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An intro to shrooms?

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe & Amanita)' started by frosti, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. frosti

    frosti Newbie

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    Jun 5, 2017
    19 y/o from New York, United States
    Hi I'm new here, let me give you a bit of basis of my background, in hopes of providing basically what state of mind I have, before preceding to my questions

    I'm 19, only drugs I've experienced is marijuana, and of course alcohol (just finished my freshman year college). I've had maybe two cigarettes at max (drunk both times) didn't really feel the difference and I don't plan to. I'm an inexperienced user.... in my terms, completely inexperienced compared to all the other drugs that exist. The first time I smoked I was 18, and I didn't really start smoking weed until these past 5 months. The drug has allowed me to expand my mind /consciousness to where I've now become more self-aware than ever. I notice the most discreet detail in everything about my reality, of course not to the point where I'm disregarding things in my day-to-day life, but improved the small things in it, one example like starting to workout. It's allowed me to recognize these issues that I actually developed over a long period of time, I spent these past 5-months, smoking like (3-5) times a week (.5-1G per sesh if I wanted to just be high), thinking about my whole entire life, and every nook and cranny inside my head, I've wrote these side notes about these thoughts to myself on my phone so I wouldn't forget these findings. I've even come to face these minor "skeletons in my closet" one of-course my own sexuality, I really did take the time to understand what has happened in my life, and why I am the way I am, and I feel incredibly better than I was a year ago, I feel more accepting of my issues, and was aware I could do something about them, compared to the time I didn't, before going to college.

    I have this need to describe any experience in explainable terms so even people who've been sober all their life could get a bit more understanding hence my interest in shrooms/lsd. For example, the way I explain what alcohol feels like, is like spinning one way to the point you get really dizzy, and when you stop, that dizzy feeling is similar to being drunk except maybe more intense and doesn't stop for a while. The way I explain weed, is like having 50 thoughts per-second, thoughts going by much faster than you could ever say them verbally, or "it's like you layout the WHOLE entire plot of some wicked long movie, understand why it was made that way, why directors chose those specific actors, why the coinciding music works, why the characters of that movie were the way they were and much more" all in the span of like 3-minutes, all in my head. I understand everyone's neurochemistry is different, which is why I've always thought to myself, that I experience marijuana so oddly different than other people.

    During these 5 months I've also realized that I've been day dreamer for practically the majority of my life. I'm naturally artistic (I've had high-drawings and they are wild). I've lived in 5 different states, and been to 7 different schools growing up, I've always kept to myself, I listened to music 90% of the time, like it was rare to catch me without an earbud in my ear. I've been on countless road trips, and I daydream while listening to music the whole time. Ofcourse growing up like this has an effect on social skill, and luckily I've been able to develop these skills through having to meet so many people from school to school (memorizing names sucked though).

    I also noticed I have a tendency to "bite more than I can chew" I've had my fair share of blackouts, and crazy hotboxes at college. I'm glad I'm more aware of that and act on that thought from time-to-time. I've become interested with the idea of what consciousness really is, I remember specific thoughts of what I was feeling all the way from being drunk, to a few times being high, the same sorta visual or thought about my consciousness. I've said to myself, maybe I don't really ever want to actually find that out, I believe that's the equivalent of finding out why I exist and the whole universal talk, and if I found that, their wouldn't be a point in living, but it's the journey of it that I want. I found how this sorta idea correlates back to my issues growing up without a father (not knowing who my father is), and also being adopted, so really all I've known is that I'm alive, I'm here, and I exist (can be taken both positively and negatively). This has allowed me to structure my life a bit more, I've accepted my flaws, even ones I couldn't control or do anything about initially, I have a dream I want to eventually bring into my reality. Maybe one day if God himself were to even show me what the meaning of my life was, no matter how simple, or absurd his answer is, or if he told me the that our universe exist to power some ridiculously small battery in another incomprehensible dimension (rick & morty episode reference) I would be I'd be okay with it (I mean what could I do about it?), even at the age of 19 I've accepted that one day I'm going to die, and I don't fear death as much like did before.

    My question with shrooms/lsd. Which should I try first? How much? I always try to be in a good mentality, sometimes I'll be by myself, and daydream to music for maybe 30mins to an hour which easily gets me in a good mood, which is another question, is a trip sitter really needed? I want to tell myself that I'm okay with breaking my reality if that's the experience some maybe most people get, but I only know what other people have experienced and documented, I don't really KNOW an hallucinogen, I want to know what I'm getting myself into, I'll research deeply about something before switching up my neurochemistry, and maybe a few years down the road I'll definitely try out DMT if all goes well. Would a mind like mine be too risky to try out the drug? Also can anyone describe the the tolerance? In as much detail as you can, thanks.
  2. OTCJ

    OTCJ Titanium Member

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    Feb 22, 2014
    from Nowhere in particular
    Welcome to DF, that is an interesting introduction.

    It sounds to me like you are in the very early stages of self discovery, exposure to drugs and have an interest in the alterations to perceptual reality that they can produce. My recommendation from the outset would be to go slow, be cautious and figure out why you are exploring and what you are hopping to gain from changing your frame of reference. Searching for answers without having formulated any sort of question in your mind can result in meandering, and can lead you in some odd, time wasting or downright scary directions.

    It sounds like you are a thoughtful person though, so I'm sure you'll figure it out, just keep in mind that people on DF are not likely going to tell you what you should take and how much you should take of certain drugs, because psychonautical exploration is a self-determined thing, and people on this site can only offer advice and perspective for you to consider...and then you will ultimately have to make the decisions for yourself.

    All that being said, if you are absolutely determined to move your way into hallucinogens' a.k.a psychedelics, mushrooms would most likely be your safest, least intense, most manageable introduction to this realm. Don't get me wrong, mushrooms will feel plenty intense for someone that has no experience with psychedelics, I just mean to say that it is best to learn to walk before you start running, and something like DMT or LSD will likely be very disorientating or overwhelming or incomprehensible if you haven't gotten your bearings about you yet. Also, LSD lasts for a really long time, so does mescaline containing cactus which, even at low doses, can feel like a serious long haul if you are inexperienced. DMT is short duration if vaporized, but most likely WAY too intense for a first foray into psychedelics.

    As for the "how much" question, you will get different answers from different people, but I tend to err on the side of caution and say start low. 1 gram will be about the intensity of weed in my opinion, with some visual distortions, color brightening etc. etc, and will give you a sense of what mushrooms and psychedelics in general will be like. 2 grams is in my opinion a good first timer dose because it will feel very distinct from weed and will involve more visual distortions, more color brightening than one gram, and a person will begin to have and some body sensation distortions, (i.e. feeling like body parts are different sizes a.k.a lilipution hallucinations), Auditory hallucinations/distortions and abstract thoughts that feel very profound, 3 grams to 3.5 grams is a typical dose, but will result in the full experiencing of mushrooms and makes you rather non-functional, so is best not done in public as it can result in strange interactions and lead to weird or bad trips in an inexperienced user.

    This is longer than i'd intended it, and you are going to do what your going to do, but I would recommend above all doing a bunch of reading and research first off. There is a lot of good stuff here on DF and you can read trip reports on sites like Erowid, but no one really captures the experience and "trip reports", unless really well written, can often times give you the wrong idea. A safe, conservative first experience would be something like 2g with some friends in a quiet setting with music and something entertaining to do where you won't get bothered by parents, random people, strangers and the like. This will give you a legit taste of what psychedelics have to offer while still remaining functional and will most likely not get to a point where you are overwhelmed.

    If you start low you can get your sea legs under you and don't run the risk of having that experience all too many people have where they take way too much on their first time, have a nightmarish experience and decide they will never touch the stuff again because "Its always like that". Psychedelics can be very beneficial and useful for exploration, so do yourself a favor and start low and progress slow so that you don't traumatize yourself early on with an overly strong experience you were not equipped to deal with.

    Good luck,
  3. Lodewijkp

    Lodewijkp Silver Member

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    Mar 3, 2011
    from The Netherlands
    Well don't be a stupid asshole and you are fine.

    So many people do stupid shit like inhaling solvents or glue, binging on mdpv or mephedrone. Just try natural stuff like mescaline and psilocybin and stick to those. Do research about everything and prepare everything ahead.

    Don't become a pothead or advocator of drugs those are the most anoying people ever. Psychedelics are medicinal just stay humble or you get humbled by them. Also realize that sometimes you don't need psychedelics to find something. It's not what you think or do during the trip, it is about how you internalize it and put that info in practice during daily life.

    Life is the doorway but psychedelics are nothing more than a extra doorhandle on that door.
  4. Theko

    Theko Silver Member

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    Mar 30, 2017
    from Riven
    Like OTCJ said I also think mushrooms is the best way to try out the world of psychedelics, you can control your own doses and start low and later if you want to you can increase it.
    LSD you can never be sure how much is in the tabs,

    I feel starting with Psilocybin enables you to get used to the feeling of a change in consciousness, it's not so much about getting used to visuals at first,
    the feeling of consciousness changing, because it's new feels odd, the majority of people when they first started taking Psilocybin will have felt that way.
    It is quite an uneasy feeling once it starts to take effect at first, so getting used to it with lower doses which you can do with mushrooms is a good way to start I think.

    It sounds to me from what you have written that you will likely get a lot out of the experiences,
    I think everyone likes to take psychedelics differently, some prefer to do them with other people, or one other person, others like to take them on their own.

    They way I feel about Psilocybin is because it's a natural substance, I liked to be outside in nature, like in a forest or on a beach, because the substance is linked to it, and it links you to it.
    (that will make sense) :)
    and taking the substance with close friends who had a similar interest and mind set about it as I did was beneficial for me in itself.

    Have a good trip