Combinations - Alcohol, Methcathinone and Kava Kava

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    Mar 13, 2005
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    So I had this dream:

    Last night I went out for my buddies 21st birthday. Me and a couple
    friends killed a bottle of vodka and goldschlagger. I had a perfect
    amount for myself, which rocks when I get the perfect drunk. Anyway I
    took out a small vial of Methcathinone I synthesized. Some friends
    wanted to try it and it was a big hit.

    I was buzzing pretty hard, and then had a couple bumps of
    methcathinone, liking to keep it at threshold-medium effects. I felt
    great, energetic. I felt like I had to accomplish everything. I was
    busting around putting all the seats around the fired getting
    everything ready. Threw around a football with the birthday boy, then
    me and him took a bikeride. Went back and enjoyed ourselves for a bit,
    smoking some really good bud. At that time I was buzzing hard, a bit
    spun from cat, and pretty high from the weed. The cat was a hit I even
    finished the vial off which I didn't expect.

    Anyway I didn't even mind when we ran out of alcohol or cat. I felt
    euphoric and powerful. I could talk to anybody with great ease. As
    things were winding down I took some Kava Kava extract, a pretty good
    dose for me (recommended dose: 2 droppersful. I think I had around 30).
    I found that Kava took away all the slightly bad side effects from
    alcohol. My slight queasiness went away, my energy subsided and was
    replaced with a warm cozy feeling. I didn't want to move I was so comfy.

    Anyway, so it went like that. Woke up with a slight headache, took a
    bath and drank water, then took a nap. Just woke up, cooked me some
    ramen noodles. No headache. I feel great. I'm ready for the day.

    This combination was very fun, especially if taken in steps. Buzz -> Spun/High -> Relax. It was nice.

    Just lettin ya know, peace[​IMG]

    ps. I also take Lithium and Seroquel, and drugs effect me differently
    than other people usually. This was my experience. Know your body and
    mind before you try anything like this.

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