Amphetamine psychosis

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    Sep 16, 2006
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    I believe he has been in a state of psychosis for the past month or two. Since he realized what was happening to him was mostly due to speed he has got a grip on everything and thinks he's almost over it. I was literally insane. (Delusional thinking, extreme paranoia. ect) It was like some weird entity that demanded a rule or reason for everything I did. He took a sober break for about a week and has come to understand more about amphetamine pyshosis but still wishes to use - Is there anything SWIM can do whilehigh and sober to prevent it from happening again? (like a reality-check or some type of reminder that he's having abnormal thoughts) He will take sober-breaks more often but what else can he do to stay sharp?
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    If you must get high, don't smoke so should know your limits by now, so try not to excede them. Your sober breaks sound like a really good idea. What's that they always say about moderation? :)
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    As amphetamine psychosis is known as being clinically indistinguishable from paranoid schizophrenia, SWIM may have had a very valuble experience - albiet a freaky one. In that I have returned from the land of nuts, I have had a potentially useful insight into how a psychotic mind functions. This can be looked upon as a rare gift that few get - and walk away from virtually uninjured.

    Other than that, tell SWIM to stay away from amphetamines as best as possible. I don't want a permenant address in Doctor Dippy's Retreat.
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    Apr 11, 2007
    I have been diagnosed with psychosis before ever taking drugs and drug have NOT made things worse for her. I use reality checks like taking to people they know are real, and asking them questions about what I am feeling. swim also tries to touch the things swim sees to make sure they are real. other than that swim suggests that I dont take amphetamines or weed (heard that it can cause or trigger pyschosis) or perhaps swim see a psychiatrist about it. just because swim sees a psychiatrist doesnt mean I am a nutcase.
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    amphetamine psychosis can be mistaken by a doctor/ psychiatrist as schizophrenia. this is because the similarities of both are incredibly similar.

    amphetamine psychosis is caused by chronic use of (duhh) amphetamines. however, there are a few exceptions to the name because it isnt just amphetamines that can cause this psychotis and psychotic symptoms/ behaviors. the cause can also be from cocaine (not amphetamine) and many other different types of stimulants. so the proper name would be "stimulant psychosis"

    The psychosis part of the name is a word used by professionals in the psychology field basically describing someones state of mind. being in a psychosis in general (not everybody shares the same symptoms) means being lost from reallity. because of chronic use of amphetamines and other powerful stimulants that would cause brain cells (neurons) to release neurotransmitters such as dopemine and serotonin, "leaving reallity" wouldnt be a hard task.

    amphetamine(stimulant) psychosis shares similarities to that of schizophrenia because of the problematic symptoms:
    1. auditory(hearing) hallucinations
    2. visual (seeing) halucinations
    3. delusions
    4. paranoia- paranoia can vary on different levels. altogether it sucks. because being paranoia is usually about swiys self, sometimes making You self-conscious or worried about himself. here is an example of extreme type of paranoia: feeling like You is being watched by the government and actualy fully beleiving it. now with paranoia on this level it would be a delusion. now just imagine--- add numbers 1 and 2 to the concoction and You will become a complete mental not only is You fully beleiving that the government is watching him but now he is seeing and hearing hallucinations of.... lets say, government agents in black cars staring at him.

    I was just thinking on a psychlogical level that possibly the type of paranoia may be based on something You is worried about hidden deep inside him/herself such as guilt, self-consciousness, possibly any type of social anxiety. the reasons could be endless.
    5. uncontrollable ticks- muscle spasms/ twitches and other involuntary movements.
    6. routine actions- like constant movement. example: constantly cleaning, washing dishes, going out to run errands, constant studying, relentless things that people that are sober or not in a state of psychosis would notice.
    7.delusional parasitosis- constant scratching on the skin because of feeling like there are parasites or bugs on swiys skin.

    one last cause of this psychosis will be because of lack of sleep. very simply You would lose sleep/have less sleep/ or not sleep at all because amphetamine and other stimulants will keep You awake. staying awake for days at a time even without stimulants one would notice a remarkable difference in behavior, actions, and reactions. Everyone reacts differently though.
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    Dec 11, 2004
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    SWIP is right about amphetamine psychosis and supressed guilt. Amphetamine psychosis is not real pychosis, however. It goes away quickly enough. If you stayed waske for days without amphetamines, your behaviour would be altered a lot.