Cannabis use and epilepsy: what are the risks?

Discussion in 'Pharmacology' started by Alfa, Jun 5, 2008.

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    Does cannabis lower the seizure threshold in any way?
    i.e. is the consumption of cannabis risk free in regard to epilepsy?

    Please be so kind to dig into this.
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    I've dug a little, and the evidence on cannabis/marijuana is mixed.

    On the one hand cannabis is a traditional remedy for epilepsy and there are case reports of cannabis smoking needed for seizure control (as well as numerous anecdotal reports all over the web). There is some evidence though, that this is only the case for certain seizure types

    On the other hand, there is some evidence that various cannabinoids may reduce seizure threshold.

    I've uploaded some papers to the archive (irritatingly, I can no longer link directly to them, because of an Adobe update), just search for "epilepsy", and I've put a shout out in the Medline thread for some others which look interesting
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    Jun 7, 2007
    Doesn't know if anectodes could be useful but Boozer's step-father has partial lobe epilepsy since he's 15 because he had measles and his body temperature went over 42°C. He reported never having seizures for all the 3 years he was on weed. Almost all psychiatric medication excepted for carbamazepine didn't work on him, so until he tried it, he was smoking MJ and drinking instead of taking his meds. He also reported to boozer that it's when he lives emotions of great intensity that he has seizures, wheter good or bad.
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    I know of at least one person who could not smoke because pot caused her to suffer seizures.

    I know for a fact that in some people who are paralyzed through spinal cord injury, it will cause hypotension and spasticity, but this does not apply to all. Some SCI actually claim that it REDUCES spasticity.

    It makes you wonder if people might be affected more on an individual basis (perhaps by the particular neuropathways the drug takes) instead of having a more common reaction.