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Addictive Behaviours Service

Discussion in 'UK' started by Rightnow289, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Rightnow289

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    Aug 27, 2008
    Male from earth
    This is a confidential service and any information will only be passed on to 3rd parties with the signed agreement of the client.

    Accessing the Service

    * Self referral
    People who feel they may have a problem with drugs or alcohol can telephone or call in for an appointment or advice/information.
    * Referral by other agency
    Clients can be referred to the service by a number of other agencies, including their GP, Health visitor, probation, Community Mental Health Team, Local Prisons and the Police.

    Services provided

    * Up-to-date advice and information.
    * Assessment.
    * A full assessment will determine the client's holistic needs, taking into account any physical, psychological, social, educational and employment issues alongside their specific problem of alcohol/drug misuse.
    * 1:1 work with an allocated key worker who will work with the client to co-ordinate a care plan.
    * Information regarding other appropriate agencies eg. CRUSE.
    * Liaison with mental health agencies.
    * Facilitation of rehabilitation or detoxification programmes.
    * Family support.
    * Hepatitis B testing and vaccination.
    * Hepatitis C testing.
    * HIV testing.
    * Liaison with other relevant agencies, including Nacro, Action for jobs, housing, midwifery and child protection.

    A range of treatments are offered, including the prescribing of medication if needed.

    * Weekly prescribing clinics for detoxification, stabilisation and medication to assist in relapse prevention.
    * Supportive 1:1 work with key worker either face to face, or via the telephone.
    * Routine blood tests and drug screens via saliva/urine.
    * A comprehensive service to clients experiencing alcohol problems including, home detoxification and an alcohol support group.


    * Clients attend key worker appointments or contact to rearrange.
    * Verbal and physical aggression will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

    Contact details

    Addictive Behaviours Service
    Tees East and North Yorkshire
    NHS Trust
    29 - 31 Yarm Lane
    Stockton on Tees
    TS18 3DT
    Tel: 01642 802424
    Fax: 01642 802425