Culture - brief history of ketamine.

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    this information has been taken from the mixmag (uk's leading dance, music and club culture magazine) big drugs survey. they do this every year taking the info from there readers, it is used by clubbers, reserchers, lawers lawmakers and policymakers every where.

    a breif history of ketamine, the most sideways moments of lsd's odd cousin....

    1962, ket is invented at parke-davis laboratories as a replacement for pcp. used on humans and animals as an anaesthetic. use on adults soon drops due to hallusinations.

    1965-1973, during the vietnam war, ket is the battlefiled anaesthetic of choice for us troops. a life saver, it allows surgery to be carried out quickly.

    1972, inventor of the floatation tank, john lilly publishes a book on his use of ket. also a dolphin resercher, he wrote to president ford, warning "only the dolphins can save us now"

    1979, heiress marcia moore writes about it in journeys into the bright world. in 1981, her skeleton is found in the woods, up a tree. she'd injected herself and frozen to death.

    1990's, use exsplodes alongside the rave scene in the erly half of the decade when it's found in pills being sold as e. by the late 90s, ket has conquered the london gay club scene. (swim and friends helped this along as part of a group of club kids going to the infamous after hours club trade)

    late 90s - early 00s, ket creeps into uk straight scene through (among others) the hard house scene (swim and friends helped hear to when london gay clubs stoped playing hard house we moved to straight clubs aking k with us) use continues to rise in other music scenes.

    2006, january 1st, already a schedule 3 controlled substance in the us (i.e. only on perscription and understood to lead to psychological dependance), ket is reclassified in the uk as a class c drug, (along with cannabis, steroids, benzo's) previously not classifide there for not controled or soures traceable.