Adventures of the Three Sage Trippers

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    May 23, 2005
    Some salvia i ordered arived in the mail yesterday, 1 oz. of standard
    leaf, a gram of 5x extract and a gram of 10x extract. After reading
    quite a bit about it i was eager to give it a shot. With two freinds,
    heretofor refered to as P and N i trundled off into a pretty area at a

    The first expirement: giggles and shits

    I was teh first to try the leaf. We set up a hookah and loaded about
    4 or 5 leaves into the bowl. After taking a few big hits of the plant
    and holding it for as long as i could, i laid back, already begining ot
    feel the effects. What first hit me was a durastic change in
    perspective. It is hard exactly to describe what this is, just a radical
    change in my mental state. NExt i feel what is commonly known as
    the Salvia gravity, a strong body load pulling you down/up (keep in
    mind that directional senses were not very reliable at this point).
    Not wanting to give the Salvinoran corsing into my brain any trouble,
    i followed the sensation and tried to let my body fall, unfortunately it
    was unable to penetrate the ground and i therefore was kept in the
    non salvia world. I believe that if i was to have smoked a bit more,
    and been freed from any external noises are motions, i just might
    have been able to let go of my brains reality and take an adventuer
    into the void of the Salvia reality. As it was though, i was trapped in
    a dichotomy, the normaly reality with qutie a few dashes of salvia
    land thrown all about.

    Next was N's turn, or maybe it was P's, i was still tripping at this
    point so i dont really know, lets pretend it was N's. I do not much
    remember exactly what he was describing, beacuse as i was saying, i
    was still rather messed up. One thing i do remember him
    commenting on was that for a few minutes he felt as if he was
    incredibly stoned, moreso then he had ever been before.

    After this was P's turn. ( I am realizing that i am not very sure of
    what happened with either one of them, by the nature of salvia one
    can see quite incredible things, but be unable to trully express them,
    so it is sort of difficult to describe either of their experiances) What i
    do remember of P's experiance was that he got insanely happy and
    amused by everything. The trees seemed to hold quite a bit of
    significance to him, at one point stating "there are clouds draped in
    those tress."

    The second expirement: Ursella and the peeling of existance

    After that we returned to me car where we found a new place to try
    out the extracts i has also recieved. Deciding to go all out i busted
    out the 10x extract and loaded up a bowl with it. Beacuse it was very
    finely ground i had to put a leaf of the regular salvia on the bottom
    and put the extract on top, this actually worked quite nicely.

    In two or so hits i had cleared out teh bowl and my world was
    already starting to go apeshit. I noticed all of a sudden that i was on
    some sort of theatre stage, and the curtains had just been opened.
    Wanting to express to my companions this strange occurance i tried
    to talk. What came out was some weird high pitched voice that i was
    sort of familiar with. It turned out it was the voice of Ursella, from
    The Little Mermaid (i actually have no idea what her voice sounded
    like, but i knew for sure i was a bad guy from a disney movie, and
    Ursella seemed the most likely) This is when i realized that i was
    supposed to be doing a play, and that if i was to lower my voice i
    would go out of character and ruin the entire show. The remainder
    of hte show took place inside my head and consisted of what i think
    was a musical, although really it was just a number of noises coming
    from many directions, although it was interesting, it was certainly
    no, "Under the Sea".

    As I began to come down i handed hte extract to my freind P to use
    at his own discretion. I noticed that he had poured quite a significant
    dose into the bowl, but i decided that "if he thinks he can handle it,
    more power to him" He smokes it as i get a call from another freind
    who we had jsut ran itno while driving to the place to smoke this
    extract. Wanting to express how weird this Salvia was i put him on
    the phone with P. P took the phone and tried expressing something,
    not words, more of an expression of the garbled thinking thta twas
    dominating his mind. GEtting frustrated with trying to talk P hung
    the phone up suddenly and began saying something about getting
    milk. He then took hsi fingers and put them on the inside of his
    cheeks as if to show something, not sure what. What P told me later
    was that he thought he was in a grocery store and the hookah was
    the milk carton. Wanting to give the milk carton to my freind N in
    the back seat, P picked it up and tried to pass it, with pretty bad
    results (spilling both the bong water and the ash). Had it been milk
    in reality, my car would have smelled like rotten milk by now,
    instead being bong water from smokign Salvia, my car is filled with a
    strange, unpleasant oder that i am still trying to get rid of. Not
    being able to pass the Hookah (milk) back to N, P promptly gave up
    and decided he wanted out of the car. Looking up and seeing the
    sun roof as the only viable oportunity for escape he made an effort
    to climb through. After being pulled down by me and N, P then
    realized he could just exit through the door, which he did, and then
    wanderer away. He sat down at a picnic bench as me and N tried to
    talk to him. After muttering something about a huge label being
    peeled off by a giant and being put on a tube, he informed us that it
    was us who were in fact in the tube. While this may seem fun it
    turned out that in fact the label being peeled off was existence itself,
    and behind it, impenetrable blackness, which if any of you have ever
    experianced, cna be quite terrifying. Needless to say P was quite
    horrified, once he realized that he was infact under the influence of a
    drug he told me that he no longer wanted to be high. After about
    10 minutes or so he had come back down to a near sober point, but
    was still rather shaken.

    The three of us then returned to a basement and watched Stargate
    SG1 for a while
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    Nov 1, 2009
    Liking this very detailed experience, salvia is so much better outside with nature, bumping to the top for anyone who missed it :D