Experiences - Accessing DMT World Through Magic Mushrooms

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    Jun 30, 2006
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    I have had an experience where he tripped for 3 hours totally immersed
    in DMT world.
    He was not mistaken,the places and entities were completely familiar to him,his dose had been light(15 'shrooms shared between 5 in a tea)
    This has now happened three times and he wonders how this can be.
    Their alkoloid structure(paticularaly psylocin)are almost identical,a lot of hallucinogens share similar effects,
    (dmt,salvia,ketamin,nitrous etc)
    but in asking around no-one he knows seems to of had any similar experience and yes swim UTFSE with no results.
    So,the purpose of this thread is to see if swiy's have had any journies like this and also any o(pi)nions as to how this may occur
    Thanks to all:)
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    Jul 13, 2006
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    Re: Accessing DMT world through magicmushrooms

    Maybe you could get a mod to move your original DMT world thread to the Some For All forum and have it cover the DMT world in general, as it seems that with high doses of many potent psychedelics or a normal salvia dose people are able to get very similar effects.

    This way we would have a better thread with more input without having multiple cross-posted threads in different drug-specific forums.
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    Feb 23, 2006
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    Re: Accessing DMT world through magicmushrooms

    Psilocin is 4-HO-DMT.. I have noticed that mushroom trips are like a mild (depending on dose) DMT experience.. The chemical sturctures are very similar..
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    Dec 20, 2006
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    Sorry to bump the topic.

    Peregrim, I am with you on this. He did experiment de DMT hyperspace with psilocybin containing mushrooms. To swim this sounds more than plausible. The two compounds are almost the same if you look at their chemical structures. Swim wonder why there are so few people experiencing de dmt hyperspace with shrooms. His experiences are virtually undistinguishable from the dtm thing. If swim do a trip repport, and do not write about the duration of the experiment, the duration of the come up and the methode of ingestion relative to the substance, the report will be exactly the same as a high dose DMT one.

    This said, to enter what people call the ''hyperspace'', swim have to injest a high dose of shrooms, as recommended by Terence Mckenna for instance. That means between 4 and 7 grams. Also, swim dont believe that it's all about the shrooms. You got to have a certain ''technique'' and a certain setting. That is, a way to meditate, a way to ''pay attention''. With mushrooms, I got to dose high, lay in the dark without disctraction ( music, girlfriend having a bad trip, the phone... ) and focusing without focusing. Confused? We all are ;)

    What i mean is, you got to forget your persona. You got to let yourself at the door. You got to stay CALM, without fear. You got to let it go. You have to show acceptance. For swim, it's not really about focusing the awareness. It much more like drifting into hyperspace. You pay attention to the the thing that comes from outside you... umm... Hard to explain... But you know, i'v seen so much people dosing 5 grams on shrooms, at a party while drinking beer, eyes oppened, to ''trip'' and to ''have visuals''. Well, needless to say, many of them were not entering the hyperspace. Or they misinterpreted, didint pay attention, get scared ect ect.

    It's really not all about the drugs one is taking.

    P.S.: Oh yes, english is not my native language so please, dont say that i write like a autistic kid ;) haha
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    May 10, 2005
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    For SWIM, a mushroom experience can be very similar to an LSD experience seeing as their activity in the brain is quite correlative. He's never tried DMT but understands the experience is very similar to being lifted into full-blown mushroom visions nearly instantly. I have never felt as though salvia has any relation to mushrooms or acid in terms of the trip however. Salvia is quite bizarre. It feels like being inserted into a 19th century woodcut something which is totally alien to the senastion obtained from the more conventional psychedelics.