BZP + TFMPP realy like XTC

Discussion in 'Research Chemicals' started by nikonikad, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. nikonikad

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    Aug 7, 2004
    from sweden
    I tried few times up to 250mg BZP, and i can realy say it is only a better Coffein a bit better then Ephedrin, not more.

    I read if 150 BZP is combined with with 90mg TFMPP, it should be realy like E, but i can not believe it.

    Has anybody tried the stuff.
  2. Gareth

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    Oct 28, 2004
    Hell yes. It's rampant here in NZ where the rave scene is just picking
    up (new zealand). They go by many marketed names (charge/rapture etc),
    being BZP based and TFMPP based respectively. Do a search for party
    pills or for these names in new zealand for more information. They are
    still classed as legal here (but we don't know for how much longer).

    I can honestly say I've had some amazing nights with the stuff. Taking
    enough (250-500mg BZP, maybe 250mg or more if you like trippy strobe
    lights ;] TFMPP, hey, its not like this stuff is as potent as a class A
    drug), is enough to produce many of the same sensations. TFMPP: Senses
    are distorted in a VERY similar way, colours and lights become brighter
    (pupils widen). Objects more interesting. BZP: I liken this to legal
    speed. It gives you the rush, engergy and tingly feeling in sufficient

    These still aren't as popular because the 'serotonin, luved up' effect
    is absent. Try to imagine a slightly different E feeling, minus the 'at
    peace' feeling. Many inhibitions are gone, confidence is way up, you're
    probably able to act more like yourself than E, but that one feeling
    that everyone strives for in ecstacy is missing. Don't get me wrong
    though, these still provide for a GREAT night in the right
    circumstances, and you know you aren't frying your brain or carrying
    around a jail sentence in your pocket. Many of my friends have said
    they've had BETTER nights with these than on E. It really comes down to
    personal choice, how you feel at the time and the setting.

    One recommendation: SETTING. The first time I tried some of these I was
    watching a movie (only took a pill containing TFMPP). I just got a
    slightly weirded out effect. Sort of a novelty, but nothing I would do
    again. When you INCREASE the dose, COMBINE it with BZP, and GO TO
    SOMEWHERE WITH LOUD MUSIC AND COOL LIGHTS you will have a good time.

    The other difference with our party pills in NZ is that they combine
    these drugs with a host of other amino acids. It provides for a shorter
    lived and stronger high. Many of the more experienced clubbers still
    choose pure BZP and TFMPP over these pills however, so I can't say
    either is better.

    Be warned: THIS IS NOT ECSTACY. If you take it with the right
    experimental mind frame you'll have a good night, but the first time is
    probably just getting used to the difference. Also, many people feel
    TFMPP just makes them feel awkward (ironically the opposite of what E
    is supposed to do). Taking it with BZP should diminish or (normally)
    remove this effect but it does happen. TFMPP is for the sensations.

    Here we get to the worst part: The hangover. This can be worse than
    drinking 2 bottles of bourbon straight without eating or drinking water
    the night before. It's painful, so be warned. You won't sleep well on
    TFMPP. You may not sleep at all that night on BZP (thought many say
    it's all in the mind, this is a CNS stimulant). It's best if you can't
    sleep to 1) just spend the whole night out, 2) take the pills at 8/9pm
    and no more after the initial ones, or 3) accept no sleep and stay up
    and watch movies with some friends. It's dosage based, so you decide
    how you want to feel the next day. Unfortunately, these amazing
    feelings, when they wear off, give you the same E "I want another one
    right now" effect. They're much safer through, so feel free to take
    another pill or 3 every couple of hours if you want. The first rush is
    a sharp come-down, the second is longer, not so noticed, and if you
    take as many as I have on one night they all just mesh together and the
    effects last for a looong time (mostly the TFMPP is more noticeable).
    Eventually the 'rush' effect is what leaves you drained, but still
    unable to sleep.

    Drink plenty of water and have a sweet night! Oh yea, and you may
    notice that pissing is a little harder than normal. No, you don't have
    a problem with your prostate.
  3. Labrat

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    Nov 18, 2004
    You are absolutely right when not believing that BZP and TFMPP is like MDMA. It isn't, period! Don't buy that bullshit from anyone.
  4. NoWorldOrder

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    Feb 3, 2005
    from earth
    Hey Gareth, you said:

    "They go by many marketed names (charge/rapture etc), being BZP based and TFMPP based respectively"

    How much BZP is in one pill of Charge, and how much TFMPP is in one pill of Rapture? I am asking because I have the opportunity to buy 18 pills of each and I want to know how long that will last me if I combine the two pills for mamimum E like effect. By the way I am approx. 155lbs. I am also a hard head, so please include the dose for a beginner AND advanced user.
  5. Tony Blair

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    Nov 10, 2004
    Don't mix TFMPP, BZP and MDMA either.
  6. nozty

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    Dec 8, 2006
    30 y/o from philippines
    I have been mixing different blend of BZP and TFMPP and still cant get the right hit that you get from the commercial ones. swim knows that its nothing like MDMA and sometimes thinks that its a sad excuse for an alternative, but hey it gets swim dancing all night right, well only sometimes. and does anyone know what would happen if swim mixes some 5-htp with the BZP/TFMPP blend.
  7. sci

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    Jan 20, 2007
    from U.K.
    what is the difference of mode of action compared to E.. I takes it they both work on serotonin levels ...
  8. nozty

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    Dec 8, 2006
    30 y/o from philippines
    well I has compared it a lot of times and from my experience BZP/TFMPP blend still lacks that certain magic... there's more of an "empathy" feel in MDMA... the TFMPP just replicates it.. it doesnt come as close though... I think its the all time rush of it all...