TEK - Can one make hash using vodka

Discussion in 'Hashish & BHO' started by vegoon, Jan 15, 2010.

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    May 19, 2009
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    I suppose people have made stodka before (stalks+vodka)
    But I was wondering, if one were to dave up keif, then put it in a small amount of vodka, evaporate off the vodka (THC dissolves in alcohol) would I be left with a high-quality hash?
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    May 9, 2009
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    Nobody would use vodka to make hash, mainly as its usually only 40% proof. Ideally you need a 100% proof pure alcohol.

    Stalks contain less resin than the leaf and buds and hash made from stalks would not be that good unless the stalks were just stalks from buds.
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    Apr 5, 2005
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    Vegoon, what you're describing is exactly what my good friend Billy Smarts once did. He was attempting to make Green Dragon (same as 'stodka') and after a few weeks of brewing the concoction he took it from his cupboard to begin experimenting. Unfortunately for Billy boy it tasted foul and was not as potent as the ole computer-net had lead him to believe it would be. He decided to put it over a very low heat source (no open flames due to flammability) and slowly evaporate until it was reduced to oil/tar. As noted by anonuser30500, "Ideally you need a 100% proof pure alcohol" but vodka can produce a smokable but crude oil.

    If you follow the link below you can read how he and others have turned oils into a hash like substance with pleasing results: https://drugs-forum.com/threads/113592
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    Feb 18, 2009
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    You would probably benefit by putting a fan across the top of the liquid.
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    Apr 5, 2005
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    Oh yeah, that one's certaily worth a mention, speeds the process along nicely. Billy didn't have a proper fan at the time so he just whipped up one of these: https://drugs-forum.com/growfaq/1261.htm
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    Nov 18, 2009
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    Swim put a 1/2 oz of very low grade weed in about 5 oz of vodka and let it sit for 5 months. Then strained out the weed and let the liquid evaporate, leaving a blackish/greenish goo, maybe 2 grams worth. It was surprisingly strong considering how poor the original product was, but not very cost effective. I could smoke or eat a piece about the size of a baby aspirin for very desirable effects. If I could afford it he would like to try a similar experiment with a much higher grade of herb.
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    Apr 28, 2009
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    Swim actually just started doing this, in fact he just got done making some today.

    THC/hash oil is really easy to make--

    -190 proof grain alcohol(Everclear works nicely)
    -However much weed, or kief You feels like using(swim always uses high-grade)
    -2 mason jars w/ lids(or simular glass container, mason jar is nice cuz it has a tight lid)
    -small saucepan
    -electric stove or hotplate(electric so You doesn't light themselves on fire)
    -cheesecloth(I use a piece of a white t-shirt)
    -small glass container with airtight lid and glass eyedropper**optional but recommended

    1. Break up weed as small as You can i one of the mason jars. A grinder helps here but if its dry enough crubling it into poweder between swiys fingers works wonders. Basically You wants it as finely ground as possible.
    2. Next fill the same mason jar with enough high-proof booze to cover the weed. Swim will usually double the height the weed fills the jar. Its better to have to much alcohol than to little as You will be reducing this anyways and You might as well make sure he gets all the THC out of his bud.
    3. Put lid on jar tightly and shake violently for a bit. The booze should go to a rich dark-green color or a lighter shade of green depending on what kind of bud You has i guess.
    4. Now leave the jar sit for 20-30 min shaking once and a while, I usually shakes it every fer minutes.
    5. Now take the cheesecloth(or t-shirt cutting if ur cheap like swim) and stick it over the opening in the other jar. Push down the middle with swiys finger to accommodate how ever much weed You put in. Use a rubberband or the outer ring of the lid if You has a two piece lid to secure the cloth.
    6. Pour the booze/weed mix through the cloth to separate the solids and liquids. The booze should now be an intense green color.
    7. You now has the option to throw away the solids or put them back in the mason jar and repeat steps 2-6. Swim usually takes the cloth and flips it so its upside down in the first mason jar then pours the booze through it to flush any THC and the rest of the weed back into the jar to repeat steps 2-6. Make sure You squeezes as much booze out of the solids as he can.
    8. Now take all the filtered green booze and pour it in the saucepan. Turn the hotplate or electric stove on low. You want just enough heat for the liquid to slightly bubble and be able to see the fumes coming off. An exhaust fan over the stove helps here. So does a fan if You can set one up to blow on the pan.
    9. Reduce the booze until it cannot hold all of the oil and You can see the sticky oil leaving residue in the pan. Remove it from heat.
    10. Pour swiys new THC/hash oil into whatever container You is going to keep it in. I use 30ml mini ketchup bottles as they work perfect.
    11. Pour very small amounts of grain alcohol over oil residue in the pan. Start VERY small and work swiys way up slowly. Use only as much is needed to dissolve the remaining oil and residue in the pan and pour this in with the other oil.

    It takes a bit to find the sweet spot of how much alcohol to leave in it so it is manageable to handle but still potent. To smoke it take a few drops out with the eyedropper if You has one or swiys finger or whatever and drop it in a vaporizer or on some tinfoil. If dropped on tinfoil cut the bottom off a waterbottle and suck the smoke through that as You heats it from the bottom with a lighter.

    This method produces excellent results with high quality bud. Hope this helps.
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    Sep 7, 2010
    from Canada
    You might as well make QWISO, or Quick Wash ISO. Instead of vodka you use ISO alcohol. It is much cheaper than vodka, plus it's 70% and higher. Making QWISO Hash is very simple, it goes like this.

    1. Put buds and leaves in a glass jar, preferably fresh, and store in the freezer overnight. You do not need to grind up the buds.

    2. Fill jar up with 70%+ ISO alcohol, let sit for 30 seconds, then shake the hell out of it for 30 seconds (it's called Quick Wash for a reason). Any longer and you will pull chlorophyl out of the buds, which makes it rougher and not as pure.

    3. Empty the jar through 2 mesh strainers with a coffee filter or two between, push on plant matter with a spoon to get all the alcohol out. Strain onto a glass pyrex dish, or any other glass baking dish. The larger the dish is the better, as it allows the alcohol to evaporate faster.

    4. Now all you have to do is wait overnight for the liquid to evaporate. Make sure it is completely evaporated before you scrape.

    5. Scrape it all up, the results should be a light brown/golden coloured, you can reuse the same bud over again, but doing so will result in lower quality hash.

    6. Toke that stuff man, you now have very good quality hash in your possession!

    You could also clean your grinder out the same way if you want. When you're grinder starts to stick just disassemble it, put it in a jar with ISO alcohol, let it soak in there for a few minutes (there is no chlorophyl to extract so it's okay.) then pour it straight into the dish, no need for filters.
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    Jun 29, 2011
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    I has found that graves grain alcohol is quite useful for this its cheap and relatively pure (95%)

    ringmasterdan added 12 Minutes and 36 Seconds later...

    another method of drying I like to use rather than boiling the alcohol off (which honestly scares the shit outta swim) is to buy a bag of epsome salts and cook them in an oven at 400 degrees F. This creates anhydrous magnesium sulphate which absorbs water and alcohol vapor out of the air now simply pour the alcohol/thc solution into a wide glass baking dish(to maximize surface area exposed therefore speeding up the process of evaporation) and pour enough epsome salt into a cooler big enough to fit the baking dish to cover the bottom and place the baking dish over top of the magnesium sulphate makesure You uses something to keep the baking dish elevated over magnesium sulphate and cleans the cooler before and after each use

    ringmasterdan added 3 Minutes and 14 Seconds later...

    one more thing swim suggests using some more grain alcohol to clean everything after each use a spray bottle and papertowels work wonders no use blaming a bad batch on poor cleaning habbits
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    Jan 1, 2010
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    but, to answer the OP question, YES
    I did it, based soley on this thread.
    after harvest, they dried flowers. before putting in jars to cure, they snipped ,most stems from the flowers, and these were dried more
    from a few fat-ass stalks to thin bud stems, a shitload were cut into pieces about 2-3" long, and stuffed into a 1 litre pellegrino bottle. regular ol store-brand 80 proof vodka was removed from freezer, poured thru funnel into the fully stuffed bottle. this was swished hard for about 60 seconds, and the bottle was inverted close to the evap dish, swim placed a couple fingers over the mouth of the bottle to stop any vegative matter, and poured.
    its killa. not quite as dank as other hash, and swims foaf told him that stems and stalks have some trichomes and other hair follicles that are fine,,,even goes thru screens in bubble bags(but I did same thing...experiment w bubblebags, works but long process to make sure bags dont get torn...thats off topic, tho)
    anyways, some of those follicles make it thru, so its like coca thats been cut with somethin inert. not going to hurt swiy, just makes it a bit less potent
    and the yield sucks. but it wasted an afternoon, answered a question, and, face it...useful knowledge
    note: upon getting the stalks from their spot, and cutting them up, there remained a couple grams of shake and trichomes on the countertop...yay...and this was added to his jar of clean-up shit(mostly nuglets and shake, from trimming,and other activities...and nugs that fall, with no way to identify. they go to the pile, too) which will recieve a couple cans of butane as punishment for straying from their sisters
    long-winded rambling, but hope this answers question