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    Feb 9, 2005
    My cousin got me this drink called Formula 420 body clean cause I was broke and couldnt get my usual drink.I look at the active ingrediants and it's just creatine monohydrate and Riboflavin(B12) the directions say drink lots and lots of water for 2 days before the test then no more than 16 oz every 2 hours before the test.To me this sounds like the drink does nothing but give ur urine color and creatine. If I'm right what the hell is up with limiting fluid intake the day of the test, I would think to flood ur system with water then take the drink and pray!!!PLEASE HELP TEST TOMMOROW
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    Most of the body cleaners contain creatine and b12. But not only that. Add citric acid to your water, drink a lot and hope to pass. Do not limit your fluid intake.
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    Drinks like that will contain diretics (sp) that make you piss a lot. When you take that drink (i know from experience) you will pee quite often. If you have some time before your test (ie a few days) i'd suggest staying clean for a week or longer, and then drinking a gallon of cranberry juice the night before and that drink the next day. Also 5-8 glasses of water every day couldnt hurt.

    Water will cause your piss to be clear, and the ph and creatine levels to be low. That is why the drink has b12 (colored urine), cretine (so levels stay normal) and ph is the same.

    I personally have not had good results with this product. When i took this drink i followed the directions to a T, and i still pissed a 64ng/ml and a positive. The rebate that they claim is 400% (or something like that), is a pain to get. Getting your drug results expecially when you are on probation, it looks fishy. Best of luck

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    Don't limit your intake. Drink like hell!

    And if you havent already, read the link I PM'd you. Great info...

    /Hell...didnt check the post date. Oh did it go?

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