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Journal - Addicting to changing himself... through drugs

Discussion in 'General Addiction discussion' started by wespawloski, May 9, 2009.

  1. wespawloski

    wespawloski Silver Member

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    Oct 11, 2008
    28 y/o from U.S.A.
    Excuse the probable grammar and spelling mistakes... I am too tired to proofread. In this post, SWIM provides a background of himself and drugs, and rambles about what it possibly means. He is looking for anyone with any ideas to direct SWIM.

    Let me provide some background on this SWIM... He has been a somewhat social outcast since around puberty, although he has heard negative comments about him even before that time. He was raised by decently liberal older parrents, they did everything right for him... but he also thinks this has heightened the differences SWIM perceives in himself from others. SWIM wishes he could get wrapped up in self-esteem and religion, he wishes he longed for the new fashions of the stars, he wishes he cared about things.

    He first realised he is not at all happy, let alone, feeling as though he was living, in the middle of highschool. He self-diagnosed this as depression, got some tests done, they concluded decent depression and slight ADD. I know he has something to the effect of concentration problems, he has been addicted to caffeine since around five years ago, he has/is breaking that habit.

    I have always been apathetic, his dad came across as feeling that I was flat out lazy, useless. He has come to realize, thanks to my previous psychologist, that I am not lazy... he just lacks any motivation. I used to be addicted to video games, he played on a counter-strike source team for a good year. He has been increasing losing all pleasure from video games, and does not bother to play them anymore. I have spent too much of his life in front of a screen, he has always been mostly too out of it to commit to anything else. He must get some pleasure, but he doesnt feel it... He doesn't come to know the finer aspects of the shows he watches, he cannot join in most conversations, he does not remember things (even without THC).

    He has always had bad memory, he loses names instantly, he forgets everything, he finds himself constantly fondling such items as bus passes, keys, money (if he is carrying it for a purpose)... He seems to forget what he is doing at every moment.

    Swim feels very in touch with himself, he has concluded that all he comprehends is largely based on reality, he doesnt feel that much cognitive process is put into his actions, plus he is very impulsive... especially in any social situation.

    After trying lexapro, prozac, a popular SNRI (a newer one... touted as an ADD helper, swim can't recall), and wellbutrine (which I am convinced put him in a psychosis, but he is scared that he didn't really comprehend it while he was under the influence), SWIM lost all faith in reuptake inhibitors.

    Around the same time as his reuptake trials, he began smoking cannabis. Cannabis makes me completely inert, but he can't stop... He smoked nightly for a while, he would lie back and watch some movies or television. He doesn't know why, he probably got less out of his experiences. SWIM can't quit cannabis... he always goes back, especially in social settings where the effects are horrible.

    SWIM's first psichiatrist prescribed him ambien to help him battle something like insomnia, his brain refuses to quiet, he drifts in and out of intangible and undricted thoughts, he feels like his brain is stimulated much like the affects of norepinephrine on a human body. Ambien worked well at first, but SWIM soon built up a tolerance (~ two weeks) and a potential to abuse them. He knew he had to quit, but he will forever miss being able to fall asleep within five minutes (he used to spend all Summer staying awake... He could play video games and wait until he was ready to fall asleep from exhaustion in the wee hours). He at a later date received a xanax prescription by a different doc (to test out SWIM's social anxiety problems), which he abused the first day he got it. But, he did spend days where he stuck to his prescription... Which affected SWIM alot like alcohol, withdrawing him. He was prescribed .5 mg, and even a tiny sliver (1/8th of that pill and such) seemed to affect him negatively or not at all... He loved xanax for some reason, keeping the pills around and using them at social settings. He feels improper being sober, and benzodiazipines felt so much better than alcohol.

    When at disneyland for 'Grad-Nite', SWIM came into contact with his first two illicit amphetamine influenced pills. That experience changed his life; he was able, for the first time, to feel as though he could accomplish things. He was able to converse with people in a productive manner (even approached a random female and talked to her), he felt driven, he finally felt like he had worth. He has only had one trip rivaling this first one, early on in his drug career at prom. I was actually dancing at this event, he was engaging and encouraging others, he danced his heart out (and, later in the night, felt like taking off his shirt :p to the horror of the chaperones)

    I got into ecstacy then... He never has had much of a job, and lack of money kept him buying infrequently, he wouldnt want to do too much during school, anyway. SWIM relied on this drug for parties, he was either himself or the other person; the other person was liked, or at least, appeared to be so.

    SWIM met an amazing psichiatrist (who provided SWIM the xanax prescription) who seemed to be the first person to understand SWIM. I could tell this doctor about his abuses, and they both knew I just wanted to fix himself. This psichiatrist, on the first visit, listened to SWIM about his amphetamine success and past drug failures, prescribing him vyvanse 35mg. I was happy, he could feel this drug working, he had confidence (still very anxious, social interactions still sent him to a dark place, SWIM always had nothing to say). I will note, "mdma" pills propel SWIM past this.

    I used this 35 mg for about a week, then wanted to try a double dose. What he found with 70mgs was a slightly higher euphoria (he didn't really want this), but more importantly, an extended release period. Compared to the hour come-on, peak at T+2:00, and ~two hour comedown, the peak and comedown increased in length. He was having a little difficulty later on in the day, the fleeting energy so sad to experience. He continued this trend of dosage growth, till arriving at 210mgs. At this point, I was feeling very confident he had finally grasped his cure. His effect curve would leave him coming down at around 8:00, making sleep at 10:00 easier. Yes, he was able to sleep with no-little increased difficulty.

    Shortly after reaching this point, he took a weekend trip to visit a buddy and an event called "LoveFest", where he abused ambien and vyvanse. After that date, 210mg stopped working... He got a prescription shortly after for 210, and gave it up, he felt very little from it anymore. He then went to try xanax, ritalin, and dextroamphetamine salt. ritalin was useless, while dextroamphetamine was too chaotic and abusable... a jump whenever he needed it... Finals week came around, and I was up till early morning three days in a row on some 2-3 hours of sleep... Coping with dexamph.

    I took a break, fell back into his old self. He didn't like his dex experience, for the first time in his life, he was actually scared he might take a pill against his will... He had to hand the bottle over to his mother, crying. SWIM doubts he would have taken it, but he was in such a bad place, he had to make an action against the pills.

    I was off to college, about two weeks after the above... He had quit caffeine and sugar, he was clean. But he had to do well in school, he wanted to present himself in a manner that had got positive results, he had to go back to vyvanse. He was/is prescribed 70mg a day... the first few weeks of college he slightly abused the dosage, but on weekends, he would take 210. He was not really partying... he was not a very likeable person. He would be awake at all hours of the night, he preoccupied this time by making tea and treking out to a viewing spot, listening to music and feeling... serene.

    He came to a revelation at this point, for the first time, that he needed to take this medication seriously. It was not helping him by getting him high, he needed to use it as a tool to help himself. He was pretty good with his medication, no more weekend abuse. By the beginning of Spring break, I was being very good. He was studyinig, getting sleep, and feeling better. He overcame euphoria and was able to channel the positive aspects of amphetamines, something was working. He then went home, ran out of vyvanse early, slipped back into old habits of staying up late... He lost everything. He has been broken ever since, what little willpower he was building was gone.

    He still doesnt abuse his medication that often, but he is always tired again, he is neglecting sleep and schoolwork, returning to spending vast amounts of time watching television shows and whatnot. He again feels the euphoria of amphetamine predominately, the two-three hours of peak effects are great... But I am god damn sick of it, he is so impulsive and stupid... Yet, SWIM in his normal state is, to a lesser extent, impulsive and stupid, and horribly apathetic and useless. In the current euphoria, I get his pleasure from listening to his music... the most comforting thing in his life.

    Now, I will present his issue. He has no interests, except one... changing himself. He feels no regret in trying something new, he longs for it. I will not do anything stupid except fuck with his doses, he will not be found huffing gas anytime soon. But, for instance, he had leftover ritalin and xanax, which he used as a decent duo at parties until they were gone. He would rail some 3-6 pills, finding near the end a xanax and ritalin combo was interesting.

    But I dont even like this, he usually wakes up the next day with a curse at himself. He asks himself, what is SWIM doing? How happy was SWIM last night? He was not at all. With alcohol and weed this is worse, he doesnt even like weed and alcohol (With "mdma" pills he does find those latter two enjoyable and undebtrimental). I dont like feeling broken, but he should know he can't fix it. No matter what I do with what he has, he will be unhappy. He did this with Saint John's wort, eventually combining some 1.2 grams with Syrian Rue, freaking him out. He combined 5-HTP, prozac, and Syrian, later adding more prozac and sending SWIM close to serotonin syndrome; his brain was on fire, and he was hallucinating unpleasantly and scarily.

    Today, he combined his second for the day 70mg vyvanse, 900mg St. Johns, and 200mg 5-HTP. He went to smoke weed next-door in his dorm, resulting in the most visual high, close to "LSD" he has experienced once. But, he was again completely inert, the people he was with were all talkative and looking at SWIM with wonder... why would he want that... As I am having the best time dozing out of reality into the shapes of the world, he became aware that the people he was with were beginning to screw with him for amusement. They would walk laundry back and forth, change outfits multiple times, saying shit like "well lets do laundry" over and over, glancing at SWIM and laughing. Once, SWIM heard "Hey SWIM, don't you notice this?"... I did, but he didnt care... at all. It was at that point that SWIM returned to consciousness, unfunctional, but he began to form thoughts. And, amazingly, he could actually hear them. He could control his thoughts... aim them, see them, comprehend them. As he came more and more into this state, he became sick at the horrible people around him he doesnt even like. He leaves to go smoke a cigarette, and is followed by all of the apartment's residents (3). They sit outside with SWIM, he offers them cigarettes and whatnot, and they are still being sneaky. SWIM can see it, they believe I am gone, but I am thinking. He has extra-sensative hearing from the THC, he hears them talking about useless shit, including some conversation about SWIM. As one of the residents leave, the other two sit down next time SWIM, they pretend to have a conversation. The conversation consists of a fictional character, obviously SWIM. "Yea that guy Sheridan, he never hangs out with us, he always leaves, we smoke him out and he never invites us over, (slightly true... lol :/) ... Yea [roommate 1] doesn't like guys who have pimples on his face and doesn't clean himself up." That last line set SWIM off, he had made a comment earlier asking the infatuation status of said [roommate] because he is simply curious. BTW, I am decent looking, he guesses... Women have told him all his life hes a good looking guy, he once received the compliment of being "potentially one of the hottest guys at school" - Oh, joy. SWIM ran out of amoxicillin for a week and half... and has given up shaving. (In defence... lol :p) I was thinking so powerfully now, he went back to his dorm room. As he sat there thinking, he was mulling over the events, he could not trust himself. But he knew that at least some of those had happened maliciously, the situation outside being fact. He distinctly remembers "People who are drunk usually remember the last thirty minutes" when I was able to answer the question of why he was looking angry and depressed. (You can see the types of people SWIM spends some times with, sigh /wrist)

    I am still out of it at this point, but his brain is actually in his control. He decides to do something he has never done, be intentially mean. He made his way back over, got the attention of one of the residents, pulled her into another room, and explained to her why they are idiots and evil people. He unleashed some rage, and the target responded with denial... SWIM made her cry. He returned home, mulling over the days events, and yes, they had happened to him, he is sure... He was not that concerned... he was lost in lovely thought.

    What he realized around this time.... was that this was his life. People around his dorm had been screwing with him, his acquaintinces back home had been to a much lesser extent. They saw SWIM in his fragile and retarded state, and used him for entertainment. He could now understand why SWIM, after telling a group he is done smoking, gets cajoled into smoking more. He gives in every time... he manipulates himself, and is easily pushed.

    Just a quick vignette * SWIM passed out from xanax, datura, and weed while chilling at a "kickback", woke up the next day to find his wallet missing. It was nowhere to be found. I had an acquaintince who seemed to like xanax, so SWIM supplied him for a while before this date. This fellow was a friend of the guy whos house I was at. SWIM offers him 45 xanax pills to find his wallet... and in 30 minutes his wallet is found by the fiend. I get his wallet back, with marks of "dog teeth" as the wallet had been 'dragged by the dog'. SWIM wonders what kind of dog can make a completely straight horizontal cut, protruding into the leather, and dig a hole in another part of the wallet. SWIM just bought that wallet... It had a really nice limited quantity detail. Sigh, to be forever holed :/

    At this time, I have found something else about himself... Even more than his amazing "LSD" trip. While he could think clearly, he looked into the near past to examine himself... he realized his long-suspected fear, he was retarded in at least a few important intelligences. He is not dumb, he has amazing semantic memory, he can do well on recall tests... but not because he knows anything, but because he can work around the problem to provide the answer.

    He now realizes what his problem is, why he can't keep a conversation, why he forgets everything, why he doesn't realize that which is right in front of him, why he must ask obvious questions, why he is so negative. Something is happening to SWIM's incoming information... it is not coming full stream. He has slight trouble walking, a decent hand tremor, and many other slight but widespread bodily issues... this must be it.

    I would like to send out a call to anyone with any experience like this, please tell SWIM where to look. He might be insane, he doubts his reality, he doubts trust, he is powerlessly subjugated by something. all he can do to remedy this is try to fix it, even if its obviously impossible.

    I am hopefully going to take something important from this, he already fears for his adult life. He is fine with living alone, but he doesnt know if he can protect himself from himself, if its all in his head, and if he can live as everyone else does. I am not going to end his life, that would be too boring, and I am already dead inside... at least he gets some pleasure from being in school... but hes not learning anything. I am a biochem major (freshmen...) because the only thing he has ever loved is changing himself through biology. He thought about this the other day, I dont beleve its to escape, I believe its feeling in control, he can change his body to keep up to where his mind wants to be. So many people tell SWIM hes a normal human; SWIM can't believe it...

    I have gotten a Quantitative EEG, showing deficient beta frequencies and a right-side dominance, slight signs of possible ADD and dyslexia (while on an amphetamine that day... near the end of the effect, tho) I have been to two biofeedback specialists, and they both stated the low beta frequency activity... the first one noticed a slight gamma frequency (I believe it was gamma, a very high frequency thats supposed to be emptyish) .

    I am getting away from amphetamine, his psychiatrist ( a new one, after moving up to school... she is young and dislikes prescribing, would not give SWIM a refil on his vyvanse at first) is unpredictable. I want to try tramadol, he hopes she will help him.

    P.P. (Post Post) : I do not need to hear lectures on mixing drugs and dosages, he is a much brighter SWIMmer now... but I doubt he really cares.

    I dont need encouragement, he needs information... experiences... anything he can use.
  2. costa rica mate

    costa rica mate Newbie

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    Apr 24, 2010
    hi not sure if i should reply to this thread but swim sounds alot like swim a different era but the similaraties are quite odd I thought it was only him. although no doctors or prescribed drugs at that stage in his life swim just learned to conform on the outside and learned self medication thru a varaity of substances some good some bad but on the whole there is always something good to come.
  3. Lukeoca

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    Aug 10, 2008
    from U.K.
    Swim notices so many similarities between You and himself. He doesn't know what the 'answer' is unfortunately.
    He doesn't know that there is one.

    I'm not being wierd but try reading about Zen Buddhism, it is life put in perspective. As I understand it, it gives the perspective that there is no perspective. Some people notice this from the outset while growing up, and its confusing.. (cue drugs) and it turns out the people that don't have a hook on things actually kinda do, but there are no points for having better insight than anyone else in modern everyday life

    I dunno what else to say but you aren't alone
  4. Apradavra4

    Apradavra4 Silver Member

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    Sep 29, 2009
    from U.S.A.
    For one dude, just be careful with the pills. I was an IV heroin/cocaine addict for several years, and the worst withdrawls i ever experienced from any drugs were from benzodiazapines.(Xanax)

    I began down a path of curiousity at a young age, and I began with prescriptions pills. Adderall, benzos, painkillers, whatever it was, was what I wanted. I wanted to at least know what it was like. Drugs made me what I couldnt feel when i was normal. When I was high, i was many things I wanted to be all the time, so I stayed high as much as possible. It sounds similar to your story. And I was also worried about future drug use at a young age. That worry proved to be very real.

    Once in college, my curiousity was met in every way possible. There were many risks taken. I somehow skimmed by the law and graduated with a BA. I was constantly using, selling, around drugs all throughout my teen years and all throughout college. But it wasnt until after college that drug use put me in places I would never want to be.

    Long story short, after shooting enough speedballs to kill a small country, after losing some of my best friends, after running from the law, and going from a college graduate with all the world, to a traveling street kid selling dope and squatting under bridges; I finally put myself into professional detox. It was a place I had to enter myself, for myself, doing it for other people would come later. Thas was over a year ago, and I have been off hard drugs since. I smoke much hash and have a love of psychadelics but my use of "hard" drugs is in the past. Not a day goes by that I do not think about that past life, but I never miss it.

    As you were saying how you were worried, I had that worry myself as a young teen, but the drugs were still fun, and they continued to be fun for a while. I made alot of money, got to sleep with alot of pretty girls, and got high as a motherfucker, and if drugs were not involved, I would have done less of all three. I'm not glorifying anything, Im telling it as it is. But a time will come, when the drugs are not fun anymore, when you have been arrested too many times, and have attended way too many funerals, when the reality of being a drug user becomes reality that is no longer wanted; for everyone this time is different, some people never find it.

    Drug addiction, like youth is best understood in retrospect, from within the experience, you cannot clearly understand all what is happening. Drugs have brought about some wonderful times in my life, but drugs have also brought out aspects of myself, which I know would never have been brought out, if not for drugs.

    be safe bro.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2010
  5. N00dles

    N00dles Silver Member

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    Nov 29, 2008
    from Canada
    I found himself in a situation VERY similar to swiy's. Actually, reading your post gave SWIM some goosebumps, the similarities are uncanny. I have had 'friends' fuck with him, like how you mention. He has been to physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, been prescribed different medications, and used drugs the whole time. That being said, I am back on track. Well, atleast getting back on track. Living a satisfying life isn't easy, but the effort you put into it makes the outcome worth it.

    The answer was simple, really. Stop abusing drugs, exercise, eat better, get a job and most important: care about how people "view SWIM", as a person. I amn't saying all of these things apply to you, but maybe some chemical-free changes can be applied to you's lifestyle.

    When was the last time You didn't use drugs? We can believe that there is something defective with us, something that requires a chemical medication to correct, but how can we be sure, when consistent and persistent drug use is in the equation? And besides, it's mind over matter. Meditation is known to induce drug-like states, and it's a fact that smiling more makes you happier. The place of blissful solitude these chemicals give us is what we seek, but we don't need them. We don't need them to be our self.

    Also, although those guys fucking with you with their laundry, etc business are probably assholes, BUT look at the situation from their perspective. Here's this dude always so fucked out of his mind, so much so that we can do these things to him. For You to get back onto the right track, he has to NOT want to be "that guy".

    Self-realization is also an issue here. This may sound blunt, but this downward spiral seems to have been catalyzed by you's psychiatrist stating that You "wasn't lazy" but "lacks motivation". She was putting it into less threatening words. Being unmotivated IS the definition of lazy to most people. Directly or not, they are the same. Does You have a job? Some of SWIM's worst times were when he was unemployed. But, working, we feel like we're accomplishing something, even if it's lousy.

    Anyway dude, the past few years of myself have been hell, and I know the same is true for you. But, coming on this message board and making that post is a great step. You can do this man, and know that it's all uphill from here, even if that hill means facing some shit that you don't want to face.

    All the best, and we're here for ya...


    PS. Has You tried cognitive behavioral therapy? There's a free course online, try googling it. It really helped me.