Binge use of Ketamine

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    I have been a binge K user for about 18 months since first discovering it and recognizing it as his drug of choice. Usually he'll get a supply (10 - 20 10ml bottles,) schedule a week off from everything and shoot K (90% of shots are IM, 10% IV near the end) until it's gone. After 18 months it's time to type up some info.

    - Binging on K in this manner is a waste of K. I believe K can be truly enjoyed up to 3 times per day with ample time in between. Back to back shots are much less effective. "Bumping," or doing another shot following the first is almost certainly a waste.

    - SWIM averages 3 bottles per day when in full swing.

    - After day 2, the effects are much less powerful. After day 3 or 4, they're almost indiscernible from shot to shot. I am high, but doesn't feel anything in particular from one individual shot. He can walk, talk and function fairly normally, unlike days 1 & 2.

    - On days 6 and 7, I have IM'd 400 units of K and literally felt no higher.

    - IV K at 100 units would probably render most any normal person unconscious in 10 - 20 seconds. On day 6 or 7 it's noticeable, but there's no unconsciousness.

    - Several times after such a binge, I will get moderate to intense, lingering stomach pains that last up to three days. Dr. Karl Jansen refers to these as K-pains in his book and says they are a mystery. They can be very painful (up to 8.5/10 pain scale and they last a long time.)

    - I find it helpful to have downers around for coming down. His brain always wants more, but if he eats a good downer/sleeping pill, that sometimes wins out and he gets some sleep. This is much healthier than going round the clock.

    - I have tried documenting every shot in a log book in hopes of slowing down. The log book is interesting, but it didn't slow him down.

    - If You uses in a similar manner, try to only bring home what You plans to use. A short delay between running out and going to get more can make a world of difference. Sometimes whatever's there will get done.

    - Put your phone away. Hide it. Answering a phone or sending a "really important" txt msg can cause a lot of grief for both sender and receiver in some circumstances.

    I may add to this list. That's all for now.

    Interested to hear from any people who have knowledge of K binge use, what types of dosages/schedules are being seen?


    - Beltane