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Black vs. White Heroin

Discussion in 'Heroin' started by a dying nurse, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. a dying nurse

    a dying nurse Newbie

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    Apr 6, 2004
    hello all...........long time caller, first time listener.

    which...in your collective wisdom is better for a solid smoke?

    black or white?
  2. rachamim18

    rachamim18 Silver Member

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    Sep 7, 2004
    Neither,the best is the only one that is made for exactly that purpose:#3 heroin,almost always brown but sometimes[very rarely]grey and if you ever make it to Bangkok you might also find in pink or red.You see,heroin has an approximate melting point of 346 degreescelsius.By the time you heat it enough to actually produce smoke the heroin begins to rapidly decompose.With #3,as much as 40% caffeine is added.Caffeine has a melting point of about 100 degrees celsius which means that when caffeine is present in almost equal amounts to the heroin it will help the heroin vaporize at amuch lower tempature and prevent the accelerated decomposition.Therefore,with less heroin decomposing,you have that much more to inhale and enjoy.

    Additionally,#3 has various flavoring agents such as quinine[to give it the taste that is associated with heroin]and strychnine[which mimics the taste of Asian pharmaceutical tablets[no longer produced]that used to be used for smoking-thus imparting some of the latters cache.Finally,alot of #3 has varying amounts of phenobarbitone,a tranquilizer that potentiates the smokers high.The barbitone is what causes some brands [like White Pearl in Hong Kong]to have the mentioned grey color.Usually the grey brands are only found in Hong kong,Macao,and adjacent areas.

    White heroin,whether or not its Asian#4,Colombian,the rarer S.W.Asian white,or the very rare Mexican white do not have any additives to help it ignite prior to its melting point.Therefore smoking it would be a lost cause.

    Mexican black tar is another area altogether...While nothing is specifically added that renders it acceptable for smoking,it is not produced in the same manner as the other illicit varieties already mentioned.Tar is simply heroin made with only 2 of the usual 4 or 5 steps.The intermediate steps are omitted so that instead of converting[purified]opium to morphine base and then to morphine hcl.,and then acetylating the morphine hcl.to produce heroin base[or hcl.as the case warrants]...one very simply acetylates the purified opium,producing a raw[but sometimes very powerful]heroin base.This process preserves the original nature of the opium gum,leaving significant plant matter[along with other garbage]that will melt at much lower temps than the white.The consistency of the tar is what decides the appropriateness for smoking.I have always found it to be worthwhile.