actual dangers of tyramine foods for MAOI

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    Regarding my last post about actual real dangers associated with consuming certain types of food containing tyramine before a MAOI I have another question I thinks deserves it's own place as a post. I'm afraid I might have been too cautious about this dangerous food list since the more I found the more empirical info turned some of these foods as mildly dangerous (if you eat too much of something) and chocolate even not having to do anything with serotonin syndrome or other milder reactions. Anybdoy with experience, could you point me out how much time (be precise here please)do I have to abstain of these foods before I consume the MAOI? Or is it the other way around I shoulndt deal withthese foods after taking the MAOI? Do you have any kind of list by which you can swear by your experience which foods will actually be dangerous to my system? I know everyboyd's bodies react differently but sometimes pharmaceutical companies put too many contraindications to avoid legal shit. Thanks in advance, bye.
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    Look at the other recent post in this forum on the subject. The dangers
    are variable from one person to the next and even one day to the next,
    and no one has precise recommendations on avoiding tyramine
    containing foods, narcotics, any aminated drug, serotonin or dopamine
    boosters, caffeine, chocolate, tea, ginseng, etc. Typically many users fast
    entirely for a day before using, or even longer. Indiginous cultures which
    use this combination also have ritual protocols for fasting and what to
    eat. With MAOIs, a 'better safe than sorry approach' is best. Though head
    aches sound like no big deal, the one time it happened to SWIM, it was
    horrid. It also caused a significant rise in blood pressure. This was
    associated with something I ate that day, and it was scary. This
    reaction was likely a mild one, given that a bad one can kill you.
    Again, better safe than sorry.
    With that said, I have also gotten away with drinking alcohol, wine,
    eating cheese, many other drugs, and has mostly had no trouble. But
    I am a moron sometimes and on any of these occasions could have

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    Nov 5, 2005
    I will attend an ayahuasca ritual - he has fasted fot 10 days - now gradually build up my food tolerance again with fruit and so to regain energy ... but tomorrow i wanted to make some veggieburgers with beans (fava beans) ...these contain tyramine ... will it effect the trip if swim eats these on thursday and drinks the mao-inhibitor on saterday ... how many days before and after such a ritual and eating tyramine containing food should he take in considiration?? ... should he make other burgers? ... cause he likes these :)