Active Chemicals in "Kratom" and Common Solubility.

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    The Intro

    Before I ask my question let me just say a few things as I am new to this board. I have lived everywhere I love this earth. I believe that this planet was put here for our enjoyment. That being said when you look back at the development of civilization we are better off as a society. From that standpoint I don't belive in anything that is overly harmfull to humanity as a whole. For example Heroin should not be legal but papaver somniferum as a plant is inherently just in my own oppinion morally wrong to say cannot be grown. All of that aside my only goal in life is to experience this earth and all of the wonderful people in it. Women and gods other gifts to further enjoy this life should be respected and not abused. I don't know if any of you follow the Microgram or its online counterpart, but the DEA does not like Mitragynine. If this plant really is what most of you say it is I hope that you do everything in your power to stop shady distribution from aiding in the inevitable process from lobby to illegalization. Once distribution channels widen and the supply chain shortens the active chemicals in Kratom will go illegal. Personally committing illegal acts is something I do not belive in, but others doing them would be perfectly fine as long as they arent harming someone else.

    The Question Background

    From the methods described in this board it seems that there is not yet a cost effective process producing long term molecular stability or financial practicality relating to production and thus would not be something the corporations are interested in. Online vendors are selling plant matter, powder extracts, resin products, and recently the pure substances such as 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine. All of which carry extemely heavy social stigmas as they are all seen as "Drugs". If any of you have the power to find a safe yet cheap solvent that could be packaged and sold retail through bottled beverage distribution channels we could all enjoy this plant together for years to come while the big boys work for the plant instead of against it.

    The Question

    While I believe their are already threads that somewhat relate to this topic the topic alone has not already been discussed to my knowledge. I have chemistry and business education backgrounds as well as plenty of practical experience and some industry knowledge so feel free to get as technical as needed.
    Can some of you post back as to your experience through different methods of consuption of Kratom as they relate specifically to liquids. For example I have read about water and alcohol extraction which were drank as crude mixtures, but can you post everything you know about the effects of all various solvents and their results.

    1) Do you most use Kratom products in combination with water?

    2) Do you most involve alcohol combinations with Kratom?

    3) Has anyone done anything with ether, lipids (fat butter milk), common oils, or extravagent concoctions?

    If so,
    a) do you boil the two?
    b) do you use a blender?
    c) do you use a coffee grinder?
    d) A french press?

    e) How do you evaporate the solvent?
    Fans? Oven? Stove?
    Pressure Treatment?

    Most Importantly...

    Has anyone made a solution or mixture involving kratom and stored it for long periods of time? When consumed was it still effective? How was it prepared and what was it mixed with?

    The reason I ask all of this is because if we can use Kratom like Kava or Mint as a safe beverage it will reduce social stigma through mass production. "SWIM" has experience with alot of things dot dot dot. Swim also might have ordered some of the plant matter from a legal reputable vendor. Swim plans to find an effective way of consumption in a 16oz bottle that is still effective two years later. If You wants this plant to be around for a long time You would post back and start getting more and more people to consume in that manner until the big boys catch on. Sadly money seems to be king in our current age and thus makes the rules. I have no plans, but hopes that this is a very enjoyable substance that will stand the test of time.

    Thanks for reading I will post again and hope You does too.