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Drug info - Average cocaine purity

Discussion in 'Cocaine & Crack' started by OC Head, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. OC Head

    OC Head Silver Member

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    Mar 7, 2010
    Swim knows that the purity of powder cocaine varies from dealer to dealer. But swim wants to know, what is the average amount of cocaine in a gram?

    Swim has heard that 100% cocaine will kill a person if insufflated, is that true?
  2. Cooki

    Cooki Gold Member

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    Aug 11, 2009
    Hey swiOC Head,

    I have a feeling this is an unanswerable question, as it obviously varies greatly as swiy says, dealer to dealer, country to country, batch to batch, but...

    There are lots of news articles on Drugs-Forum about police and customs seizures of cocaine, and the purity levels they discover. Recently, a study showed that nearly a third of all cocaine seized by the police in the UK was less than 9% pure! (From: BBC News UK: World Cocaine market 'in retreat'). If you search the tags for 'cocaine purity' or 'cocaine quality' there's lot to read through!

    Anyway, there's an existing thread that deals with this question really well: Purity: Average Cocaine Quality?

    Oh...and 'what is the dose for pure cocaine?' gives LD100/50 (Lethal Dose levels) for cocaine, and discusses whether one would die if snorting pure cocaine.:)



  3. Joe_Pinko

    Joe_Pinko Silver Member

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    Jun 15, 2007
    There is a product on the market (Please don't ask for a source!) called EZ Test White, which reports to allow a user to test cocaine for purity. SWIM has never used it.

    Cocaine is cut at many, if not all, dealing levels in order to increase profit. SWIM would gestimate that most cocaine sold at the gram level is 10-20% pure. The rest being caffeine, impurities from improper manufacture, baking soda, lidocaine, and many other white powders (some inert, some active).

    SWIM is an occasional user with no tolerance. SWIM can feel an insufflated 10mg line of pure cocaine HCl.

    SWIY would do well to read up on cocaine purification. LeJunk's acetone wash (a sticky at the top of this forum) is an excellent starting point.
  4. FUBAR


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    Feb 24, 2010
    In West Yorkshire on average its 20.6% police source crack is much lower at 15%
  5. DrGonzo

    DrGonzo Silver Member

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    Mar 30, 2007
    In AZ/TX/NM (southwest USA) SWIY can usually expect 65% - 85% purity for low-ish prices; and 90+ is definitely available to those with thick wallets. That's because a bunch of Mexican cartels use these states as major trafficking hubs...

    As SWIY gets further north and east into the U.S., quality declines and prices rise. That's because it's going through more and more people, and hence getting cut beyond recognition.

    Cheers Southwesterners! TX/AZ/NM = 1 or 2 degrees of separation from the importers, baby.

    Necesitan aprender Espanol, porque todos los inmigrantes ilegales tienen tíos en las carteles

  6. roid


    Reputation Points:
    Jan 7, 2007
    only benz or lid in most examples seen recently
    uk media is full of shit .there has to be coke in coke
    to have a coke epidemic ,we have a lidocaine epidemic
  7. Benga

    Benga Platinum Member & Advisor

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    Aug 15, 2005
    please post references (no hotlinks to governmental sites please) to back up figures posted or this thread will be classified as guesswork word of mouth lore and closed

  8. silentsoul

    silentsoul Silver Member

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    Nov 25, 2009
    Let's sum it up with this. At per gram levels, SWIY won't get much quality. Let's say that you bump it up to 3.5g levels and SWIY has a lot more options. You see SWIM years ago would purchase 3.5g's on a somewhat regular basis. Each time is was a couple small rocks and mostly powder which in the world of coke, means lots of cut. SWIM's most recent 3.5g's was well a bit more than he bargained for. Not only was it pretty much weighed out right (it was like 3.2-3.3g worth of powder and some crack to go with it) which was a surprise in and of itself. However what the bag contained was top level, three large compressed rocks with just a little bit of powder.

    The point of all this, if you're looking for purity, save your money. Buy two things, 1) 3.5g minimum and 2) LOTS of equipment to purify it via the acetone wash that's available at the top of the main cocaine and crack page. Too lazy to post a link right now.

    Here's SWIM's opinion, you buy a gram of even the best looking coke and you're not gonna want to loose any from washing it. However, once you pour out the whole 3.5g's and get it into a nice smooth powder you'll realize that you've got a good bit to work with. Just look at what you've got and you'll soon give into the idea of washing it. Or at least some of it. Good way to limit use too. Buy 3.5g's and wash half of it. It'll take a while for it to be ready anyway. Now let's admit, ~1.25g is usually enough to get your fix. Surely you'll want more but the thought that you'll have another batch ready soon should sooth you. Do you're nightly routine, and try to get some sleep. You'll sleep like a baby knowing that the next day you'll have access to some of the best coke you've ever done. Not to mention it'll be waaaaay better than anything you can find on the street.

    The simple fact is, it all depends on a couple things 1) location (closer to the coast or neighboring border = the fewer hands it goes through therefore the better the quality), 2) who you know (it's not like you can stand on the side of the road with a sign asking for coke), 3) Amount (look at it like a business deal, you buy a pack of gum, no matter what the profit margin, the seller isn't going to make much. However, if you buy a much more expensive item, and if you're lucky, got a good location, and a good dealer, and you will very likely end up with more bang for your buck so to speak)

    Simple answer to the OP's question, UTFSE and you'll find threads trying to answer this. Other than that, SWIM thinks it depends on the three things above. However, for most of us, having all or any of those are hard. SWIM's suggestion is to perfect the acetone wash procedure. Much cleaner product and therefore arguably more safe of a product.
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