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Can Cannabis Cause Abdominal Pain.

Discussion in 'Cannabis & Health' started by Tasty, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Tasty

    Tasty Newbie

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    May 14, 2009
    30 y/o Male
    well ill just get straight to the point, SWIM has been suffering sever abdominal pain for the past 2 months and doctors cannot find the cause ( and are less willing since SWIM told them of cannabis use )

    2 days ago SWIM's abdominal pain reached the highest level yet and caused severe vomiting for around 4 hours causing SWIM to start vomiting blood and was rushed to hospital. The doctor was not very helpful as they blamed everything on cannabis but did mention that it can cause abdominal pain. SWIM has never heard this before and is wondering if this is a possibility.

    SWIM background: used cannabis for around 3 years constantly and in the past year has drastically lowered the amount smoked since SWIM was no longer enjoying smoking a lot. SWIM is not addicted as they use cannabis purely for relaxation at night when watching movies and has stopped smoking cannabis since being told about it being a possibility for the pain.

    Type Smoked: SWIM has been smoking mostly soapbar hash ( pretty low quality hashish typical in scotland ) but smokes buds whenever possible.
    SWIM has never experienced bad effects from green but used to have headaches when smoking too much hashish.

    SWIM doesnt mind if he has to stop smoking if it is the cause of the pain, but would like to know from more experienced swimmers if it could be the cause of the pain as SWIM does not want to have to undergo surgery.

    thanks in advance
  2. acer0169

    acer0169 Silver Member

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    Aug 23, 2009
    Male from U.K.
    SWITasty.. for the love of god DO NOT smoke soap bar. The stuff that is in soap bar could cause fatality.

    A few of the known substances which have been added to soap bar are glue, toluene, benzene, plastic, tranquilizers, barbiturates, tar, bitumen, wax, rubber, boot polish, condensed milk powder, brick dust, sand and even excrement (yes, people add horse, human and dog shit into the mix).

    Smoking any of the above could cause MAJOR health problems. Internal bleeding and ruptures of the lung would be expected if you wanted my personal opinion.

    The smoking of marijuana is yet to be proven to cause any major harm to your body, but from knowing what goes into some of the soap bar hash in particular (SWIM has even seen these kinds of ingredients added with his own eyes) I wouldn't be surprised to learn that's what causing SWIY pain.

    SWIM suggests SWIY to stop smoking completely for at least 2 weeks and see if the pain etc continues. If it slowly gets better, I think SWIY has found their cause of pain.

    SWIY should try smoking pure bud or real hash after this time to see if it is marijuana causing the pain, or the added shit in soap bar.

    SWIM has personally never head of pain being caused by the use of marijuana, infact.. SWIM has heard nothing but the opposite for years and that pot helps pain relief tremendously well.

    I'm sorry for this post to be mainly ranting about soap bar quality, I'm sure you're very aware of what goes into it. I just wanted to get the point across that any one of the added chemicals and materials could cause serious health issues if smoked.

    SWIM would stay away from that stuff at all costs, for his health is more important than a cheap buzz. Hope this helps in some way anyway.

    To bluntly answer your question "Can Cannabis Cause Abdominal Pain?".. I would say no. But if the cannabis is mixed with anything to the level soap bar is.. the end result could not be determined or foreseen.
  3. missparkles

    missparkles Platinum Member & Advisor Donating Member

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    Jun 2, 2009
    Female from U.K.
    Sparkles agrees that swiy should lay off all dope for a while and see if it improves. If it does he may have found the answer. If this vomiting continues ask the doc to refer him to a specialist, vomiting blood isn't normal, and Sparkles has never heard of anyone getting these extreme symptoms from smoking cannabis.
    Doctors (in the UK) can be bastards with anyone who has been known to take any drugs, they see them as time wasters, self abusers, and as such they're not taken that seriously. Don't be put off by their attitude, if swiy is concerned always check it out.
    Take care.
  4. el burgo

    el burgo

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    Jun 25, 2009
    Smoke good pollen or homegrown - say no to soap bar mate

    el burgo added 20 Minutes and 29 Seconds later...

    SWIM used to smoke soap bar as a kid constantly and never felt abdominal pain - but that was then - now they fill pills sold as mdma with shit so god knows whats in soap bar
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2009
  5. anonuser30500

    anonuser30500 Titanium Member

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    May 9, 2009
    47 y/o Male from U.K.
    Never heard of abdominal pain with smoking cannabis/hash and so on but if its soap bar then its not even cannabis.

    Swim once made a drink out of soapbar. 2 grams thrown into boiling milk. It never dissolved. Just broke up into boulders. Hash ought to dissolve, leaving just the expected contaminants such as veg matter, bit of dirt and dust. Pure hash will have barely any contaminants. Soap bar IS a contaminant.

    Anyhow, Swim drank the grim tasting rubbish. Hash tastes bad but this tasted filthy. Swim was sorry he drank it but drink he did.

    Abdominal pain hit Swim 5 mins later, plus a headache and a general feeling of unease, physically and mentally. Swim would not pay £1 for a kilo. You could not extract the 1% or so THC due to other nasties that would need to have some complicated chemistry to purge them all. Swim would have to presume that 100 nasty chemicals were in there and set about taking them out, which is beyond Swims limited knowledge.

    Could not smoke enough of soap bar to hit Swims abs but Swim is sure it would likely hit the stomach and bring pounding headaches, sore throat and unease.

    As for cannabis, that would not cause ab pain unless your Swiy was of a nervous disposition and had a iffity stomach. Emotions are felt in the stomach. If your Swiy smokes good weed or hash and has pains, then likely as not it is nerves.

    Bear in mind cannabis is a mild mood altering drug. Mild for most but sometimes strong. In that situation it could be cannabis is just a trigger for a pre-existing condition.

    999 out of 1000 tokers who have smoked today will certainly be eating which proves that abdominal pains are rare.
  6. Tasty

    Tasty Newbie

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    May 14, 2009
    30 y/o Male
    firstly have to say thanks for the awesome replies :vibes:. SWIM knows that soap bar has been known to contain seriously bad stuff but was only worried about the fact SWIM may never be able to smoke again.SWIM has since smoked absolutely nothing since 14th of august and seems to be gradually be getting better.

    a few things mentioned make a good point for it being soap bar as the problem.
    these are interesting as SWIM ended up in the docs again on monday suffering a SEVERE panic attack with arms, throat and chest locking up. When SWIM was asked about taking any illegal drugs the doc was very concerned about coke, speed and ecstasy and had a hard time believing SWIM was not under the influence of something along these lines.SWIM has never had a panic attack before but has suffered from anxiety for years leading SWIM to believe there is something else at play since when smoking bud there was never any problems but soap bar sometimes caused some uneasy feelings.

    but yeah, i am very happy to hear that it shouldnt be cannabis, but just soap bar that has caused all this. but a little sad as its nigh on impossible for SWIM to get a hold of real hash or bud around here so wont be able to test out if SWIM can keep smoking any time soon :(.
  7. cocoabean

    cocoabean Silver Member

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    Apr 16, 2009
    28 y/o Male from U.S.A.
    yes i have had server nausea i cant get rid of and itchy skin when i get hot it ruined me ive stopped everything yet it hasnt gone away im actually concidering now its not the weed but i been poisioned with pesticides they spray on them which is a issue big 1 at that, levels of toxicity in my body is causing really nasty effects.

    it cant be anxiety for me if take a 1 mounth holiday plenty of money going back into education where is the anxiety and stress?

    i belive now many people having same problem is that there could be a hidden panademic or virus with heavy toxin thats going round maybe im wrong i hope so, ive been eating even healthy foods still nothing changing its actually getting me worried.