Experiences - Bad Trips on Dextromethorphan

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    Everything started when my friend and me decided to get messed up. Of course drug of choice was DXM. I’ve used it before. Three days before this trip I had 354mg and it was pleasant and enjoyable experience. Second time I decoded to take twice as much (708mg). So we went to store SWIM bought 3 packs of CCC’s (even after my stories that it’s very bad for you). I bought 2 bottles of Robitussium Maximum Strength. I downed one bottle at 9pm (I also had a beer before). Afterwards me and I smoked pot and went to the Hannaford. I also messed up with a car doing 360’s, 90’s sharp turns and stuff like that. When we came home it was about 10:30 and I didn’t notice any effects so I downed the second bottle of DMX So we watched some odd movie about killers and at about 11pm I felt like my body was moving sideways even when I sat still. It soon disappeared and I decided that I didn’t have enough stuff. So I took about 10 or twelve CCC’s.
    All of a sudden I felt indescribable feeling in my head like somebody was squeezing it with the pliers. I lost control of time and might blacked out. When I tried to think I couldn’t. When I tried to speak I had trouble communicating with SWIM (he was fucked up as well). When I tried to walk my legs felt like thousand tons and I walked like zombie. I had to support myself by leaning on the walls. I tried to drink water but it was impossible. When I managed to back to the living room I started to hallucinate. The vacuum cleaner standing near the recliner appeared to be a small girl, trying to kill me. All so the sudden room was full of people, my friends and strangers. I told them to go away. They didn’t. That’s when I became pissed off. I became furious. I started to punch sofa I was sitting on. I screamed. It felt like my soul was escaping my body. Like it was ripping me apart. My buddy tried to calm me down, but he had little success because he also couldn’t move.
    I had a feeling that I was dying. I didn’t care at that time. I thought that my parent and friend will understand. I kept asking SWIM, where we will live or not. I wanted to call 911, but I was unable to do so. I started to walk towards kitchen to take the phone and call an ambulance, but halfway through I felt and couldn’t move. My body seemed paralyzed and I started trembling. That’s when I died, or at least thought so.
    I don’t remember much more, but somehow I managed to calm myself down (or may be I was too tired from strong mental experience) that I collapsed and felt asleep probably about 4am. I only slept until 6am, because SWIM’s dad woke me up by cooking something. I steel had trouble walking and was seeing double but at least I was thinking clearly.
    I did not vomit or have nausea but in the morning a had severely headache and upset stomach. I had a horrible trip and do not recommend DXM to anyone in large doses. I will stay from it for at least a month and might try DXM again. I had a bad trip due to my inexperience with drugs at high doses, so I did not know what to except and how to take it so I freaked out.I stayed at SWIM’s house until 11am and drove home partially impaired.
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    Earlier today I took 20 robitussin cough gels, which is 300 mg of DXM.
    I'm pretty sure I'm done more than this when I was tripping on cough

    But I had a bad trip. I think.

    At 3:00 p.m. today, I downed a bottle of robitussin cough gels. I
    didn't eat anything until 6:00 p.m. the day before, so my stomach was
    as empty as empty can be. Well last time I tripped off these cough
    gels, they took three whole hours to kick in. This time I was surprised
    as I started feeling it after only an hour. I sat on the couch watching
    the matrix for about 15 minutes, then got up to get a coke. I got up,
    took a few steps, fell on my knees and said "I am tripping too hard"
    and that's... just about all I remember at that time.

    Then all I remember is... well I was sitting on the couch. I was
    definitely getting some halucinations. The roof was gone and the sun
    was shining in the house. And my house had mushrooms everywhere. Then I
    remember picking something up... I don't know what it was but it was
    white and looked like a tooth brush and said "ha-lu-cin-a-tion". Then I
    remember sitting on my knees in the kitchen with my mom (she was my
    trip sitter), while I laughed at her because she had two small heads
    and looked absolutely ridiculous. Then I was slowing walking back into
    the living room while saying "DXM fairy" and thinking "I'm am not doing
    this, something is taking control of me, it's not my fault". Then all
    of a sudden, I was 100 times smaller and I was driving my little
    sister's barbie van through the living room (not in real life). I
    thought it was a hippie van and I was driving around and there were
    mushrooms everywhere. I finally got back to the couch.

    When I started to at least become a LITTLE bit sober, yet still
    trippin' my ass off... I remember my mom giving me a glass of water and
    a hotdog. I took a drink from the water, but forgot how to drink so I
    made my lips go all big and successfully swallowed. Then I took a bite
    out of the hotdog and chewed it for a long ass time and said "How long
    do I have to chew it?!", then I finally swallowed it, but I forgot how
    to swallow food and started choking, then took a drink from my water.

    During the end of the trip (the only part I can remember besides the
    crazy dream like sequences of my living room having mushrooms
    everywhere), I was basically retarded. I mean I couldn't even swallow
    food. I started worrying, thinking I was going to be retarded for the
    rest of my life.

    Then at about 5:45, I remember sitting at the kitchen table. This whole
    trip seemed just like a dream. Then I realized it wasn't a dream and
    thought "ohhh shit". Then I remember sitting on the couch again...
    asking my mom "What the fuck is going on? What happened? What did I do?
    What did I say?" and she kept answering "Nothing you were fine". Then
    through the next hour, my memory is vague but it's like I was sleeping
    and kept waking up, each time asking my mom the same questions as

    And during the whole trip, most of my body was literally numb,
    especially my mouth. That's part of the reason I couldn't swallow food,
    is because I couldn't feel it. My lips were especially numb. And I kept
    pinching my arms because they were numb.

    Anyway, during the end of the trip, I just wanted it to end, and it had
    some after effects (dizzyness) that lasted for about three hours.
    That's kind of what made it a bad trip. I couldn't remember what
    happened, my mom was extremely annoyed for having to put up with me
    (even though I don't remember what I was doing... except giving her
    hugs and telling her I love her), and I was numb. The last time I did
    these gels, it took three hours to kick in and I was really hot during
    the trip. They don't have anything but DXM in them but they've gave me
    nothing but hell (and mushrooms in my living room [​IMG] ).

    Do you think this could have happened because my stomach was so empty?
    Maybe it was absorbed so fast that it put enough DXM in my bloodstream
    to push it up to a third plateau?

    Edit: one thing I forgot to mention... when I "woke up" from my "dream"
    (started becoming sober), I felt like my life had no where to go. I
    felt like pot was now a dissapointment. I also remember during the trip
    that I started to think deeply about the point of life and kept saying
    "I'm going to die in 60 years". And towards the end of the trip when I
    was worrying about being stupid for the rest of my life, I kept
    thinking that my life would now be pointless. And also, I was tripping
    so hard, that I thought I was going to die from DXM overdose (though my
    mom kept reminding me that I only had 300 mg and that's not a lot).

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    It was only a bad trip because I didn't expect it. This makes me think
    though... if how much food you have in your stomach affects the trip so
    much, then I guess the mg/kg plateau ratios must not mean a whole lot
    for what plateau you're tripping on. Or maybe it's just the gels. I've
    taken cough syrup on an empty stomach (at a higher dose than the gels,
    also), which you would think is faster and stronger since your stomach
    doesn't have to dissolve the gelatin first, but it wasn't as intense as

    If this is what a third plateau is like, then I think I'll stick to a
    second plateau. I always get a fun, controllable high that has really
    nice after effects. I don't even know how to desribe the after effects
    I usually get... my limbs are lighter and it's "easier to move".

    One thing I just remembered I did... was pull my shorts up as high as
    they go and spun around in a circle. I asked my mom if I did this or if
    I just halucinated it and she said I really did it. How embarassing. [​IMG]
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