Combinations - "Chill Juice" SWIM's prep for opiate w/d's...

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    I am forced into a situation where he has to withdraw from kratom over the next few days (thanks to the U.S. post office screwing up bigtime, "Undeliverable As Addressed" to a perfectly good address :mad: ), so he made some "chill juice" to help the situation. Here are the ingredients.

    (1) One 3mg Lunesta tablet (blue)... Substitute Zopiclone. I don't trust mixing Ambien with other things, so probably a good idea not to.
    (2) 2.5mg clonazepam tablets.
    (3) 50mg Lyrica (pregabalin)

    To prepare:

    * Mix beakers/containers, preferably glass
    * Filter (coffee filter will do)
    * Pill crusher/grinder
    * Glass stirring rod
    * Evaporation plate
    * Razor blade or scraper

    (A) Crush the clonazepam tablets and dissolve them in acetone. Stir for a minute or two, then filter the acetone onto an evaporation plate. Evaporate. Scrape up clonazepam crystals, add to mix beaker. Note that if oral admin is intended, this is unnecessary... just add the crushed clon. tablets to mix beaker and skip the acetone extraction step.
    (B) Crush up Lunesta tablet, add contents to mix beaker.
    (C) Empty 50mg capsule of Lyrica into mix beaker.

    (D1) For oral admin, stir the powders around until thoroughly distributed. Encapsulate powder in 4 or 5 empty capsules (each makes one dose for oral admin).

    (D2) For rectal admin, add 10ml DH2O (or H2O). Mix thoroughly. Resulting chill-juice will be a light turquoise in color (if 3mg Lunesta was used + clonazepam was yellow). Very pretty! Makes 4 or 5 doses for rectal admin.

    I haven't tried any yet, but based on past experience he thinks this will be an excellent, VERY calming + peaceful combo with few or no unpleasant side effects. He's definitely done Lunesta + Lyrica, just hadn't added the extracted clonazepam until now.

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    why not just eat the pills... you could eat them one at a time, or hey, eat them all at once and swallow with a sip of good lager... if you wanna live dangerously!!

    i dont get why you are mixing this up and sticking it up your bum... all these drugs have decent oral bioavailabilities.

    it never ceases to amaze me the obsession that drug addicts have with sticking drugs up their asses. it starts with the nose, let's snort some vicodin! let's snort xanax! i'm bored with snorting, let's put it up my bum!

    seriously, i know you're bored... you should prolly get a job.
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    Sep 22, 2009
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    I Must say your reply to "chill juice" made me laugh so hard..

    I am in tomorrow for my naltrexone implant..... and will get back at a later date as to how it all went...

    I just hope they dont put the implant ..... " Up my ARSE"
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    Putting them in liquid form is IDEAL FOR TAPERING! That way the user can reduce his daily dose with far greater precision and that way with lesser discomfort.
    At least thats what i tought, but putting them again in pills i didnt understand! its best to dissolve the powder them in water or ethanol and use it.
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    You does understand that opioid receptors have virtually nothing to do with GABAergic ones... I would find a way to obtain another opioid-acting substance. Go see a random doctor and get a methadone prescription.
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    Feb 20, 2010
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    Indeed, these drugs do not act on the opiod receptors and this may be a plus because by not bombarding the opiod receptors, they are given a chance to up-regulate in the abscence of stimulation. Many have found relief from these compounds when used alone or in conjunction for helping with opiod-withdrawal symptoms. Taking another opiod (a stronger, longer-lasting one) will only prolong the inevitable and if this person wished (now banned but an example) wishes to reduce their intake or at least reduce symptoms, this may be a very useful post for others who are looking at quitting opiods.
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    I find temazepam, a healthy diet, and going for walks really helps the most for opiate w/d.

    goodluck i know its like hell but why not do it as healthy as you can right?
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    I think it is a good juice...but can support your wd?
    let us know! xmas f.....g always postal service 'damn
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    Given that the thread was started in March 2007 & the OP was banned shortly after I don't think any reports are going to be forthcoming, or that the Christmas mail had much to do with it...