Being Fucked Up At Raves

Discussion in 'Ecstasy & MDMA' started by Guest, May 9, 2005.

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    I've noticed that most people who go to raves find it as aplace to get high. That's kool and all, but if you have to be fucked up to enjoy a rave then your really not there for the music. Don't get me wrong, I think it's fun to be fucked up at a rave, but all these idiots who think they got to be fucked up to enjoy Tekno music is bullshit. Lately I've just been going there sober and still having as much fun as if I was fucked up. No I probably wont go to every Rave sober, but if someone absolutly needs drugs to have fun, then they're just a boring ass person.

  2. whitespider

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    May 3, 2005
    Or a scared-to-be-themselves- person.
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    Jan 24, 2005
    well, you do know that the heavy bass riffs enhances the E quite a bit.
    Also, you become some much more relaxed that you are enjoying
    everyone's company, so I think it is very natural for E & raves to
    go together. Plus, I know I can't dance for 8 hours without a little
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    Nov 10, 2004
    Fair points [​IMG]

    What I dont understand is the "cant dance for 8 hours without a little
    help" thing. SWIM never run's out of energy, irrespective of
    boshed-ness. If the music is decent, SWIM cant NOT dance for 8
    hours. [​IMG]

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    Aug 10, 2004
    8 hours? you pussies!

    I've managed 24 hours solid raving on 11 gurners, it was fuckin great, I just felt pretty raped for the next week.

    I love the way pills go with music, they really seem to enhance it for me, Drum and Bass is my favoured genre.

    I reccomend that next time any of you lot eat a gurner, you have some nice DnB goin on, you won't regret it.
  6. sands of time

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    Nov 4, 2003
    I don't like rave music without alittle something to loosen me up...
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    Feb 2, 2005
    from ireland
    Of course people aren't there just for the music. If you wanted to listen to music, you could stay at home.

    Ironic that you posted this in the ecstasy forum.
  8. IvoryQueen

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    Jan 31, 2005
    35 y/o
    I don't go for the music.

    I personally don't like techno music that much and the only way I can put up with it for hours is with a little chemical enhancement! I'm personally more of a fan of funky house :)
  9. fuzzymofo

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    Mar 16, 2005
    I think most people go to raves for a number of reasons and not any single one. The friendlyness of the people there, the ability to be yourself, the music, the drugs, the PLUR.

    And if your going to be fucked up somewhere, a rave is a great place to be.

    For the record there is no way I could only dance for 8 hours withoutsomesort of stimulant. (well not since I turned 18 and that was some time ago.)

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    May 13, 2005
    raves have been a magical experience for me and my friends; i guess it just comes down to what you came there for. sure there are your sober ravers, but most of the people did come there to get fucked up. I can say it is fun sober, hell i've even met families that goto these events together;but it is truely magical and an almost religous like experience for some.also, a seemingly good experience could turn out to be a horrible near death experience depending on what kind of drugs you took on accident because you didn't know what was in them. I always see the careless people overdose there and it makes me a little sick to my stomach at times. Me and my friends will stick to drinking since it is legal and saferhere. Peace.
  11. billyloner

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    Jan 10, 2005
    36 y/o

    me neither. ive been clubbing a few times with nothing more than a couple of bottles of beer. i can dance for 10hours sober id say.

    however, that doesnt mean id rather dance for 10hours sober. it always feels like theres something missing, e and techno / house / whatever go so well together. i usually end the night fucked up, but start totally sober. go out maybe 11, drop about 12-1ish, and have a couple, end up fucked by 6, and its great. that way i experience all the best points (i try and drop my pills around the dj i most wish to see) - and there really is nothing like getting fucked at a good dance event [​IMG]