Ambien (Lunesta, etc) works for SWIY?

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    The modern sedative/hypnotic class has got to be one of the nicest things available for those who like uppers. SWIM never uses Ambien normally (zero "dependency"), but if he's been tweaking it comes in more handy than anything else... including benzos. It seems to work for him even if he's still at the tail end of a high, while benzos don't really do anything for him except fairly minor relaxation (at normal dosages) that almost never ends in sleep. To SWIM, it feels subjectively relaxing as well in the short time between when it takes effect and he falls asleep. The only negative side effect he's noticed is a heart rate speedup... probably not so good when the heart has already been taxed quite a bit, but so far it's given SWIM no real problems.

    So what's the general consensus on prescription sleep aids following amphetamine runs? Are you's out there reacting the same as SWIM (i.e. very nicely) in terms of falling asleep shortly after taking it, even if an upper is still somewhat active in the system?

    P.S. not to gross anyone out, but I have found that Ambien is effective administered rectally (dissolved in h2o), with the result that it comes on more strongly/rapidly and isn't interfered with by stomach contents. This is actually why he asks his doctor for regular Ambien rather than the CR formula. Only about 5mg is needed where 10mg would be used orally (great for those with stingy doctors) and it starts taking effect in less than 5 minutes. And finally, this route also seems to moderate absorption to where regular Ambien does behave more like Ambien CR... less tendency to wake up 2-3 hours later, better chance of sleeping through the night. If SWIM *really* needs some aid, he'll poop-chute 10mg and drop another 5mg by mouth. That one has never failed to send him to dreamland mucho rapido and keep him there the full 8+ hours. Occasionally he'll stay up 15-20 min after Ambien kicks in and enjoy the contrast between sedation/hypnotic effects and the former amped-up state... it can be really pleasant sometimes to realize sleep is now as close as turning off the lights, lying down and shutting one's eyes... ahhhhhhh. *Poof, gone.*
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