Comedown - Amitriptyline and cocaine? Ok or not ok to use as comedown aid?

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    Dec 22, 2006
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    I would like to know if there are any known interactions between amitriptyline and cocaine? I have searched forum and googled it but not got much of an answer as yet. I have codeine in co-codamol (30/500mg) or amitriptyline (25 or 50mg tablets) for pain relief and sleep problems (amitriptyline was hubby's but SWIH isnt using them anymore)

    Is there any reason not to use amitriptyline to aid comedown for sleep esp if I have work the next day? Obviously I am not intending to snort anymore charlie as I need 2 sleep .

    For ur info, I have prob had half to 3/4 gram over last 5 hours.

    Many thanks in advance
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    Mixing a tricyclic semi-benzo with a CNS stimulant would likely be about as dangerous as taking a valium to help with the comedown. But mixing such during the use of the CNS stimulant (cocaine) would be dangerous. It is a form of "speedballing" that can, and has, caused heart failure (John Belushi is a famous example).

    So any SWIM considering such should be as clear as possible from the stimulant to avoid over-stressing their heart. And then I would suggest non-drug alternatives be tried first: Soothing bath. Warm milk (tryptophan). Soft music...It would be a bad habit for a SWIM to get into - flying on coke and then relying on Amitriptyline (or any other downer) as a parachute.