Adderall conversion for taking the XR instantly through parachuting or snorting

Discussion in 'Adderall' started by pwdrfrk, May 4, 2006.

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    May 4, 2006
    hi all, I am new here but this looks like the place for information (thank you google). SWIM just got 15 caps of 30XR adderall. they are the ones that are orange on one side and clear on the other. I have taken one and its nice but i'm looking for a little added kick so I got a few questions.

    first, SWIM background includes many pharms from painkillers to uppers. I used to snort ritalin quite a bit at around 70-100mgs a day. I was wondering if one were to crush and snort the balls in the XR, since it obviously hits much harder, what amount (MG) would be comparable to taking the 30mg normally in the XR form?

    Not sure if that makes sense, but if 30mg is taken over several hours, SWIM dont' want to do it all at once. would only using half of it at once (15mg) provide a decent tweak comparable to that of 20mg of rit?

    Anyone understand my question? Any help would be appreciated, SWIM looked through the other Adderall snorting thread and it looks like parachuting is the best method or at least just drinking the stuff...although from snorting extended release Oxy's, SWIM dont really mind a little extra garbage in the nose. you can't seperate it all out all the time.

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    It varies from person to person. Try 15mg first and if thats not enough do more next time. Trial and error is the answer. Also please read the rules of the forum and search for who is SWIM as to not incriminate ones self.
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    I wouldn't say the XR capsules hit much harder compared to other amphetamines (I can't speak for Ritalin), they just last longer when taken orally (with the time-release still intact). In order to take them nasally you would have to crush the polymer-coated beads into a fine orange/white powder, hence no time release. I recommend just popping them, or crushing and parachuting them if you can't wait the extra fifteen minutes (of course, that's not counting the five or ten extra minutes it will take to crush the fucking beads.)
    And I amn't sure what the conversion rate for methylphenidate to amphetamines might be. Still, 15mg sounds like an extremely low dose. I weigh 150 lbs. and has no amphetamine tolerance, but even nasally he would take at least thirty milligrams. But IHrtHallucinogens is right. Start with a lower dose and move up if necessary.