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    Jan 14, 2003
    117 y/o from The Netherlands
    Because I am going to expand the infopages I need amphetamine experiences for Please post your amphetamine experiences here. If possible mention how much you took, how you took it(ingested, smoked, injected, etc) & the duration of the effects. Thanks.

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    If you are going to make a post in this thread be as descriptive as possible. We are not looking for posts stating one or two lines. We are looking for full blown reports.

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    Experience with Coke and Ritalin:

    Coke: Good stuff- as long you do not start to smoke it... as a
    freebase-junkie I do not fear death anymore. I sold my life to the
    devil and now I'm trying to sell it back. It takes some time and
    effort to become a freebase-junkie. Once, you've reached my
    level- there's no way back. Either you kill yourself or try to stay
    alive and suffer. There's a 3rd choice: get clean and try to stay
    clean. A livelong fight- you will have to be strong enough to
    say "no" a hundred times or more. One single moment of
    weakness could be lethal. Even if you're feeling strong, having
    familiy- a beloved wife or husband, children- you are an addict-
    and will stay addict for your whole life.

    methylphenidat: relatively safe- as long as you're not snorting
    or shooting it. The abuse of Ritalin can be lethal. It's far more
    potential than Coke: 1 Gramm of good coke (sorry for my
    English- I'm from Basel, Switzerland- hometown of
    Benzodiazepin and Ritalin, Roche and Novartis) is enough to
    keep me high for about 2-3 hours. The same amount of Ritalin
    would kill me right away.

    As a formal Ritalin-addict I'd like to inform you: If you're taking it
    to far, you won't be able to stop it. After 3 days of abuse (totaly
    180 Gramm) I was at the edge of a heartattack. But I tried to
    take more... my parents sent me to a withdrawal-facility.
    Otherwise I would have been killed myself.

    Ritalin can be much more addictive and dangerous than coke.
    Heavy abuse will kill you very fast.
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    Oct 31, 2004
    The first time I used speed I was at a friends house smoking weed. He started smoking ice, and I start criticizing him for it. So he said you cant criticize until you have experienced it. He whipped out a line about 3/4 of an inch long and extremely thin. I snorted half of it and forced myself to snort the rest even though it burned more than straight pepper. Within 5 minutes I felt extremely excited, and talked my ass off. Always trying to get a point across. Jumping around doing pushups and excercises. I was on a empty stomach but it didnt bother me after that. Two hours later I was off my high and his girlfriend came home and he poured out another line that was even bigger. This gave me a little high but it wore off within an hour. For the rest of the night I had trouble sleeping with everyone around yelling and partying. But I stayed laying down for about 7 hours even though i got about 30 minutes of sleep. I went home to get ready for work and my eyes were extremely dialated. I still hadnt eaten. It was a amazing experience though.

    The last time I did speed about 2 months after the first time, I bought a half gram, did a line and headed over to a guys house who was piercing girls all night. I snorted up all of that half gram to myself. The problem was that after the first line I didnt get much higher. I just keep stuffing ice up my nose all night even though I wasnt high, just getting pissed I couldnt get higher. My friend sat down with me and smoked a joint with me and told me to get off the shit. I aggreed looking back at how I had lost about 20 pounds and all i could think about was speeding, my teeth didnt feel good even though I brushed 3 times a day, and how my diet was horrible. 24/7 my mind operated around speed, and I was killing myself. I started smoking weed like I used to and it made me reflect on how speed was bad. I felt so guilty for using speed. Hard drugs just make you chase the high like crazy. I thought the speed was just getting less potent but it was just me. I havent done speed since then, just smoking alot of weed which I think is a positive thing were speed is negative. Still after only two months of using I think about speed. It nags at me, but I aint going back to that Nightmare and it was
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    Dec 6, 2004
    33 y/o from U.S.A.
    The first time i ever tried speed it was over at my friends house. I was sitting there watching him do line after line. I soon asked him if i could please try a line of it. I snorted up a small line of ICE and didnt feel much of anything. I went home and passed out. The next day i went and bought a quarter paper off of him and did a fat line and headed to work. Once i got to work i felt a great feeling of euphoria and never worked that hard in my life. I was getting things done talking to everybody at work with great ease. This went on for about 3 days. The last line i didntfeel anything for hours. I went out and partied with friends and still wasnt feeling anything. Once i got home it kicked in. My heart was racing and i could not stop cleaning. I needed something to do. I was feeling great while i was tweaking really hard at my house. I felt like i was on top of the world and could do anything. I was awake for the rest of the night. Coming down from speed was also a new experience for me. I seem to feel out of my body. I could still feel my heart racing and i kinda felt everybody was out to get me. The only part that scared me on the come down process was when my body went numb. Speed was a great experience for me and i still do it from time to time.
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    Dec 13, 2004
    The first time I tried speed was truly amazing. Now that I'm a fiend or as people call it a " tweaker", speed really made me mature. I was at my friends house with her and our dealer. He loaded the puki and we smoked it, and I had never been happier in my life. She ended up buying a whole 8 ball for that night for all 3 of us. 27 hours in her room just talking about how we feel. I loved it, although coming down made me want to shoot myself. Now we do it almost every weekend, which sucks cause during the week I have the worst withdraws and come downs but otherwise than that, it made me mature and makes me that much happier..
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    Dec 24, 2004
    i don't remember my first time with crank to much,just that i was at a friend's house when he said try this,i don't know how much it was but it was about 1 1/2 inches long was the best thing i have ever done,but i was always in to speedy things,i was on it for about 2 years and stopped for a while and now i am on ice.
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    Dec 12, 2004
    My amphetamine experience consists of Adderall
    only (for now anyway). I have ADD, but being a junkie
    Strattera was it. That was until I moved to a new area
    and deleted from my medical history my drug use ;) I
    had used Demerol and other opiate types 2 years
    ago. That is another forum!
    Now I have two prescriptions for Adderall. Regular
    Addies 10mg X 75 tabs and 20mg XR X 30 (I am
    working on getting at least 30mg's). I usually go
    through them in 3-4 days. The most at once was
    300mg. I have tried snorting them, but it isn't as good
    as just swallowing them. I haven't had any Addies in
    2 weeks prior to my latest trip. I want to stay up
    8:00pm- I had a good dinner, liter of agua, a
    multivitamin and some chelated magnesium (one
    tab, ? mg) Preparation...Preparation... Let me
    maximize my experience.
    8:15 - I took 200mg crushed extended released
    beads of 20mg Adderalls (that would be 10) I
    crushed them in an envelope until all of them sneaky
    beads were crushed. I only wish I could just take
    40mg and be happy! I just put it in my trap and
    chased it with more water.
    8:30: I am starting to feel the first effects.
    8:45: My fantastic trip begins. I am water coloring and
    watching TV. Fantastic. I repeatedly draw and paint
    the same object a hundred times. Using different
    color paint.
    10:15 I have a bit of indigestion, took maalox.
    10:30: I descend upon my computer and surfed for 5
    hours. Obsessed with all things amphetamine, art,
    the bizarre sites and ADD. I search for new
    stuff that I hadn't already read.
    3:00am I ponder more Addies, but decide on coming
    down. I took some Inderal 80mg, Trazadone 75mg, a
    cigarette or 3, and return to my water coloring.
    4:00am I am feeling mellow, I drink some tea and
    have some crackers. I popped another Trazadone
    50mg. I would like to get at least 5 hours of sleep so
    I can enjoy more Addies when I get up!
    I could go on a tweak writing session, but those who
    know about that do not need to hear my OCD rant.
    Although I love to read about your tweak activities!
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    Dec 28, 2004
    I started using meth about 4 years ago. I had been drinking and was very drunk and very sick. I had lots of friends that did meth and I had been told that using meth while drunk would bring you down from a drunk. I was desperate and ingested some. I noticed about an hour later that I was feeling much better. Then a little later was not only feeling better but feeling great. Over about a 6 month period of time I became a daily user. I know people that snort and inject it but I smoke it and don't plan to ever snort or shot it. I am a very open mined person and did see the effects meth had on long term users. So I always kept that in the front part of my mind because I never wanted to get to the point that I got crazy as I saw so many people doing. I also noticed that different types of meth had different kinds of reactions. I have maintained a normal lifestyle and job until recently (having nothing to do with my use of meth). Anhydrous Meth has been around my area for quite sometime but not as popular as it has become over the last 6 months. And right now it is about all that is around and it is hard to come by during this time of year. My boyfriend has been totally taken over by Anny Meth and he is the one that when I started using told me to stay away from it. That it was worst than other kinds. So I did for the most part trying it once in a while when he would get some. as time has gone on he has totally switched to Anny, lost his job and is now one of those fiends he told me watch out for. His life totally revolves around money and where to get his next supply. I have seen it made several times and been a part of the process but he never had. He has now gotten himself involved with some shaddy people and I worry about him. I have tried to talk to him about it several times but he just gets angry so I have stopped trying. My point is, he is the one that told me from the begining to keep my use in the front of my mind at all times and to watch and remember what it does to people that loose track of it. I even let him control my use until recently when it got to the point that I had to stop trusting his judgement because his habits changed so much. I kept it there but he did not.
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    Dec 31, 2004
    my first experience (and only was so far) was a couple of weeks back , round a friends house.

    it was about midnight , and i was tired and about to go home. There was 4 of us , just sitting round chatting. Two of them were sharing a gram of whatthey were told was speed base andyou wernt ment to snort it , but they were anyway. I was offered a line , and as i was tired i said ok. I racked myself up a nice line , about 3 inches long and 0.5 cm wide. It burnt going up , but then i noticed a change.

    I suddenly had alot of energy , and needed to chat. Over the next 3 hours I had more lines , I think 4-5. Ciggaretes tasted great. I started rushing all over in tingles. It was like being on E but without the love.

    It came to about 4:00 and we went to another friends house to meet pilled up friends comming back from a club. we sat in there for quite a long time trying to get a weed , but eventully we did. I had a fair amount on a few spliffs in the back garden , then went inside feeling no different. But as I got into the room my eyes started going crazy. I started seeing patterns on everything , patterns in the air rushing towards me , the background of the room going 2D and flashing lights like at a club spinning around me. I started to feel quite wierd and felt alot of anxietywhile beingvery very stoned and energetic at the same time.

    We left shortly after and I got home and I wasstill feeling totaly wreaked so I sat in my house for a hour before falling asleep. I had no comedown ( wierd ) , I got up at 10:00 the next day feeling fine. Overall a positive experience , apart from the feelings of anxiety.
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    Jan 18, 2005
    i remember one excitingexperience a friend and i had was with adderall. a few years back i had a Rx for 30 mg adderalls every thirty days. at first i took them exactly as i was supposed to. but it didn't take long for me to start abusing them.

    one night we began taking them at about 6 pm. by 8 pm we had probably hadtwo and a half pills each (roughly 75 milligrams). at that point i started to feel the obvious feelings that one would expect- mild euphoria and exhilaration. at that point we just put an exciting dvd on the tube and started taking bong rips.

    iknowby the end of the binge we had about eight pills left. that meansthat each of us had approximately 11 pills over a 24 hour period (30 mg each). i know i was up at 7 pm the next night and that was about the time we quit eating them (but i didn't actuallygo to bed till much later). so, in essence, we were up actually eating the pills for about 24 hours.

    at the peak of the high (probably at 8 or so in the morning), i felt like i was rolling. it was an awesome feeling and it is really hard to describe. i realizethat this seems like a huge amount to take, but when you take them every day and abuse them it is really easy for the body to build up a tolerance.oh, and we never snorted them... we always ingested them.

    i am clean of any type of speed or stimulants now. i have been for almost seven months. i also quit smoking cigarettes (although i smokedlike a chimney while in addies) i really screwed myself upwith adderall and cocaine for awhile back when i was in college. adderalls are the best thing in the world if youcan take them asprescribed. but if you abuse them, they are the worst thing that you can doto yourbody.i am not a nuerologist, but i can say that they adderall and cocanie really screwed up my head for a while.

    adderall was given to me to help me with my school work.but i can say with most certainty that my grades never improved untili got clean and stopped taking all that stuff. i am not trying to condescend anybody on here but rather, i am simply sharing my experience so that others mayrealize that they maybearen't doing it i got the Rx for adderall in the first placewas by going to the doctor for depression and anxiety thatwasmost attributable tofootball weekends, keg beer, and cocaine. because i had a good gpa andwas at adecent school they assumed that i didn't have a problem. adderall only exacerbated that problem.

    i am notthe happiest person in the world.i've always had a drug problem with marijuana and alcohol ever since high school. i've alsoexperienced with x and lsd an manyprobably have, although that was many years ago. but the cocaine and adderallseem to have really changed me and made me miserable. it's like my mind wants the drugs but my bodycannoteven endure thethoughtof it. for the past year or so i have been miserable and depressed... but i force myself to stay clean. i wonder when this is going to end. i wonder whenthe next time will be that i runinto somebody that i used to assocaite with or "like" and actually be happy to see them and not just have to act. can theytell that i reallycould care less? can they tell that i am acting? it is like nothing could make me happy. i could get a porsche tomorrow and the most beautiful girl in the passenger seat and... don't get me wrong, i would enjoythehell out of it but i wouldn't be know? anyways, if anybody elsefeels like this, share away. i'll listen. Brian
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    Feb 6, 2005
    1st time on meth- Was smoking weed over at my girlfreinds house, and was very high. I noticed one of her freinds was talking my ass off, so I asked what the deal was, she pulled a small mirrored case out of her purse and measured me about 75-100mg of a crystal shard, smashed it into powder and I insufflated the line. I noticed that I wasn't high anymore and had extreme clarity of thought with loads of energy. I didn't sleep that night and was extremley tired atschool the next day.

    2nd time- Bought1g of crystal about 2 weeks after the first incedent. Insufflatedclose to 100mg lines about every3-4 hours until I had consumed the gram.

    1st day- (Morning)loads of energy, very talkative, feel very euphoric,great clarity of thought,went jogging forabout 8 miles at the track (drank 1/2 gallon of water during jog), normally go for 4-5miles a day.(Evening night) I know I shouldn't keep snorting lines, but I feel so good every time I do it that I don't want to stop. Stayed up all night pacing around myroom and talking to people on thephone & internet.

    2nd day-(morning) had to snort larger than normal line in order to stay away for school. My legs hurt like hell, and Im cramping in them. I consume taurine and potasium along with lots of water hoping it will help, it does. Theeuphoric feeling after dosage isvery muchdiminished,although cravingfor the crystal rises. Memory is playing tricks on me, can't seem to disinguish betweentoday and "yeasturday" (the word takes onnew meaning while staying awake, lol). Had to finish off my gram in order to stayawakefor work (5pm-9pm). Insuflated around 150-200mg.I notice people at work are looking at me funny and I become very self-concious (even though many coworkers are tweakers.), after work I can barely stayawake on the drive home. Idecide that licking the bag clean is a good idea. It has no effect and Iquickly fall asleep once home. Sleepduring all of school, very moody and find it hard to stay awake for very long.

    Thats pretty much it. That was about 4-5 months ago, Im supposed to be getting 2-3g pretty soon though, if it pulls through Ill report.
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    Feb 7, 2004
    Shooting crystal or crank feels better than being in love. It feels better than anything I've done in my life. It gets me higher than any other drug ever has. A little goes a long way. High quality crystal or crank rocks your ass in different ways.

    I'll mention cocaine, I believe the shit was from Columbia. Snorting it got me too high. Made me fucking loco. I'd be afraid to use it excessively ever again. Don't care for the people I used to do it with, either. I think 16 was just too young to do shit of that quality and use that amount. I got the short end of the stick in that situation. Unfortuneately, I didn't see then what I see now. I've done about 10 dollars of coke in the last 13 years. Edited by: manda
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    Jan 30, 2005
    responsible use for adhd:

    ritalin: I thought ritalin was not very effective and the side effects
    prompted me to quit taking it. The side effects included the
    folllowing: dry mouth, zombified, flu-like feelings (wanting to lay
    down, feeling 'icky'), not wanting to be around people (a.ka.:
    irritable), feeling like shit (did I mention that).

    adderal: i like adderal. i don't have the side effects and it helps
    stablize my head quite well. i can function properly for once. yeah.

    other stimulates:

    coke: i never liked coke. teeth grinding, funny feeling, anti-social. coke sucks

    meth: only a few times, due to the fact i never trusted it. meth always
    felt dirty to me when i did try it. yuck. get pharma-grade drugs if you

    coffee: nector of the gods, with half and half of course, fresh ground

    tea: the british are so neat!

    ephedirine or whatever that nasty shit is called should be avoided at all costs.

    if you are trying to get high, smoke pot: its not 'addictive'!
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    Feb 13, 2005
    Ritalin: I used to have a script for Concerta for my ADDa few years ago, but I was too scared to abuse it... my friend's brother tried every drug out there, and out of every (meth)amphetamine, methylphenidate's the only one he's still addicted to. He's almost died a couple of times because of it.

    Adderall: I like adderall. I've got a script for 20 and 30 mg pills, and when I really need to get something done, I'll swallow or snort a few. The average dose for me is about 40-70 mg. 40 mg is "let's go clean my room and do AP Calculus homework;" 70 mg is "finals week and I haven't studied and I slept through all ofmy classes." For some reason, I'm not addicted yet, which is probably because I onlytake a lot of them when I really think it's necessary... maybe once a month or so. I don't get the euphoria or anything -probably due to my ADD-, but then, that's what other drugs are for. Too much does tend to make me zombified, though... and there's always the tolerance factor.

    Coke: Never again. I ended up numb and sweating in a bathroom stall for about three hours- feeling the whole time like I'd just run a marathon.

    Ephedra: I couldn't feel it at all... seemed like a waste of money, but I'm probably just used tothe addies.
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    Jan 31, 2005
    My first experience with Adderall:</span>

    Dosage: </span>20 mg taken orally at approximately 9:30.

    Weight:</span> 130 lbs.

    General Feeling after experience:</span> Worn out/depressed.

    I start this off by saying that 20 mg is good for a first experience
    for a lightweight person like myself. Any more would prove to be a bit
    excessive, and not reccommemded unless you have much experience in the
    field of drugs.

    Well, i woke up and prepared to go to school. Just a normal morning,
    with the common tiredness. I was running late, so i didnt eat any
    breakfest. This probably enhanced the experience greatly. When i got to
    school, i saw my girlfriend, and remembered it was her birthday, but
    unfortunately, i forgot [​IMG].
    I said hello, and immediately proceeded to my first block class. On my
    way, a friend of mine stopped me and said he had my Adderall that i
    wanted, so he handed me a little bag with approximately 3 20mg adderall
    pills. I shoved them into my pocket and proceeded to first block.

    I made it on time, and went through my normal first block. (Math, what
    a boring class in the morning). Afterwords, i went to my locker, which
    was right in front of a water fountain. I decided to take one of these
    Adderall i had in my pocket, just to get through the Test i had to take
    3rd block. So i popped it in my mouth, took a swig of water and
    swallowed it and the pill hastily. I got my books and went to second
    block, where we were discussing the book "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's

    I admit, i was somewhat nervous about taking that pill... i would have
    to get in front of the class and explain my thoughts/views on the book,
    and was hoping i would get to go before the drug hit me. Well, i was
    next to last to go, and the Adderall hit me right in the middle of the
    class. So all of a sudden, my legs start shaking like im nervous or
    anxious. I felt good though, not hyper like i want to run all over the
    school with my clothes off, but a sort of energy like i wanted to share
    my knowledge and intelect (haha, i cant even spell that word) with all
    of the class. So when i got up to give my report, i wasnt nervous or
    scared, i actually did very well, and made my points in a clear and
    organized manor. This is how i would generally sum up an Adderall
    experience... by saying it makes you clearheaded and organized.

    After the block, my friend came up to me and asked if i was feeling
    allright (i am usually a not very social person when it comes to
    reports, and i clearly did differently then usual). I explained my
    situation and he laughed and walked away. Time for lunch. I felt it
    would be good to eat, considering i had nothing in my gut and i was
    running purely on amphetamine. So i got to lunch and sat with a bunch
    of my good friends and some of them asked about my adderall. I gave my
    friend a 20 mg tablet, and he ground it up inbetween 3 sticky notes and
    snorted it. Unfortunately, he was taking Ritalin at the time (he has
    ADD), so it had no effect on him... a waste of a pill. This made
    me sort of mad, considering i only had 3, and one was gone allready
    into my system. This left me with one 20mg pill.

    Time for my test. It was third block, and we were preparing for a test
    concerning the Industrial Revolution in America and Europe. I figured
    that i was going to do poorly, but once i started, i did everything
    systematically; writing every answer in a clear manor, double checking
    every answer, making sure i spelt everything correctly... very</span>
    unlike me. I feel that i did well (havnt gotten the reasults back), and
    realized that i would have done HORRIBLE if i didnt have the Adderall
    in my system. After the test, we were supposed to read, but i was busy

    I was sort of sad that i didnt buy my girlfriend anything for her
    birthday, so i was thinking about making it up to her by running up to
    her and giving her a hug immediately after third block. (her third
    block is next door to mine). Well third block ended, and i didnt hug
    her. The urge subsided, but i still wanted to be with her. Adderall
    seemed to have a loving effect on me... making me very understanding/
    compassionate to people, and making me just want to be with my
    girlfriend. Not in any sexual sense, just to be talking with her and
    maybe even holding her. But i didnt do any of this... i just talked to
    her for a minute and went to 4th block.

    4th block is my computer programming class. I figured this would be the
    best class for someone on a systematic trip of Adderall to experience.
    Unfortunately, i experience my come-down within the first 20 minutes of
    class. It started great, doing simple processes and making great
    progress on my project (we are making SNAKE on microsoft QBasic).

    When i started coming down, all the energy was being sucked out of me
    like a metaphorical syringe. It didnt feel to good, and my legs hurt
    from the energy i had. My vision was failing, and it was difficult to
    concentrate on the programming... i was typing things twice for no
    reason, missing important things. It wasnt good. I didnt feel like i
    was going to be sick or anything, i just lost all my good feeling and
    was beggining to get angry at that.

    So the rest of class wasnt much fun, and 5th block (it is only a 15
    minute block- just to finish up homework and stuff) wasnt much better.
    I just sat there being really bored. I had some energy left to try to
    talk to some people but they were busy with homework. It was like
    smoking a lot of weed is looking through a glass window at a banquet of
    food. Rather annoying.

    Well school ended and i was exhausted. I couldent drive home because my
    car was out of gas, so i had to ride the bus. On the bus, i sat in the
    back by myself thinking about the day and my adderall experience. I
    also thought about my girlfriend, and suddenly became very depressed
    when i realised that i hadnt even said "happy birthday" to her. I
    shouldent have been depressed for something as dumb as that, but my
    come down was being hard on me mentally. I was listening to THE WALL
    disc 2 by Pink Floyd and that wasnt helping either. All the songs were
    about being secluded and cut off from the rest of the world. I fell
    asleep shortly after.

    I got home and was pretty tired. I sat down, logged into drugs-forum
    and opened a drink. that is the conclusion to my story. I overall
    enjoyed this drug and am definately going to take it whenever i have to
    do stuff for school. I am not, however, going to start taking it
    recreationally. I feel that the after-effects are a little bit strong,
    but perhaps that is just because it was my first time.

    Overall Analysis:</span>
    Adderall, in my opinion, is a drug only to be taken by those who want
    relief from ADD symptoms or those who want the
    concentration/organization benefits without the bad side effects of
    pure amphetamine. If you want to tweek, take speed or meth. If your at
    school, take a low dose of adderall. Thats all.

    Thanks for reading... if you did. [​IMG]

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    Apr 3, 2005
    I used to smoke meth regularly. I was "on one" for about 2
    months. You go through stages with it. Luckilly i looked at it as
    more of an experimental thing. The first couple times you do
    meth it is amazing. Theres nothing like it. Before i ever
    touched meth i was high off pot for about a year prior to that.
    Pot isnt really a drug. I believe one can smoke pot all day every
    day and it does effect you but not like anything else. I smoked
    meth every morning, every noon thirty time, every afternoon
    every night for about 2 months, every day. I went through about
    a gram a day. Hittin the pickle, the pookie, the glass oil burner.
    You basically become a slave to it. It was living hell, but it was
    fun though. I learned alot about myself and about people.
    Drugs change people, when done responsibly, they can be
    awesome but if out of hand watch out now.
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    Mar 24, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    When i was in grade school something like half the kids in my school
    were prescribed some sort of stimulant for ADD or ADHD. Adderrall was
    easy to come by, and very cheap.

    I had a friend who was prescribed adderall 30mg, which i beleive is the
    biggest instant release tablet you can get. We used to eat, them, snort
    them, parachute them, anythin to get a buzz. It made me very talkative
    and imaginative. i would develop complex schemes to make money or make
    plans for the future. We'd discuss politics, religion, anything you
    could think of. Going on hikes was great, climbing trees or fences,
    sometimes reading, a lot of things could be fun when under the
    influence of this stuff.

    Before experimenting with Adderall i never felt 'shivers' or 'tingles'
    traverse my spine as i heard other people (non-drug users included)
    talk about. But when i was on it i had these feelings, it was very
    pleasant. This effect has carried over to my sober life and now, when i
    am happy, i feel tingles on my spine and sometimes my scalp, albeit to
    a lesser extent.

    I Swallowed a 30mg pill before taking the ACT. It was about 8am. I
    started feeling the effects after about 15 minutes. when i got to the
    school i waited in line, talked to a few people and then got my test
    and sat down. I breezed through all the sections except the math. I've
    never been particularly good at math. With the amphetamine in me,
    though, i could concentrate closely and i'm pretty sure i got the first
    40 questions right. The only problem was that the drug made my
    attention span much longer and caused me to spend a long time on each
    problem. I had to guess at the final 20 questions with only seconds to
    spare, so i did poorly.

    I was done at about 11:00am and drove home. My mom told me my eyes
    looked really clear and i had a hard time eating lunch. The effects
    stayed with me until about 8 at night. As the hours went by i felt the
    euphoria and stimulation in waves rather than as a constant stream. and
    slowly the crests of the waves got shorter and the troughs got longer
    until i was solidly coming down. The come down causes me to be
    irritable and restless, tired but can't sleep, bored but not
    moptivated to do anything entertaining, etc.

    I can't remember what i did with the rest of my day but i think i got to sleep that night at a reasonable hour.
  18. afroh

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    Jan 18, 2005
    from U.K.
    I’ve had too many good speed (Amphetamine) experiences to be able to remember the best one to write but I can remember all of my first speed experience. I had been staying at a friend’s house through the week as her parents were away. It was about <?:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:smarttags" /><ST1:TIME Hour="20" Minute="0">8:00pm</ST1:TIME> ish and I had run out of cigarettes and made my way to the shop that is about 5 mins away. When I got to the shop I noticed a group of about 6 people in the door way all looking in my direction. (Great, just what you need on a X pill comedown) then from no where a mate who I hadn't seen in ages jumped me from behind. He had been to his dealers (usually a weed dealer) house and got an ounce of Base. He invited me back to his for some lines or bombs. I hadn't tried speed before but from the look of my mate (totally FUCKED) I thought definitely. I remember the smell more than was almost a fruity lemon smell (I get the same feeling of anticipation from this smell as Ido from good weed)and it was really moist, we had to sort the lines out and then sort them out again as it was too clumpy the first time. We had about 3/4 of the Ounce between 4 of us and I was out of it all night. I had work the next morning and made it feeling great. The time between my mate’s house and mine was spent talking to myself and I fell asleep at work a few times but it was one of the best "first times" with drugs I have ever had.I slept until the next morning after I got back from work but I never felt a mental come down from it the first time, just a want to do more.

    [​IMG](lots more)[​IMG]

    *AfroH*<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><?:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><O:p></O:p><O:p></O:p>

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  19. Unsolved

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    Apr 5, 2005
    I remember my first time with adderall, if that counts. It's dextro-amphetamine so.

    Anyways I was 20 years old and my friend asked me if I had ever tried it. I said no and he called his source for pills of adderal. After picking them up, he was sad to say that they were time released which don't work as well in his opinion. We had to crush up all the little balls. I ended up taking 20mg sufflated and 20mg orally. That was all I took that night and that's all I needed. I was flying the whole night and got no sleep.

    It took about 10 minutes to notice the effects begining and about an hour to feel full effect. I remember feeling a coked up feeling and rush of dopamine going through my body. It was definetly a good night, I was playing this game on my Sega Cd called Tomcat Alley. I was doing way better then I ever done on this game. I thought it was amazing. The rest of the night we spent thinking about crazy idea's. I noticed the more we thought about stuff the higher we got. The night eneded at 3am when I started coming down and thought I could go to sleep. Ha, yeah right I got to sleep at 8pm the next day. Definetly a good experince but the come down was pretty harsh. Mainly because of the lack of sleep.
  20. wann

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    Feb 27, 2005
    from The Netherlands
    I'll just post my first good experience here...

    how much you took, how you took it(ingested, smoked, injected, etc) & the duration of the effects. Thanks.

    I don't really know how much milligrams were in there, what I took was
    equivalent to about two pills (which of course doesn't say much either).

    I layed up the powder on a mirror and rolled a little tube.. then I
    proceeded to insufflate the powder. The burd was relatively mild and it
    took me about 2 minutes to insufflate everything.

    After that I cleaned up my mess and then I proceeded to walk down to
    the living room. I'd forgotten something so I went upstairs again.
    About 25 minutes after I had taken it, I walked downstairs again and
    while walking on the stairs it suddenly hit me nice and hard. Walking
    down, I felt like I didn't move up or down at all, I only felt as if I
    was floating.

    When I came downstairs, I sat down and turned on the TV. There was a
    movie on which I'd probably not enjoyed normally, but I liked watching
    it and I felt connected to the characters. I was really into the movie
    and it sucked when it was done.

    About 90 minutes after taking the stuff it was doing it's job even
    better, my skin felt all tingly and a little bit numb to pain. I was
    unbelievably energetic and I went outside for a walk. Walking was
    suddenly one of the greatest things I could have ever done, and before
    I knew it I had walked for about an hour or 2 during which I had
    chatted with various people I know. This was about 3,5 hours after
    taking the amphetamines. I felt the effects becoming somewhat weaker
    but I knew I wasn't done yet.

    I made a random visit to a friend and we had some fun. About 5 hours
    after I took the amphs I was coming down pretty hard and I got very
    tired very soon. At that moment I regretted not having taken any extra
    with me. I was too fucked however to go back home to get some.

    Good times.