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    Jul 26, 2005
    Species of mushroom: Amanita Pantherina

    Dose: Half a cup filled with cut/diced pieces of only the caps... Stems were placed aside...

    Duration: Plus or minus seven hours

    Onset: Roughly an hour and a half...

    Fourth or fifth time used:

    Alright... SWIM ordered some A. Pantherina from a very reliable on-line source... When they arrived SWIM sliced enough of the mushroomsand divided them intoseveral portions... Each consisting of about one half cup of diced/sliced mushroom cap matieral... SWIM ingested one of the several portions he had just cut up... I enjoyed the taste of the mushrooms he consumed...

    After an hour had elapsed...I had concluded that the dosage level was too low, and decided to retire this trip (pronounce it a failure) and try again another day... This was due SWIM's ignorance and pecimism... He should have known that with his experience over the years... Many psychedelics take time to take their beginning effects... While I was walking around... SWIM decided to cook some dinner for himself...SWIM began to notice that he was experiencing changes in visual perception... These effects became stronger over the next hour or some, and were characterized by sensing an "alive quality" in inanimate objects... Wavy motion in the visual field like a Van Gogh canvas (no color perception was associated with the motion, however, as is so commonly encountered following ingestion of LSD, psilocybin, or mescaline), and mild distortion of size, distance and depth perception... Auditory hallucination were also prominent -- especially the effect, called "anahata sounds" of yoga, of hearing fine high-pitched sounds like bells and violin strings...

    SWIMexperienced only slight impairment of motor coordination and balance...Like as would be produced by a small amount of ethanol... Equivalent to two or three bottles of beer... In contrast to the effect of ethanol... However... There was no slurring of speech or clouding of consciousness... WhileI felt as thoughhis consciousness was somehow removed and distant from the surroundings...SWIM experienced a sense of great clarity... AsSWIM often experience following ingestion of psilocybin-containing mushrooms... It seemed toSWIM that the psychic effect were emanating from the "ajna chakra", the so called "third eye" -- a locus above and between the eyes...

    SWIM experienced no muscular spasms, cramps, vomiting, or nausea of any kind... The experience was totally pleasurable, and lasted about seven hours or so...I was struck by the unique quality of the effect whereas he finds the psychic effects of LSD, psilocybin-containing mushrooms, and peyote to be similar, to be, as it were, on a continuum of related experience,SWIMfeels the A. pantherina was distinctly different... After this experience I did not experience any after-effects.

    Does anyone else have any other experiences with the Amanita Pantherina? With higher or lower doses? I would like to order this specimen again... I wouldlike to know if anyone elsewould share theirexperiences with this species of mushroom... Usually he hears of horrible tails of mushroom toxicity related to this particular species... Of thefive or sixtimes used... He has experienced no horrible effects... Anyone else?Cheers [​IMG].
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    SWIM and friend ate 4-5 grams of pantherina caps once. I had no visuals just a really "heavy" body load. I felt extremely sleepy and went to bed around 2 hours later. Concluding that the weren't any good swim gave the remaining 12 grams to a friend running the local headshop. he assumed they wouldn't be anything special and ate all 12 grams the following day, prior to a trip to the aquarium. He said about 30 minutes after he arrived he was seeing patterns, intense colors, and having auditory hallucinations.

    Should've kept 'em!
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    Oct 31, 2006
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    Swim just cosumed 2 grams of a new supply of Amanita Pantherina about 20 minutes ago. The belly feels alil warm and swim notices a tad bit of relaxation and comfort. If the effects dont build within the hour I will consume another 2 grams . Stay Tuned.

    +35 Swim stood up and had a uneasy stomach, so they make him smoke 1/3gram of cannabis. Strange thing is that I feel alittle high, but not as much as usual.
    +45 I am starting to bob a move to some drum and bass, He thinks Mistress Amanita is on her way.

    Sorry about not following up last night, Swim drifted off. What Swim noticed what a comfy euphoric feeling, occasional visual distortions. Music was very enjoyable throughout the experience and his concentration seemed to allow him to focus deeply on things. Swim dosed at 10pm and fell asleep around 3am still with the effects going. It seemed to hit in small waves, you could feel the happy euphoric feeling build and hit and subside. It was defintaly interesting. Not as severe as he thought it would be but then again, a total of 3 grams was taken.
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    Re: Amanita Pantherina Report

    When My Sloth ate panther caps he felt il for about 30 mins and then slipped into a trance where he fell in to purgatory....just fall through the endless holes of time........for 11 hours........never again
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    Jul 12, 2010
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    I tried a.pantherina few times by their own with nice little effects (like opiates or psychedelik drunk a bit).
    But had the most incredible with 4 grams dried panther along with liquid acid.
    This had definitely a far from acid flavor. Much more visual, strenght and effects.
    It is a great synergy in my opinion.
    However they potentiate each other greatly so please be careful with dosage.
    I wouldn't go for a journey like that too often.
    Only doen it twice with a friend and he also agree there is some strong synergy betwenn them both .
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    ^^Interesting to hear about your experiences with LSD and amanitas in combination but please write a more detailed experience report, afoaf is thinking about a combination of amanita pantherina and psilocybe mushrooms but this is going to have to wait concidering he is going ahead with his low dose datura and cramp bark experiment so this will have to wait.

    if anyone else has experiences with amanita pantherina and psilocybin please post experience reports here or in the drug combinations forum.

    now back on topic, afoaf finds pantherina to be quite a bit more potent then muscaria but he also finds it to be far more nauseating. it doesent seem to be as much of a crapshoot as muscaria though.

    with a. muscaria he finds that he either gets thrust into the void with high doses or no matter how much he eats of certain batches gets nothing but nausea and sickness, pantherina seems a bit more reliable to him.
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    Jan 31, 2015
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    Walking home from my first tai chi class, I am feeling happy and very well balanced. I'm looking on the sides of the path for edible or medicinal plants, as I am a herbalist, when I walk by a remarkable mushroomscape, recognizing the definitive spotted caps of the Panther Amanita. I took two medium sized caps and left the rest, wrapped them in some paper and brought them home.

    I had found some A. Muscaria before and knew how to prepare them, and after some more internet research I decided to give my shrooms a soak in nearly simmering water for an hour or so. I started sipping the tea of that at around 1315, and at 1405 I wrote my first report.

    2:05 Kinda wishing I'd weighed those mushrooms, but with their unpredictable potency such info probably wouldn't be that helpful anyways. Have been thru some mild nausea, but am ok now. Effects are beginning, mild/medium euphoria/elation, softly increasing. Fuckin things are delicious, I'm thinking of frying up the caps with some butter.

    Further reports were noted:

    2:12 Face, hands, feet feeling warm and kinda strange, like a bit numb and tingly.

    2:53 Strong effects now, a vibration in my center a bit longer than half a second in intervals is happening, kinda upand down. Time, I'm becoming aware of it as a physical dimension, this is the up down dimension I am vibrating up and down to. When I think of another moment a part of me goes there, I can feel the different moment, can't see it tho. Slight nauses, getting harder to type, thumbs twitching. Other than that, I feel pretty good.

    In total, I drank all of the tea, and ate only a small portion of cap and a bit of stem. It would prove to be a high dose... For the record, I picked some more of those mushrooms today and weighed the approximate dose I took for this report, and it was about 70 grams fresh. That was probably a stupidly high amount to take, but in the end, I didn't die, it was fun overall, and as I write this the following day I have no hangover and actually feel better than I've felt in a long time.

    I remember looking into the fire and remarking that the fire seemed like it was standing still, and the rest of the world was just whipping by in constant change. After that I went outside, walking with some difficulty. I followed a chicken around for awhile, fed her, then picked her up and held her for awhile (to her general dismay). Then I went and got one of the rabbits, a half wild one that had escaped years ago, who I had recently recaptured. I took him to the bus where I live and was sitting on the step with him on my lap, just petting him. That was the last thing I would remember of normal reality for about 8 hours.

    My watcher came upon me there after about half an hour, with a far off look in my eyes, hardly breathing, the poor rabbit sprawled across my lap apparently looked quite distraught, but hadn't left me in all that time. She said he looked messed up, breathing heavily and moving in a jerky fashion, as if he were intoxicated as well. She spoke to me but I wasn't responding, and I was convulsing regularly with a full body twitch. I remember none of that. Apparently she told me she was gonna put the rabbit away and I was like, "Nooo! Shhhhhh..." rolling my eyes around as I looked at her.

    During that period I have memories of being very altered; my perception of time highly so. It seemed as though time was a series of moments, and between each moment was an infinite time that I began to experience as a physicality, like a wave. The moment that we experience in normal consciousness is like a peak of a wave; it is the beginning and the end of an infinite amount of time that passes in between. How I experienced that was, the moment of "happening" would occur, and then I would go down on the other side of it like down the wall of a giant wave and the physical world would kinda sink into the surface of it a layer at a time. It was literally an eternity before I came up on the other side to the next moment, like an infinite amount of time the experience of which was profoundly lonely and disorienting. Then the process would repeat over and over, advancing about half a second each time. I can't even describe how disturbing this was, but at one point the joke of the universe was played on me, and when I got to the punch line I laughed harder than I've ever laughed before. And do you think I can remember what the damn joke was? I remember chuckling to myself after I almost literally pissed my pants laughing, saying, "I get it, I get it." But I can't remember what I got...

    I also had a profound encounter with god, and goddess. After going through this series of infinite times, I found myself knowing everything there is to know, and being all powerful, and I said, I Am God. And there was a female presence with me. It's really hard to describe the way it happened, because these eternal moments kept happening all through this, but somehow she got me to say that she was God, and that I couldn't speak. And then just like that I had nothing and found myself completely speechless and thus powerless, like a baby in her arms. She fucking tricked me into giving her the power of god, and she made me make myself mute so I could never undo what she had done. "You fucking bitch..." I silently said, although apparently I did actually say that out loud because my watcher told me that I'd called her a fucking bitch, lol. I was so mad at her, and it felt like the ultimate betrayal. She somehow knew everything, even how to make me say whatever she wanted me to say. And she used that knowing to make me undo myself. But I think in the end, I forgive her. She did it because I, the god, am the beginning, and she, the goddess, who is me from the opposite side, is the end, and I was always leaving her alone to do my trip through the eternal. We only got to be together for one moment in that whole time. And being alone for eternity is literally like hell, the worst thing I have ever experienced. She took my power and used it to create this universe so that we wouldn't have to be alone anymore, we could always be together.

    I wish I could describe better what it was like. Ascending the wave towards the moment was an excruciatingly slow process, with layer upon layer of physical reality kinda rising up out of the surface of the wave. I remember watching my watcher's face rise out of it, and feeling so sad for that part of her, because she would be left behind forever in that moment, alone, and I was the last person that she would ever get to see before she went through eternity alone. I couldn't bear not to touch her, because it was the last time she would ever get the chance to be touched. Ugh, there was something really significant about that particular moment; a choice that seemed really important, but as the moment arrived I could see that the choice was not going to be the way I wanted it, and it seemed like the world was over. I just remember utter despair as it began to materialize, and saying the most despondent, "Ohhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooo!" And after it was over I watched as my watcher sort of sank back into the surface of the wave. As her face went in, I kissed her like it was the last time she would ever see another living soul, her mouth was halfway disappeared into the surface of the wave. And then it was another eternity before I saw her again, and finally the nightmarish eternity after eternity came to an end, because I fell asleep.

    I slept for about half an hour, and when I woke up my perception of time was still majorly altered. Time was still like a physical dimension and three dimensional space was majorly strange in a way I can barely describe. There were waves going through me at about half second intervals, and every time a wave passed through I would get a strong twitch. I remember marveling at a cup of water in my hand, wondering how the water didn't fall out of the bottom, since the far side of the cup was in a different time from the near side. Actually the time dilation effect seemed to be centered on my body and radiated outward. I was conversing with my watcher, lying on the bed together, and she said that she could feel some of the effects that I was describing, as if proximity to me was making her trip as well. Indeed, in a radius around me I imagined that I could feel the inside of things, and I specifically remember feeling the inside of her hand. At one point I realized I was separate from my body, and left it behind, but I don't remember what happened.

    I also became grotesquely aware of my physical self as being like a history of who I am, but not actually who I am. Who I am is this moment right now, and with the amanita I experienced it directly, as though the lens of my personal self were absent. My body and mind were like the addition of all the moments that I had previously been in, like a big photo album, but it was not 'me', I was that I Am. Physical touching was just pure extacy, and I knew in those moments that, that was what was real, the love that you can feel when you touch someone, and you feel them touching you back, or when you look into the eyes of someone who is looking back at you. It's like you can really see THEM, who they really are, behind all the ego bullshit. I looked into my watcher's eyes and I could see her behind them, and she was so damn beautiful. And when she looked away I could see her looking through the lens of her ego, and all the experience that was there in between us, I could see it like a photo negative with a light shining behind it. There was so much pain there. And I remember sitting up and realizing that I had the same lens; that I carried around all this pain that I looked at the world through, and I realized that I really needed to let it go.

    I felt so profoundly grateful that I wasn't alone. After going through those godawful eternities over and over, I was so sick of being alone that I could barely stand to leave my watcher alone, even though she was totally exhausted at the end of a long day of dealing with my crazy trip. I had been totally disassociated from my body for pretty long periods of time, and apparently was basically going crazy jumping around and smashing my body into things. At one point I sat on the wood stove. Right now my face is a bit marked up and I banged my nose pretty hard; lucky I didn't break it.

    I come away from the experience with the conviction that everyone should try this trip at least once. You cannot appreciate how precious this moment we live in is until you've seen it through amanita tinted eyes. I come away with a totally new appreciation for life, and for the company of others. When I saw the sun rise this morning, I knew that I was changed and that if I let it, my life will be changed for having been through this experience. But, you may want to take a smaller dose... Just sayin...