Purity - Are These Truffles Still Okay to Eat?

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    Hi peeps

    So my dlg ordered some magic truffles from a known website. They were vacum sealed when arrived and i have kept them in the fridgefor the last 6 months. A few days ago i noticed one of them had got some air in and saw dampness inside. As u can see in the image below.

    Still ok to consume?

    Thanks guys

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    Re: Are these truffles still ok to eat?

    Hey bro It's hard to tell from the pic because of the bags reflection. If you could take a few more and upload them it will be better. :)

    I have no experience with magic truffles, what are they exactly? Sorry, I could look it up I know but meh haha.

    I'd be careful though. 6 months is a long time for yuckies to build up.

    My advice is to smell the good bag first and then smell the one that got the moisture inside and see if it smells of rot. If it does then I would definitely not eat. I am no expert and have no idea if it is safe or not to but maybe it's only partly rotten and some is still ok. Like I said be careful though.

    You may just have to cut your losses. Sucks if so but it's not the end of the world and beats getting sick and dying, lol.

    I hope you have a great trip and wish you all the best!

    Peace! :)
    1. 3/5,
      You know nothing about truffles yet warn about dying from it?
      May 15, 2016
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    Re: Are these truffles still ok to eat?

    If truffles are getting dark, soft & snotty, wet then its just like any other edible mushroom past expiry date. Bacteria grows and this can give you food poisoning.
    It's indeed hard to see in these bags. The color seems light, so its probably alright. The moist is likely condense from warming up.
    But you cant know for sure until you open up the bags, and sort out the truffles. See if any of them are snotty when you push on them. Throw out dark ones.