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Discussion in 'Alcohol' started by jay kun, May 16, 2007.

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    May 16, 2007
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    Bourbon is SWIM'S weapon of choice.

    I am a 23yr old male, in a well paid job, typing on a $2000 laptop living in his parents house with no partner or dependants.

    I wait anxiously for his life-long friend to come home from service in Afghanistan. When the friend does come home, they have a bourbon drinking session along with anime and catchup chat, like they have done for three years now. SWIM rapidly notices that his friend gets drunk fast and calls the evening to an end. What's wrong? After all, I have been drinking in his absence - at least a full bottle of bourbon a week for three years, over the weekend.

    Let's clarify. I have drank 70cl of 40% Bourbon over two days for three years. That's a bottle of whiskey every weekend, only at weekends.

    Later that week, I feel anxious and angry for no apparent reason, as per usual - at least once a week, I feel bitter and unsocialable for no reason whatsoever other than plans had changed, or that things hadn't gone his way. SWIM drinks a bottle of bourbon for comfort - the warmth works.

    SWIM can now consume an entire 70cl bottle of whiskey to himself with no obvious effects other than an ache in his lower back (kidneys?) and a feeling of guilt.

    I have no-one to talk to about these things.

    I am worried that he is heading for organ failure.

    I need help.
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    Jan 24, 2007
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    You should definitely try to avoid drinking that amount of alcohol in a week...and especially in that habit (same thing for three years).

    You should try to take it down a notch. Because at this rate, there is a decent chance for certain organs failing (liver is one You should be pretty concerened with).

    Depending on how bad You needs the bourbon (since You has been using it for so long, it seems that You needs it), You should take steps to drink less and less.

    Maybe only 35cl per weekend, to start with. You has already made it clear that he is noticing some bad side effects. It's a definite red flag when those start coming along. SWIM personally thinks that You should lay off the Bourbon as much as You can.

    A drink every once in a while is ok (in fact, good for you?). But that kind of binging every weekend is very dangerous.

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    May 10, 2005
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    Simply exercise a bit of self-control. Polishing off a bottle of bourbon over a weekend isn't necessarily full-blown alcoholism, it just isn't the healthiest of pursuits. Perhaps you should cut back or maybe switch to something lighter like a few beers for a change.
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    May 8, 2007
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    Hey swiJK! I am alot like you, in the sense that he usually kills a bottle of liquor in about three days. Only I use opiates with it. I was concerned about the alcohol as well as the amount of apap (paracetamol) that he was taking as well. Try milk thistle as well as licorice root and dandelion. They are good for the liver purportedly. Swim also drinks copious amounts of water as well as taking my multivitamins and b complex. don't get swim wrong. He now uses the CWE method for removing paracetamol and usually sticks to things with very little apap in them like 10 mg percs or more preferably morphine or dilaudid. These vitamins and herbs should help you out a lot. And if all else fails just don't drink as much, even though its not as fun. Or maybe just change your DOC (drug of choice) for awile to give the old liver a break....;)
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    Nov 19, 2006
    are you puking blood yet? thats what i started doing. beer wouldnt even get me drunk. id drink it like it was water. jack danials was my good friend and i would visit him often...till the bottle was gone. if the store was still open id go get some beer or another bottle and drink till i passed out (often in my tub) i started puking blood. i didnt think much of it at first but after a few different times i started to think i might need to lay off. i still binge drink (that is when i drink i tend to drink ALOT) but i dont drink that often anymore. a few times a year maybe. the 2 day (yes 2 day) hangovers i now get are not worth the enjoyment of drinking for me so i dont do it often.
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    Mar 9, 2007
    SWIM can relate to your tale of woe, including the worry about the damage the booze is doing to one's organs. It doesn't sound like you've gone too far to be able to ease off a bit - You isn't drinking daily, but it is a very slipepry slope. Try cutting back, or finding alternative ways to unwind ;o) because we all need to unwind after a hard week. Think hard about what this is probably doing to you's body. Cirrhosis, pancreatis, and other horrors are becoming increasingly common among younger age groups.
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    May 12, 2006
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    SWIM also feels for you.... while at collage but before he was 18 I would be able to with a friend put away 1.5liters of vodka split between 3 occasions over a week as well as other drinking in between. Very quickly SWIM and co found that they would no longer be drunk as they knew but just more talkative... luckily those days are past and I live a much healthier (in some ways) life.

    I would suggest if You just taking a break for a while -my tolerance to alcohol has never got back to the level it was at in those days but he was still able to drink all his uni pals under the table without any fear of vomit, but since the easter vacation, where just by chance I was T Total his tolerance has taken a massive change, SWIM set himself up with a 70cl bottle of bourbon a few weeks back and expected to almost finish it, but didn't even get through a third and only found that out upon waking up (he must have passed out).... A break of 3-4 weeks if You can do it will I am confident make a world of difference

    there are a few things You didn't mention in their post that would interest SWIM... Does You drink his whiskey from the glass or do it as shots, and if drinking , how fast? perhaps altering how You consumes it may have an effect on how it effects You automatically causing You to drink less... other than that change brand, or plan something before yous normal drinking time, like walk around the block, ring a friend or relative, go buy an ice cream from the store... just something to encroach into the time that would usually be used for drinking.

    The best of luck to you.... knowing how SWIM is with alcohol he feels it is only a matter of time before he finds he has a problem and will be facing having to quit, my just glad it ain't happened yet
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    Aug 20, 2004
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    It's good that you are telling us about your problem. It's the first step. :)