A Sad PEP Love Story

Discussion in 'Research Chemicals' started by Euphoric, Sep 25, 2006.

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    This is SWIM’s sad PEP love story.

    Last night I tried a couple of new things. The first, at about 19:00 I took 10mg of valium. I took this on a full stomach. By 23:00 I was disappointed to have felt no noticeable effects. So at 23:00 SWIM decided he would try a PEP love. When I takes PEP originals, one is enough. SWIM emptied the contents of the capsule into a rolling paper and parachuted it. By 2am I felt nothing! And I went to sleep! This was shocking and upsetting, as I had arough week and had been anxious to do the aforementioned drugs.

    Throughout the week I smoked pot and drank nearly daily. And the Saturday 8 days ago I took a really shitty hit of E, that as far as I was concerned was just a caffeine pill as it lacked any euphoria, and the stimulation was minimal. It had been at least three weeks since SWIM had done any piperazines, and SWIM rarely does more than one at a time. I don’t think he’s got a tolerance, but I am very confused as to what went wrong. SWIM read that Valium before doing stimulants makes for a stronger come up, cause first you’re chill, and then BOOM, here come the stimulants.

    Another thing I have been doing throughout the rest of the week, not even once daily, is taking 5HTP. He took a couple before and after the E, then afterwards it was maybe one every other day, and they’re only 50mg.

    Anyone have any theories as to why I wasn’t feeling the PEP love? Maybe the valium was too low a dose, and that’s why I didn’t feel the effects of that. But Goddamn, I had high expectations of PEP love, as he has enjoyed originals so much. Next time I will take one love and one original together, and if that doesn’t work, I will cry.

    Anyway, I would like to hear your theories. Cheers
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    I have told me that Pep Love are not that strong and seem to have less active ingrediant than Pep Originals. Two Pep 'Love' capsules give a nice mellow buzz, .
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    This isn't necessarily the case. Combining a stimulant and a depressant often have the effect of canceling each out (though there would still likely be some residual effects of one or the other drug).

    Also, you mentioned I took these on a full stomach. This is likely another reason I didn't feel much as it takes much longer for the drugs to make it into the bloodstream and tends to lessen any kind of 'rush'.

    Lastly, why would SWIM combine two drugs without fully knowing the effects of each on their own? This isn't wise at all. Please get to know the effects of chemicals on your, or SWIM's body, before deciding on any combinations, please. :)