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    Warnning prolly gonna be long!!!

    Well ill start by saying this was about 2 months into starting dxm... i had been taking one bottle of 360ish mg dxm for awhile... then started to move up... so i took 450... one day... things seemed not much different but all good...

    The main story was the next day... A nice summer day blue skys and sunny... i woke up... (gonna estimate times here) took 450 cough gell form... with water... (empty stomach... ) then my friend picked me up to go get some people and hit up the local event that was going down... forgot what it was... so we get there and he is talking to them.. im sittin back and listening drinking some pepsi... we are there for about an hour... i decide to go to the car cause im starting to feel the effects... so i go and sit in the car... this is where is start to phase out... i remember one of my friends coming in saying something about ciggerates in the glove compartment... so i remember getting them and giving him a couple.. and he says not to tell my other friend.. then he leaves... and after about another hour my friend gets an and apologizes and we leave... we start to move and i phase out... then i remember... we got to another friends... and pick him up... then we go downtown to the event... i phase out again... then we get to the parking place...and we get it some how i get out but feel like im the walking dead... i experience the robo walk for the first time... everyone and everything has like an aurora around it... and without meaning to i start to walk away from my friends... and he asks me what im doing... and i just say yes that im ditching him or something... so he gets mad or something... im just trying to dodge the cars... everything is black... only thing is see in the blackness is my friends and cars... finally i just tell him i want to sit in the car cause... im really messed up he askes me what im on and i tell him... he didnt know that i did that stuff... but ya we go to play pool instead... we leave then a minute later we are at the pool hall.. my two friends play while i just sit at the table watching... after an hour or so.. we go to the event... were we just walk around and i just have to use all my will to watch them and not lose them... there were alot of people there... i was starting to come through... and after that i dont remember much except things clearing up and explaining to my friends... ya this was like a year ago so i dont remember all of it... hope u enjoyed my long boring story...

    I want to add that i was very red and had a bit of trouble breathing at moments... and was thirsty and my fugging friends would only give me water... which gives my dry mouth which they wouldnt believe me... lol... also i want to say that i know for sure that i dont consider this a bad trip...

    i still have not experienced a bad trip... i have kept track and can say that ive only had two bad moments... these moments werent overwhelming and really werent bad... and were short...

    the best way i could decribe those moments was when i felt detached from the earth like no one mattered and i could never reattach... a feeling that you could never describe... these are just words the feeling was so strong these words could never explain...

    a very strong dissassociating feeling... stronger than u can imagine unless on drugs... thinking of this makes me want to relive the moment... heh... maybe next time...
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    "the best way i could decribe those moments was when i felt detached
    from the earth like no one mattered and i could never reattach..."

    I experienced something like that during my last trip with 300 mg of
    cough gels. I felt like everything outside of my house was gone... I
    know it sounds weird, but I thought everything outside had been
    "erased". I felt like my life was now pointless because nothing would
    ever be the same.
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    ya... ever since i was little i still experience moments that life really is pointless... not just that thought but a really strong feeling...

    i mean really even if there is afterlife or anything u believe in... in the long run... sooooo... why does it matter... the only real thing i hope for is... whatever we experience after this life... hopefully i have an overwhelming feeling of comfort and content and happiness... that is the only way it would be good... even if i live another life... sooo... it would lead to nothing... anyways ill end it there...