Butane Extraction

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    Jun 3, 2005
    I made such a nice little device for butane extraction of oil. I got a pvc section and some screw-on end caps that make everything lovely. I got a half ounce of schwiggles and a couple cans of butane. 1 collibri and 1 neon (which is equal inquality but Neon isWAY better because its like 1.50 per can as opposed to 4.30 for collibri, and the can is like four times as large. I don't have exact amounts of each can, or pictures of this whole thing, but I will soon. So everything went just as well as it could have gone, all the oil is just chillin in a glass, and its gunky sticky icky shit. I love it. I haven't added 190proof+ because it was sunday and in this state we can't buy alcohol from a liqour store on sundays. I didn't need the 190 proof, because I meanthe goo ishard to manage but it works out well. I can getit out with a safety pin, but eventuallyitwill be a thin layer all over the glass. If I add the 190 proof, will it just get that stucky shit out of the glass and into.. something else I decide to put it in? I don't want to buy some everclear unless it's going to help me out a lot.
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    Good first-hand report on butane extraction.
    I'ld be interested in reading more such reports on
    this and other topics as well.

    It's good to know.