Alcohol, heroin, benzo cross-tolerance?

Discussion in 'Alcohol' started by Citruspunch, Apr 15, 2019.

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    Apr 3, 2019
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    I'm wondering if previous my alcohol abuse has a lasting effect on my tolerence to opiates and benzodiazepines.

    Little background on myself, from age 19 - 29 I was a full blown alcoholic, I couldn't function without it for various mental health reasons that I wasn't willing to address at that time. My usual daily consumption for the last 3 years was 4 - 5, 35cl bottles of vodka a day I'd also use heroin and Benzos one weekend a month as treat. (Very aware H, Benz and alcohol is stupid, more so at the amount I was drinking)

    About 3 years ago I got my shit together, went to rehab and got as close to sober as I am willing to get to get. I drink 2 bottles of Vodka one weekend per month, along side a teenth of #3 H, and usually 10, 2mg clonazepam. And all was well ( again stupidly stupid, but I alwAys had my partner and naloxone there) but I've been off the drink for 5 months and now my weekend of debauchery is me trying to get high and its getting to the point where I'm using very high does of heroin (for me) a half g in one hit, I don't feel comfortable going any higher to get a no where near where I would like to be. Drinking is out the window.

    Tl;Dr - Stopped drinking, and seems like The H and benzos aren't as good / effective any more. Not on any other medications. I still feel I need this my weekend of escapism for personal reasons, and its just not doing it for me anymore, pathetic I know.

    Any ideas? Thanks, and sorry if that was a rambling mess I tried to include as much details as possible.
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    Well, what are you really looking for for yourself? (Welcome to the Forum, by the way!) Obviously, quitting using any or all of your drugs is a viable option. If you don't feel the high you used to, then what's the point of continuing?

    This is kind of an odd recommendation, but you sound to me like someone who might benefit from making a switch from the "baddies": heroin, alcohol, and benzodiazepines, to the "betters," like LSD and psilocybin. If what you want to do is just alter your consciousness once a month or so, the psychedelics seem to me to be a much healthier and more interesting option. Where is heroin getting you these days? Nowhere.

    I don't usually recommend that people start taking psychedelics just willy-nilly, but for some reason, this option popped strongly into my mind for you. You could, of course, just consider getting clean altogether, but there would be the boredom factor to deal with. It certainly does sound like you need to clean up your current act, because it is doing nothing but causing you pain at this point.

    I think you need to spend some serious time considering what you want your future to look like, because obviously, your past behavior is no longer working for you. Please take care and keep us updated.
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    The answer is yes, probably. Benzos and alcohol have fairly similar pharmacological mechanisms. They're both GABAergic so they have a definite cross-tolerance even though they mainly hit two different kinds of GABA receptors. Opiates are a little different in that they hit mu-opioid receptors, but it still shares downstream effects with other drugs and especially so with benzos and alcohol. In fact opiate activity appears to be partially responsible for the euphoria of alcohol. I take naltrexone (which is like long-lasting naloxone) to stay sober from heroin, but for the longest time that was only used for alcoholism (despite only targeting your opiate system) because it tends to stop binge drinking by taking away the nice feelings you get when you start. The really important thing here might mostly be the dopamine release you get from what these pharmacologically similar substances, and you can bet that will inevitably decrease as you keep using them/combining the three.

    The point is, all these drugs work in similar ways and probably increase tolerance for each other. The real problem here is your habits though. You're pretty much putting yourself in as much danger as possible with that kind of combination (naloxone around or not). We all hit that point where drugs stop doing it for us and I think that's when a lot of people end up killing themselves trying to get there again. It sounds like you might be close to doing that. Sounds like you're not physically hooked on the dope right now, maybe you should try to quit while it's relatively easy since its probably not going to stay that way its not doing it for you anymore. I needed to get a vivitrol shot to stay off the shit and and I have to say it makes you feel very different in a way that can be really nice. Imagine not even thinking about the shit all day and wanting to just get shit done but not in a wired way. Maybe it's just nice to be normal again but maybe consider it.

    Anyway, no judgments here to say the least and I think you should embrace how you live (cause god loves ugly) but if you keep trying to combine those every weekend while you're not getting off from half a gram you're going to push it over the edge sometime (soon). @ladywolf2012 has a good point, especially since they're practically the polar opposite of what you're doing and they might make you more euphoric than heroin ever did in a lasting way that means something to you. A better idea is really just trying to stay away from/use less of (usually even less viable than the former) the dope before you OD though.

    Good luck man, let me know if you have any questions.