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Experiences - Anyone have info on the suboxone generic- 155 / crescent moon white pills?

Discussion in 'Buprenorphine' started by TurboGolf, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. TurboGolf

    TurboGolf Newbie

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    Aug 26, 2010
    from Canada
    Sorry guys~ just searched suboxone generic and suboxone 155 and no info came up, tried a google search but it was all intertwined into talking about other things , my pet rhino has come across these instead of the film strips, and he needs the final touches to lower down to <.5mg subs to taper off, only thing available were these pills 155 on one side and a half crescent moon on the other side

    wondering if anyone has any experience with these or even know how to take them? or if they are even the real deal, any info would be appreciated , assuming they are 8mg and work by placing under the tongue? anyone know the taste or the content of which it is made up.. thanks again !
  2. ajohndc2

    ajohndc2 Newbie

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    May 4, 2011
    from U.S.A.
    I got the" Amneal" brand of the generic these were orange round, no spilit down middle. Pills.
  3. I_MISS_160s

    I_MISS_160s Titanium Member

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    Feb 26, 2012
    from New Hampshire, U.S.A.
    I had made a post about this very same thing. I will copy it here. Please exuse how I was writing, I was still new to posting and trying to be clever.

    Just ignore all of the " my kitty" bullshit. I was high.

    This is what I typed...

    Im not sure if I am posting this in the correct place but I would like to share a small trip report in regards to injecting the NEW generic Suboxone tablets marked with a funny looking half moon or a "D" and the numbers 155 on it. NOW I must say that it is IN NO WAY SAFE EVER EVER EVER EVER to inject any kind of pill BUT if you are like my kitty cat "Whiskers" you may think you have 9 LIVES and do it anyways. My kitty knows these dangers but is also well aware of the "less is more" deal with bupe and due to finacial reasons choses against my protest this particular ROA. Suboxone is also a HORRIBLY addixtive drug and the less the daily dosage she uses the better she feels.

    Now when my little whisker paws wants to keep PAWS (haha pun intended) at bay, she uses somewhere around .25 suboxone pill Iv'd each day. She does this with NEW rigs with an alcohol soaked work station and when lil kittys finances permit a wheel filter. This does NOT in any way make it safe just a bit safer in a harm reduction point of view.

    So here is what happened with the new GENERIC SUBOXONE..

    T+000 Crush a small piece(apx .5mg) of the new tablet in steril spoon, add 60 units distilled water and mixed with the plunger. (DO NOT COOK) (NEVER EVER COOK YOUR PILLS) Kitty couldn't afford any wheel filters today so she sucked up the disolved solution thru a cutip cotton. Then sqirted the solution into another sterile spoon and refiltered the same way. She then tied off, found an ol faithful vein, swabbed with an alcohol pad, stuck, registered and injected. Kitty DOES NOT re-apply alcohol after the shot as she believes this helps not leave tracks. (kitty traks haha)

    As with Suboxone there was no immediate rush

    T+5:00- Kitty does not feel any ill effects, in fact kitty feels more euphoria than she is used to coming on. This makes whiskers WHISKERS rise in surprise.

    T+15:00- Kitty is full of euphoria and energy. she is happy and content when before she was in mild kitty withdrawal.

    T+60:00 - Kitty is now typing this report and still has a moderate amount of euphoria. Even more than at the 15min interval and it feels (she meowed to me) as the euphoria is still rising...

    So in conclusion as of thus far is that injecting the new Suboxone Generics seemed to work even better for kitty then the previous. They did not gel up or any shady business like that. Its funny because the person that my kitty gets them from said that her Dr told her that this new formulation was designed to keep people from cooking and shooting. She also said that these pills were a combinaton of Subutex and Suboxone. hahahaha well i guess thats true in a sense but so ludacris in so many ways.

    I made that post sometime ago, so be gentle on how ridiculous it sounds.... I also started a thread about this just liuke you have a few months ago, but I never got any responses except something really clever.. It said, "I might be put on those someday, I'll let you know" It was such a good post that it was almost instantly removed by a moderator.

    Anyway, to this day now, I prefer the new Generic Suboxone. For people with any ROA of this drug, it lacks a lot of that classic horrid orange pledge taste. I also find it to be better in effect. That is most likely a placebo, but who knows how much of quality RB was making those stop signs. That is a company not to be trusted anyway. But that is off topic and a discussion for a different time.

    If the pills are from a legitimate pharmacy then yes they are the real deal. You would take them just like you would take a regular Suboxone. Under the tongue. =Again, they have a much more mild, not so in your face, orange taste. Those of us who have been on the "stop signs" (original brand name Suboxone tablets) long enough know how bad that taste can get after a while.


  4. assassoid

    assassoid Silver Member

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    Jun 20, 2012
    from U.S.A.
    I have a little of both as my pharmacy completely screwed my Rx up and gave me some extra.. I can't really tell a difference other than the Actavis dissolve faster.The Anmeal brand have a thickening agent ( as best described ) that seems to gum it up a bit once it's wet & under your tongue. I suspect it's a deterrent to nasal use as they are not as tootable as the Actavis are ( white round, half moon, 155 )

    My Gerbal is going to wait to make sure the pharmacy didn't call my doc about "being cool" and slipping me 14 extra before he calls it a real win.