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    Feb 3, 2005
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    After readingthis document from the Nation Toxicology Program, AF-C65F9A912520D893, I am interested in trying BDO (1,4-Butanediol) but have found very few trip reports on erowid. If you would like to share your experiences regarding BDO, please post them here. Please include somewhere in your post your dose and approx. weight along with the strongest quality of the drug in your opinion i.e. stoning, euphoric, drunkin, erotic, ect.

    I should also mention that I have never experienced GHB or GBL, so please describe the effects of BDO rather than compairing them to GHB or GBL.
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    Feb 15, 2005
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    BDO is far more addicting then gbl or ghb because of its longer half life.
    It also seems to be more damaging to the body. I used it when it was sold
    as a supplement back in the late 90s and had horribal withdrawls when I
    decided to stop taking it after a few months. I was using it only at night,
    some times 2 or 3 times during the night, but never during the day.I was
    up to around 5-7ml a night at the end. When I stopped I didnt sleep, and
    had a 3 day anxiety attack, that was only stopped by my doc perscribing

    As far as effects it is not ghb, more like gbl, ie it has a ruffer edge, but
    some might like that.
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    Feb 8, 2005
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    I never use drugs often and long enough to get withdrawl symtoms. I only know that I like the effect of BDO a lot more then GHB or GBL. I always take about 3-4 ml the first hit and after an hour orso 2 ml xtra. GREAT sexdrug and great party drug![​IMG]
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    Jan 25, 2005
    If its anything like G,which I assume it is since it metabolizes slowly into GHB in-vitro.

    Its like all the positive aspects of alcohol without the downside,there is no hangover either.

    You're optimistic,your mood is elevated,inhibitions lowered but not in
    a dangerous way like alcohol,its also quite an aphrodisiac.

    Of course this assumes you get the dosage right,I highly recommend you
    experiement with these drugs first in a setting where if you pass out
    you won't wake up in the emergency room like home,once you know your
    tolerance try to stay under it.

    Most people get in trouble with these substances because they try to
    get "drunk" on them and thats too close to a dose that will put you
    into an uncomunicative sleep.
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    Feb 1, 2005
    What is the legality of BDO in the states?
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    This report is from 9 years ago. Please search this forum to find liver and kidney toxicity data.
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    Mar 21, 2005
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    I have seem this question a million times over the years...BDOcan be toxic...SWIM prefers GHB/GBL but I have taken gallons of BDOwith no ill side effects so far...

    My advise is to stay away from G in any form as I have a full blownaddiction to hard to quit when u have easy access to it...

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    Dec 23, 2004
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    14B - lasts much longer than GHB or GBL (2-4 hours) taste is chemical but does not taste as bad as GBL. Tastes awful with OJ, even mixing with water tastes better, but a flavoured chaser is most definitely needed. bottle needs to be shaken before use, not doing so will result in some doses being very strong and some very weak. If it crystalizes put it in hot water cupboard or somewhere warm, it will return to liquid within minutes if put next to a heater or fireplace. Very nice buzz, almost identical to GBL apart from the duration and taste. Get the full on munchies. If too much is taken and one passes out, unconsciousness lasts longer than GBL. (This of course is not recommended!) Do not use in the company of people you do not trust. Other Effects: can make you sweat a lot,lose inhibitions, increase in sex drive, talk too much and don't listen enough, make a mess fo home/kitchen/wardrobe, fun to dance or sing on. Do not drive. do not mix with alcohol or benzos. Nice with amphetamine, although this can be a dangerous mix for some, I find it extremely pleasurable, but sticking to low doses of both is a must.

    Well thats about all SWIM can think of right now, it has been a long time since SWIM last had 14B/GBL/GHB, info provided is based on SWIM's own experience with 14B so may differ to others.:crazy
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