Injecting - after shooting up coke

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    Jan 10, 2005
    So...a few days ago SWIM lost her needle virginity.
    She got some good coke she's snorted before and she took a clean needle in those plastic cases, put in some coke powder, put in tap water, and shook it up.
    There were still chunks in there but the needle tip was too skinny to let anything but liquid through it.
    Let any air out of the needle and disinfected site, needle tip, fingers, everything.
    SWIM put it in, pulled back a bit and nothing.
    Put it in a bit further and pulled back. BINGO! blood.
    Hit that main vein everyone shoots up in.
    Injected slowly and pulled out, bled a bit.
    Disinfected again.
    The cool part was when SWIM pushed the plunger up and the blood mixed with coke in the syringe fizzled away. Like when ya shake up a soda can. o-0

    But yeah..all I had was a tiny dot.
    Then a few days normal purple bruising.
    Now purple and yellow. Still mild and small but SWIM's arm hurts tho.
    Sometimes. Like parts of her hand sometimes and where I shot up and sometimes up in her shoulder area.
    For the first few days I felt it in her other arm so she thought it was all in her head but yeah.
    Kinda hurts sometimes n it's been like...3 or 4 days.
    Is this normal?
    SWIM's found TONS of info on HOW to shoot up but nothing on what it's gonna be like the few days after and what to watch out for, or what a forming infection looks like or anything.

    It looks totally fine, like when she got her blood drawn. But her arm hurts sometimes. Mild pain. Kinda paranoid about it.
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    Feb 28, 2006
    from spain
    I don't want to be mean but your method seems to be very dirty. You could at least use a filter and purified water. Street coke always has crap in it no matter how "good" the stuff is. Not to mention possible bacteria and fungus.

    Don't know. Ask youour doctor. Tell him the truth.

    Search the forum for proper ways of shooting coke.
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    Mar 23, 2006
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    yeah dissolve in bottle cap/spoon whatever,with H20 and don't cook it! Stir until dissolved.Drop cotton/cig filter in and draw up your shot.tie off and DON"T MISS!!!You'll get nasty lumps if not worse!This usually happens after a few shots and your hands start shaking.Take a rest.The more you do the less high you get.Don't share the rig,duh.You'll get Hep C like SWIM or worse!!
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    Apr 15, 2009
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    F to the original poster, i know its been two years and I assume your arm is fine and if continued to slam, you realized why youre shit hurt, firstly you used tap water, never use tap water, i dont even drink tap water. secondly no filter, both are musts especially with coke, like the poster above me said, no matter how good it seems going up your nose, if it has made its way to america its been cut, propably multible times. I was going to try to keep this post short, information, and straight to the point, but what are you gonna do. I have been up all night slamming, and this is the worst shit ive ever done, but i still hear the train cause I know what I'm doing, but look whats left on the spoon after ONE shot, and i'm serious, swim cleaned the spoon right before the last one because it was so clogged up with undesolvable who-knows-what. K, Im assuming you looked at the picture, thats not what should be left in a spoon after one hit, with good / ok coke, there should really be nothing in the spoon, everything that wouldnt disolve in the water should just be stuck in the filter, leaving you with a clean looking spoon. Does anybody else ever end with this much cut? I saw the poster above say never use fire, i know its not nessessary, but I know this old man with lots of experience, and when he added the water, and saw how much wasnt desolving, he got out his zippo and warmed it up till it was practically clear. and then shot it and got high off it (after letting it cool down of course). Ive never seen or heard of anybody doing that, and frankly I didnt think it was a good idea. He said its just burning out the cut, but it could possibly be desolving the cut and then going into the syringe. any perspective?
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    Jun 23, 2006
    from antigua_and_barbuda
    SWIM slammed some coke before... Only a handful of times and the coke was very dirty.

    He was so scared he ended up never actually slamming a full dose... just miniature ones to get a feel for it.

    He "missfired" more than once, and get left with a few tennis ball sized bruises that also hurt for the next 3-4 days (its been a few months and everything is ok)

    The one time I did put almost reasonable amount of coke in the syringe was when he came across some truly amazing shit... very good quality, Still it wassent much at all, this time he was careful not to miss the vien and injected correctly. Within seconds he got hit by it... it was very physical when taken this way and felt quite good, even tho the dose was still low, he got an instant wave of neasea as soon as it hit him that soon subsided. He was left with a nice little high for a reasonable amount of time considering how small of a amount was injected.

    He feels if he had ever slammed a real dose, he would never had stopped with needles.

    I havesent touched a needle since and doesn't plan too, just to risky for swim, quality of cocaine is just too low these days.

    I will try slamming meth next if anything, its a pretty clean drug and risk of od is much lower than that of coke, however he finds smoking meth to be sooo fun he doesnt want to waste it all on a needle. he really enjoys smoking the crystal!
  6. spiltmilk

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    Apr 15, 2009
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    Yeah, if you give yourself a dose big enough to hear the train for a few minutes, that feeling becomes more important to you then pretty much everything else in life. I don't recommend it. I think most people wouldnt.
  7. SmokeNmirrors

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    Jul 8, 2007
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    Yes You definitely should be using a small cotton filter street coke has all kinds of things in it. Also a trick to help with bruising well least for I am putting ice on it, it helps with any swelling and seems to make the bruise a little less noticeable. Also use distilled water next time tap water can have things in it too that arnt good for swiy.
  8. BoxStar

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    Sep 9, 2007
    from earth
    As already said; injecting any drug requires the cleanest water possible like saline solution used in hospitals for IV lines (I used this for a long time with great success although it maybe hard to acquire) and any drug that does not come from a pharmaceutical laboratory in sterile ampoules needs to filtered as best as possible.

    In SWIM career as an IV user (since I was almost 20) he has only got once a really bruise along the right forearm (11cm long, 4.8 average wide) because he fucked up and punctured the vein at least 2-3 times (2 of times after the shot) up and down from side to side due the “shakes” stimulants give and I was so gone to Jupiter (large dose) to apply pressure; “good shots” should not leave easily visible marks with needles 27 and up.

    Track marks are a different story, heavy IV use will lead to darkened of skin along the veins and with coke it’s guaranteed it says so in the box.

    Infections usually manifest as a hard, red and painful area that without treatment maybe extremely dangerous but only visual and physical examination by a doctor/nurse can know and correctly treat it.

    Cocaine should never be cooked, everything that doesn’t dissolved in 0.5ml of water for 150mg of powder in 3-5 seconds its cut; some cuts are water soluble but most take longer to dissolve that cocaine; what does not dissolve must always be filtered out and the solution in the syringe should look completely clear; cooking cocaine can cause many harmful cuts to dissolve and be injected into the bloodstream which then can solidify and block small (or even large) capillaries.

    At the worst of SWIM IV use he used tap water when he ran out of sterile water and never got bad hits; proper technique like not missing the vein and extravasating water full of bacteria plays a big role.

    For any one reading this who maybe planning to slam the “white lady/devil”, think very, very carefully; as very well said just above, once someone has been “there” long enough being “there” will easily become the most powerful desire, craving, hunger and thirst that can be experienced; everything and nothing in a syringe.

    Very few people ever get back and those that come usually know that no one has ever been hooked for a single really good shot to know what its like of course there is even fewer people that have only done “one” shot.