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Oral use - Adderall IR-swims story of mixin w/ baking soda, grapefruit juice, weed to potentiate

Discussion in 'Adderall' started by wannaknow, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. wannaknow

    wannaknow Newbie

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    Dec 16, 2009
    SWIM's dr. prescribed 30mg Adderall IR to help her work on weekdays, noting the importance of taking weekends off. SWIM felt great the first 2 months, but then the 30mg just wasn't doing it for her anymore. About a week ago, SWIM started taking 2 Tums Ultra-strength 1000 about 30 minutes before taking her pills to try and prolong the effects and keep her tolerance from growing. She didn't notice any difference.

    One night SWIM ended up staying awake the whole night googling ways to deal with tolerance. She's interested in trying Magnesium (either Taurate or Citrate), L-tyro or Piractam, but she's concerned about any of those supplements doing damage to her body when taken daily (and in high amounts).

    She ended up staying up for 3 days (also did this about a month ago), taking about 20 mgs every 5 or 6 hours. She tried to work during the day (works from home) but she lacked the focus that she normally had on addys and kept getting distracted by a million other things, opening about 50 tabs in her browser window because she kept thinking of searches she wanted to do.

    After all her online research, she decided to try baking soda and grapefruit juice to potentate the addys. She disolved a teaspoon of baking soda in water. SO GROSS!!! SWIM almost threw up, but managed to choke it down. She waited 45 min, drank a little bit of grapefruit juice, and took 20mg addy. (she takes addys by crushing the tab between 2 spoons, then adding water and sugar to improve taste. She does this because keeping the tab whole and swallowing means it takes about an hour for her body to break it down and start feeling the effects. crushing it means she feels the effects in 10 minutes).

    SWIM didn't feel like the baking soda did anything, and she had no desire to drink more. She hated the grapefruit juice's taste, so she added sugar and club soda and drank about 6 ounces. This definitely had an effect. It made her addy feel stronger, but not in the ways she wanted. She likes the euphoria (duh) and the speedy aspect of addy. This just made her feel confused and like her eyes were playing games. She had trouble finishing any work task she started because she got distracted by other worthless tasks which she also couldn't finish. A few hours later, she drank another 6oz GF juice to see what that did. It made her feel more fucked up, but like she was on something different than addy. When trying to do computer work, she was extremely confused about everything, and had to start saying stuff out loud to vocalize what she was doing and keep herself on track.

    Has anyone had a similiar experience with GF juice? Instead of increasing the effects of the addy, it makes the addy feel like a whole different drug?

    Does anyone know of anything that brings back the speedy aspect of the addy?

    SWIM ended up drinking about 20-30oz GF juice total on the 3rd day, and was pretty useless the whole day. She's a stoner, but tries not to smoke on addys because it feels like it overpowers the addy and makes her just feel stoned (which is her version of feeling normal). It;s great when you're coming down though, and helps you sleep. On the third night SWIM gave up on the addy and smoked a few bowls. She ended up just feeeling stoned and going to bed.

    SWIM may try GF juice again in the future, but is concerned that it screws up the positive effects of addys that normally keep her glued to her computer, working her ass off, and entirely interested in her work. She really wants to find a way to keep that speedy aspect alive (with normal use, as prescribed by her dr., she may feel a little of that speediness on monday, but it's gone by tuesday and the rest of the week is a disappointment).

    Any thoughts on prolonging the speed and euphoria?
  2. Flying Mind

    Flying Mind Titanium Member

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    Mar 20, 2009
    Male from sao_tome_and_principe
    Re: Adderall IR-swims story of mixin w/ baking soda, grapefruit juice, weed to potent

    SWIM was prescribed 60mg XR in his younger years... he held this script for some good time, probably no less than 3 years (4 years total Adderall experience). SWIY can imagine he did everything possible to potentate the effects.

    SWIM recalls several failed attempts or at least unnoticeable differences when playing with bicarb and tums n' such. SWIM is pretty convinced its all pretty random.. Might do something sometimes for some people (maybe its all in SWIYs head though).

    But SWIM is not completely shutting this idea down. Its very possible there may be a very successful method to do what SWIY wants. Because SWIY is dealing with the stomach there are just a lot of different factors in play.

    Just an idea SWIM has now. SWIM remembers phenylethylamine or "PEA" is a very basic (like bicarb) and available substance. SWIM used the stuff but had a god-awful reaction combined w/ an SSRI. Sold as an "smart-drug".
    It might make your stomach acid little more basic? SWIM recalls someone telling SWIM it ultimately caused ulcers though through repeated high doses. AGAIN, just a freaking thought from some random SWIM. Not sure if SAFE! (probably not, and even more likely a better alternative)

    SWIM abused the hell out of his excessively prescribed dose. Just remember what goes up must come down. SWIM wishes you all the luck and good health. Finlay, welcome to the DF community!

    All in all just so much better (in SWIM's opinion) just to take them as directed :crazy

    Stay safe and well SWIYs!
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2010