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Discussion in 'Drug combinations' started by bcubed, Apr 29, 2007.

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    Feb 26, 2007
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    Read this elsewhere on the 'net; the basic concept is that THC is relatively insoluable in water, but soluable in alcohol. The first step (steeping in water) is essentially to get rid of the stuff that would make your liquor taste like bong water...anyYou try this?

    Step 1: put 1/8 oz. bud in one of those things used to steep loose tea/coffee (a screen on a plunger that's pushed to the bottom of the container). Let it sit for three days; every day, push down the plunger, toss the liquid, and refill w/ water (dunno if distilled H2O or if chlorine will mess it up). Keep out of sunlight.

    Step 2: put the bud into a pint of 80 proof minimum liquor. Cap, shake daily, keep out of sunlight. After a week, strain out the solid material and dispose of the evidence. Enjoy your concotion, possibly in a dark bottle to keep the sunlight out.

    Sounds inefficient, but a discreet way to enjoy one's THC.
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    Re: THC-laden booze?

    Never heard of using water as the first step, always used volka or everclear to make swims tinctures. Works great for people who can't/won't smoke. Best to use a eyedropper to measure the doses out.
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    Re: THC-laden booze?

    swim's reluctant to try that as yes, you do need to measure your dose, but secondly it becomes hard to dose as with smoking the onset is rapid, so one knows exactly when one has too much. The only time I could reccomend
    tinctures is if the natural product (Morning glory seeds) contains nauseating and toxic chemicals, in which case a tincture that extracts the psychoactive is a safe, more comfortable way of consuming the product.

    However, if one wants to do chemistry for the challenge, then by all means do so. The added effort of carefully prepairing a drug will make it all the sweeter.