
  10. frankie.w.24

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    Jan 14, 2011
    Re: a-pvp Experience Reports

    LOL, Similar incident here. IV'd very large amount and as soon as the plunger hit bottom they instantly started chasing me. Whent on for 7.5 hours.
  11. snarkymalarky


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    Sep 30, 2007
    Re: a-pvp Experience Reports

    First time user experienced with many other RC stims, recently all eyeballed [not recommended, but I find that since I take relatively low doses it *usually* works out fine. never had a serious catastrophe because i don't redose, take huge amounts, stay up for days, etc.].

    I eyeballed what looked like [d'oh!] well under 20mgs of A-PVP, and insufflated the small line. There was little to no burn. I was hoping to enjoy the expected MDPV-esque sexual side effects with a nice wank, so after this I vaped two hits of AM-2201 mixed with JWH-210 [a normal dose for me].

    5 minutes later I wasn't feeling much stimulation so I snorted another line, much smaller than the first. After this, a feeling very familiar from MDPV hit me: like a less euphoric, more speedy and jittery, version of methylphenidate, coupled with a very tight, sour stomach and strong, anxious body load.

    I thought the sour stomach was merely the result of not having had breakfast yet, so I took a few bites of a pear, thinking this would help. For a couple seconds, my stomach felt relieved. Then.... I rushed to the toilet and puked it all out.

    MDPV gave me more nausea than any other stim, and A-PVP is about the same if not worse. It's hard to make a direct comparison because the dosages of each are different. In any case, I thought I was taking a small dose but next time it will be much lower...

    After puking, I felt much better, though still pretty jittery and a little too much bodyload for my taste. Euphoria and "focus" are there, but weak relative to the physical effects. I decide to take a wee bit of Phenazepam to take the edge off. A tiny bump removes a lot of the bodyload, but takes away some of the mental edge too.

    An hour later and I'm sipping on some ginger tea, nausea mostly gone, feeling a little focused but more like I took too much coffee or ephedrine or 5-hour energy, than a proper stimulant. I feel more wired than high.

    I will come back and edit this post with more comments after the end of the day. I suppose the fact that I'm writing this right now is evidence that I'm feeling a little stimmy and chatty in a good way, but so far my overall impression of A-PVP is pretty meh.

    It's a lot like MDPV, so I suppose you might like it if you like MDPV. So far to me it feels mostly like MDPV, except with less euphoria.

    EDIT: Around 2-3 hours after vomiting, the initial stimulation wore off, leaving me a little crashy for around an hour or so, then leveling out into a smoother, more gentle stimulation for a couple more hours. Urge to redose is present but I'm not falling for it. Sexual effects were greatly enhanced during the period of initial stimulation, in spite of the administration of phenazepam.

    Next time I will try a much smaller dosage, this experience wasn't really pleasant enough to be worth repeating. Again, this was very similar to MDPV for me, expect the duration of effects seems to be lower and the euphoria vs bodyload ratio is a little worse, though it feels like the same kinds of euphoria and bodyload, if that makes any sense.

    ANOTHER EDIT: After a few more experiences with this drug, I've discovered that is more potential than this first experience would suggest. The thing to remember is that the active doses for this drug are TINY. My mistake the first time was to dose to high and I think the AM-2201 had something to with the anxiety as well.

    In any case, tiny bumps, about the same size or smaller than a typical hit of AM-2201 provide a much more pleasant and usable stimulation. I've experienced no nausea at these lower doses, but also little euphoria. The horniness of MDPV is present, though to a lesser degree. The stimulation is very "plain," almost like 2-FMA though of course with a slightly different flavor. I can also report that there is decent burn for a few seconds after snorting, but it subsides quickly. The initial rushy high seems to last an hour or so, the crash comes at around the 3 or 4 hour mark and lasts an hour or two, and then there is another 4-6 hours of residual stimulation.
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  12. Bras

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    Feb 6, 2012
    Re: a-pvp Experience Reports

    I suggest you just do not try many of these combinations, they are dangerous and i just found out on my dog skin.
    My dog this night wanted to try methylone (1st time) and he took a pretty normal dose around 100mg, but then he started redosing 2 times, adding other 100mg and another 150mg after 2 hours without having the same effect back.
    after 5 hours, from the first dose, he wanted to try a mix to have some euphoria again so he took approx 10 mg of a-pvp snorted and shortly later like 150mg of butylone.
    Untill he had taken only methylone he was ok, enjoying it very much without any big health problems.
    like 20 or so mins later he had ingested the butylone and a-pvp he got really bad effects, hearth rate increased dangerously to 150bpm for like 1 hour, tons of anxiety, he was really scared.
    So he took some lexotan and after 30-40 mins the Bpm decreased to 105 but still a lot of anxiety and a pretty bad stomach discomfort and muscle tension like everywhere.
    This was a really bad idea, stupid and dangerous, he will never do it again with stimulants.
    And it's not finished yet but at least now he feels slightly better, he has definitely learned the lesson.
  13. Jrbanks


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    May 9, 2012
    Re: a-pvp Experience Reports

    Okay this my first time posting on this forum so thank you all for your patience and attention as I try to explain in fine meticulous detail the experience that I was a witness to . The RC was called Apvp and it is ofcourse well known or at least becoming well known now as opposed to 2 years ago when this experiment took place, unrestricted and undocumented it was a study I will always wish I could have had more research into. The man was 5'11" fall 190 lbs in his early 30's white and American, health was average to good with no aversions to any mental or physical disorders. He started off injecting 8-1o mg of 70% Apvp and 30% lidocane. A mixture that he himself was the inventor of. After the first injection he felt an initial rush maybe 10-15 seconds after injection followed by increased heart rate and anxiety, pupils immediately and a shortness of breath was noticeable. Next injection 10 min later was increased to 30 mg and injected in the same area of the body. Second injection was followed by a stimulatiinng "rush" coupled with extreme anxiety and increased heart
    rate along with a slight feel of paranoia, the person claimed increase in hearing sensory and sound amplification. After 10 min he started to feel even more agitated and anxious. He felt a slight. Withdraw already he was ready for his third dose now. Third dose was increased again 100 mg and subject was certainly feeling the effects of the prior 38-40 mg but was adamant that he felt no type of stress on the mind or body that would entail any association with drug overdose. Injection 3 was very much different from the previous 2 in contrast to the immediate effect it took on the subject. 100 mg was injected into the vein and passed through him in seconds the subject was immediately breathing heavily and was exhibiting signs of drug overdose his "rush" was so I tense that it caused him to vomit and fall to the ground where he was breathing so heavily that he seemed almost unable to catch his breath, his pupils diilated to the point of a deformed looking eyeball, and ofcourse the instant paranoia set in almost immediately as well. Subject although was feeling an incredible euphoria was unable to focus on the feel of it for the fear of his condition worsening and causeing him some long term damage, in laymans terms he was fucked up. He felt the most intense and scary rush he had ever felt. The effects wore off rather quickly which cause a person to redose more often than is good but it is a highly stimulating RC that if used in moderation can be exhilarating and useful in research. I caution all of you to be careful when experimenting with Apvp and use only a max dose of 50 mg intravenously and never more than that remember this was a. 70%-30% ratio of Apvp and lidocaine so be careful.

    I do have a question has anyone ever used Apvp intravenously and missed the vein? Was curious of the effects that A " missed shot" might have on the muscle and tissue surrounding the miss?
  14. mormegil22

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    Jun 9, 2009
    Re: a-pvp Experience Reports

    Didn´t noticed any damage from a missed shoot. The body absorbs the substance and the effects slowly build up. If you redose shortly after that, the second injection, added to the first, make the effects horrible.
    First time i used 25mg and must have missed the vein, only little effects. So i doubled the dose.
    Intense anxiety, fear of dying, almost fainted. Had severe headache 3 days after.
  15. smark

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    Jun 27, 2007
    Re: a-pvp Experience Reports

    T.R – Alpha-PVP
    Age: 29
    Sex: male
    Weight: 62kg.
    Substance taken: Alpha-PVP 10mg followed by 10mg later, final 5mg dose taken 1.30hrs later
    Other substances: 1 x500mg Depakine at 8am. 2mg clonazepam and 10mg Zyprexa around 22hr last night.
    This morning I received a small sample of Alpa-PVP and Methoxetamine from a reputable source so thought I’d try it out as I only have work to do in front of the laptop.
    T+0 - 10mg Alpa-PVP taken intranasal and wasn’t the least bit uncomfortable, no burning sensation or nasal blockage.
    T+0.15 Another 5mg taken intranasal shortly after which I felt something happening, I became more alert, my body temperature has risen but no unpleasant side effects. I shall wait another hour in-case there are any side effects and if there is the compulsion to re-dose like MDPV. I’m in a good mood, possibly due to the meds but im feeling much more motivated to do the tasks in hand.
    T+1.5 About to take another small dose 10mg , its not a compulsive one though which is nice so I take 5mg, I haven’t noticed how fast the time has went by as ive been busy doing stuff I was too lazy to do.
    T+2.00 I’m feeling fine, no anxiety, little sweaty but am able to concentrate on what im doing and getting it done, noticed one or two tremors but nothing serious. I have no appetite or thirst, similar to MDPV. Im a little buzzed and energized, I wouldn’t recommend doing a lot of this
    T+3.00 Im still a little speedy and getting lots of work done, I don’t feel the need to redoes like with MDPV and its been a great work aid although has killed my appetite along with my need to rehydrate.
    T+4 It has peaked as far as I can tell, I have a slight headache, possibly due to dehydration but im really impressed with the way its helped me concentrate on work, I can see this as a valuable study/work aid if handled with care. So far ingested about 25mg which is enough first time round. Its now 8pm so time for my Depakine although I skip the olanzapine.
    T+12hrs – Haven’t slept, drank or ate much just been on the border of obsessed with all the shit I failed to do while I was depressed. Had a coffee and a shower then I have to go to, im not tired and don’t have a comedown or feel the need to redoes.
    All in all I would say Alpha-PVP has its uses without being overwhelming if you go to far but one thing I learned is small bumps rather than fat lines as It clogged my nasal passage somewhat. The time between hours 4-12 flew past, I wasn’t supercharged like with MDPV and didn’t have any tremors etc. I would say that for a work/study aid its perfect if you can keep the dose low and for me it was easy not to redoes. I shall do a combination of MXE and Alpha-PVP to see how they work together.
    I realize as TR’s go this is a bit vague but I’ve had so much I needed to do I just fired in and got it done. When I have more time ill write a much more accurate report.
  16. Methimatician

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    Dec 15, 2005
    Re: a-pvp Experience Reports

    Recently tested this for first time and was shocked by how sensitive i am to it.
    This chem is very strong and potent for me unexpectedly so becareful.
    Was expecting to start with that 11mg first dose and go up from there but going from there proved to be a more intense and too much. Swim found 5-10mg insufflated every 2-4hrs was adequete. 15-20mg range has not yet been tested seeing as 7-8mg doses get overwhelming sometimes. I know most people use around 20-30mg but i would kill over forsure. Dont know why its so potent in me.

    11mg - 10:30am
    5-10mg - 12:55pm
    10-13mg - 2:40pm
    10mg - 6:10pm
    5mg - 9:40pm
    5mg - 12:40pm
    5mg - 3:35am jun 1st
    5-10mg - 4:00am
    7-8mg - 7:15am
    7-8mg - 10:20am
    5-6mg - 11:50am
    7-8mg - 1:25pm
    4-5mg - 2:15pm
    5mg - 3:40pm
    5mg - 5:00pm

    Swim is still alive Going on 5 days of constant use. So about 300mg in 5 days. That isnt shit compared to other reports ive read from other people. Phenazepam seems to help protect the heart a little it feels like. 10mg lines still produce euphoria. 10mg every 30-45min is adequate at this stage and proves to me that have a problem. Only 2 nites stayed up and the rest 5-7 hrs of sleep rch nite. Still euphoria present.
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  17. smark

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    Jun 27, 2007
    Re: a-pvp Experience Reports

    I think this is due to the source rather than the chem itself, ive had a similar experience as you with one batch but now ive done about 300mg in16hrs from another vendor and is totally different ive barely had the same experience apart from being awake and alert, the purity is fine, i did a tinfoil test but there has been mentions that storage may be an issue
  18. Neurosees

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    Aug 25, 2010
    Re: a-pvp Experience Reports

    I have a friend who told me about his experience with this molecule:

    Brief History:
    He has a history of stimulant abuse and a proclivity to epic stimulant-induced psychotic episodes. In fact, during the heyday of MDPV before the ban, he became intimately acquainted with local law enforcement and psyche wards due to these horrifying episodes. He was hospitalized more than 10 times and went to 4 rehabs within one year to kick MDPV but was unsuccessful. He lost his job which was an excellent job, family, house, wife, kids, everything.

    My Friend's Experience:
    First of all I should let you know about the amounts this friend of mine would consume were, by any measure, obscene and excessive. He told me that if you were the guy who could not handle MDPV, you certainly would not be able to handle a-PVP either. He continued and explained that in his experience they are nearly identical in all respects other than requiring a higher dose. He found that a-PVP was actually harder on his body than PV was.

    In conclusion, if you are an irresponsible, stimulant-intolerant individual who easily loses control of their better judgement this may be bad for you. Also if you got easily messed up by MDPV and were looking for a safer alternative, this is not it.
  19. brewtown

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    Feb 20, 2012
    Re: a-pvp Experience Reports

    That's crazy IV doses you all are doing! Maybe their is a ceiling effect.?. My cat gets the same described effects as these 100mg+ reports off 25-35mg iv. It's first experience was vaped which worked a little but too harsh. The only manageable iv dose for my cat is about 6-12mgs tops. Otherwise the cops instantly enter my house, are under my bed ect. A gram lasted forever too, till she finally had enough one day and flushed the last 1/4 or so. Has anyone ever OD'd on this yet?
    My cat prefers 6-apb, 4-fa/fma, 4-emc, mix and matched much more for recreational purposes (lacks paranoia). The a-pvp was alot like coke to her, but different. And the 'bellringer' does'nt hit you right away... Takes about a min.
    He did order some more just to experiment with small oral/ nasal doses cause shes back in school now after many years and has a problem with falling asleep in class. Anyone ever use it like that for studying purposes?
  20. cowboywithatan

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    Jun 26, 2012
    im a 170lbs 6ft male who started off with ethylphenidate then a friend of a friend had received a-PVP as a sample and we tried a 20mg line snorted and within minutes i was feeling a nice rush stronger than ethyl and it was followed by mild euphoria.. and ever since that day a-PVP has been the only RC i have really grown fond of. i wanted to experiment some more with it so i decided to endure a 9 day bender snorting roughly 900mgs-1200mgs. it was by far the best learning experience i have had with any type of stimulant. i recommend a-PVP to people who are looking to stay up for hours on end and dont mind spending that little bit of extra money. friends of friends had encountered several bad side effects using pvp the most common was body pains/aches caused by over-stimulated nerves which nerve tonic or phenibut will take care of i found that smoking cigarettes will help over come the anxiety caused by the over stimulating of the nerves.. but idk how everyone else feels about this RC but IMO its one of if not the best stims to play around with.. higher does around 150-200 mgs will leave someone in a state of euphoria and extreme stimulation.. not recommend for people who are susceptible to addiction or people who will let drugs control them.. one of my good friends is now a conspiracy theorist/paranoid/misinformed/delusional wreck due to this RC but theres no one to blame besides himself because he decided to misinform himself about a shit ton of information while he was playing around with pvp/