Drug info - Cocaine in South Korea and Asia

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    Mar 6, 2005
    Cocaine is said not to exist in South Korea. I would reallylike to now if this is true
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    Feb 18, 2005
    ... pretty sure he meant south korea...
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    Feb 19, 2005
    from U.K.

    Be careful dude, this could be concidered soliciting and that is terms to be kicked from the boards... someone was warned somewhere else about this when he was asking where to find it.

    where can u find it? no idea, find some of your friends who like to dabble with some drugs and find out what their boy has for drugs at his house best of luck

  4. Axel

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    Jan 27, 2005
    Hmmmm...let me guess...yourone of the multitudesof foreign language instructors in SK "Jonesing" for any kind of narcotic fix [​IMG]

    As a person who has been there ad done that, I can fully empathize with your plight, but let me strongly advise you against seeking it out in public (even through your supposedly trusted pals.)

    Upon arrival in SK I got into big trouble at work after a couple of my students went to the owner of the school and told them I had enquired about the availabilty of narcotics.

    From what I know even the stuff that you can find in Seoul or other cities is low in quality yetvery high in terms of asking price (which is of course logical considering the general dope drought.)

    Better stick to getting hammered on Soju and save your cash for a journey to a dope-friendlyarea like Bali or Kathmandu.
  5. Woodman

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    Nov 3, 2003
    116 y/o from U.S.A.
    You'll have a hard time finding coke anywhere in
    Asia. Japan is probably your best bet, but still quite
    difficult because even if you know the language you
    have to know the people and you're still Gaigin.

    Don't even bother trying to score coke in Kathmandu.
    It's like $500 USD per gram there, if you can find it.
    The taxi's go to the temples for dope. They get it from
    the sadu's, and the sadu's aren't into coke. They
    stick with hash, ganja, and brown-sugar.

    Don't try to score opium there, either. You'ld figure
    THAT would be the place for it, but the shit they sell
    as opium in Kathmandu is BUNK, and while
    everyone was looking, I never found ANYONE who
    had ever scored.

    I have no idea about Bali, but they are a Muslum
    nation and if they are anything like Malaysia or
    Singapore, you do NOT want to get caught trying to
    score there.Edited by: Woodman
  6. Axel

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    Jan 27, 2005
    I'm sorry if I didn't clarify in my first post the fact that I didn't mean that the 2 places I mentioned were good for getting Coke.

    From my experience Asia must be the worst continent for scoring Coke. One could evenget better deals on the West Coast of Africa these days!

    I was lucky enough to score some excellent Opium in Kathmandu last year, but admit that it's not nearly as easy as hash. try to avoid anyone in that town selling trips such as Acid or X because it is almost 100 percent fake.

    There are some other informative posts on this site regarding Bali---good stuff (ranging from X to 'shrooms,) can be found there at reasonable rates, but there are also lots of Piranhas roaming the beaches and selling fake or weak stuff to tourists. As far as I know the cops can be bribed if holding small amounts of dope, but anything more than a few grams and your in for trouble [​IMG]

    Here is a poem of mine regarding being a Stoner in S.Korea:

    I’ve been rolling phatties since the age of 17,
    now they tell me, ‘welcome to the land of mr. clean.’
    ‘they’ll throw you in the slamma,
    mail the key to alabama,
    they’ll beat you with a hamma till you cry.’

    I was offered dubage from a guy on texas street.
    he was six-foot-eight, spoke russian great, and he only had two teeth.
    I was getting out my money,
    when I was struck by something funny,
    behind him stood and adjumunni with a camera.

    now I can only reminisce about those blissful days,
    spending lazy sundays in a psychotropic haze.
    licking rolling papers,
    scarfing chocolate wafers,
    things were so much safer for us then.

    no pilliphone, no methadone, no pot, no E, no shroom.
    nothing cool to stave away this expatriate gloom.
    cigarettes and beer and soju
    aren’t enough to really hold you.
    do exactly what they told you: suffer!

    I remember dime bags when they only cost a dime.
    I know what you’re thinking, that was Willie Nelson’s line.
    I only get jealous
    when my under-zealous friends
    call me just to tell me that they’re high.

    I can only fantasize
    about having puffy, bloodshot eyes.

    I can only long
    for my old four foot bong.

    I don’t even care
    to shave off all my hair.

    I have had enough
    of licking toads and stuff.

    I am gonna make a plan
    and move to amsterdam

    spend all of my cash
    on a big fat brick of hash

    I can feel it in my bones:
    I have got the biggest jones in the world.
    and when I see my flag unfurled
    (yeah you get the point..)

    I’m gonna smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke
    I’m gonna smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke
    I’m gonna smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smooooke
    a big old JOINT!

    peace (while it still exists),
  7. Axel

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    Jan 27, 2005
    The logical place to find dope in SK is Busan, as it's Asia's second-busiest port and these types of areas always seem to be awash with imported narcotics, but as one who spent a couple of years scouring the town, I can assure you it has somehow managed to defy the norm[​IMG].

    Despite its huge economic advances in the last few decades, SK is still a rather closed, conservative society where all dope is frowned upon by the society, and both adults and teens know that even a single joint will insure being ostracized for a lifetime.

    Even though there are large numbers of foreign teachers, soldiers and "entertainers" in all major cities, the dope syndicates seem to have caught on to the fact that their market in SK is still quite limited and tends to bypass the country, or just use it as a transit point.
  8. Axel

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    Jan 27, 2005
    I'm one of those who loathes people who do consecutive posts on a thread, but in response tobowlingforcindy and the ideaof mailingnarcotics to SK I felt an obligation to relay a usefulstory from a couple of years back to y'all:

    A group ofEnglish teachers who shared an apartment in Taejon had some Hashish sent to them from another country by mail. Although theauthorities had manged to detect the substance (either through a dog or x-rays,) they allowed the parcel to be delivered withoutseemingly any hitch; and then waited a couple of days before forcing all the occupants of the apartment to take a dope test [​IMG](as is approved by Koreanlabor laws.)

    Unfortunately all of us who have lived in SKknow thatway too maylocals there fit the stereotype of the wicked, cunning, two-faced Oriental (including governmentofficials.)

    The people caught up in this bust were summarily deported, but if they had gotten a larger amountof Hash, surely a very long prison sentence would have been in store for all of them.

    To sum it all up;drugs are just not a good idea in SK (even by mail.)
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    Dec 9, 2004
    from Canada
    hit up cambodia, i did a school project about the benefits of drug use on my senior year at highschool and found a very interesting article about cambodia. pretty much its largest income comes from tourism, especially toursits known as trekkers. these people travel to cambodia to trek through the mountains with a guide experimenting with various drugs along there way. although, anyone trying to get hooked uop with narcs in asia should be extremely carefult for many countries are not at all leniant on the subject and you will end up in prison, or perhaps lose some limbs./ peace
  10. Eirias

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    Jan 21, 2005
    Besides obviously alcohol, it is extremely difficult to source
    any mind-altering substance (especially one that is derived from a
    plant that only grows in one faraway geographic area like cocaine) in
    South Korea, much more so than China or Japan or SE Asia. The
    only "recreational" drug I have ever heard of being available in S.
    Korea on the black market is very rarely (meth)amphetamine, which comes
    in pressed-tablets with "brand" logos on them, much like MDMA in the US
    and Europe. Meth (or possibly instead just d,l-amphetamine)
    apparently can be found in this form of "pressed tabs" throughout Asia,
    especially in the southeastern countries most notably Thailand.

    I can't say exactly why Korea is so devoid of any and all
    psychoactive substances, but it is probably a mix of various factors,
    including possibly very universal cultural value systems from a very
    homogeneous society, geographic (and cultural) isolationism (i.e. there is none
    or very little of the "all things American" craze that is so prevalent
    in Japan and increasingly now in parts of China), the lack of any
    existing cultural infastructure regarding any type of drug consumption
    (traditional or otherwise), and no existing demand for such items
    within the existing population.

    I can sympathize with you and you have my utmost pity, as a good
    friend of mine has lived and taught English in Pusan for the past 2-3
    years, and when the various drugs (RCs, heroin, MDMA, and cocaine) he
    smuggled into the country were used up, he went so far as to resort to
    inhaling volatile solvents and hydrocarbons (believe me, he's not at
    all the type of person who would normally engage in such behavior) to
    experience any kind of consciousness alteration whatsoever.

    Also, everything Woodman stated is absolutely right-on, except
    in reference to Bali-- although the island is technically part of
    Indonesia, which is the most populous Muslim nation on Earth (and as
    such is rather strict in its treatment of illicit drug users), Bali is
    historically a Hindu culture, and as such the Balinese people are much
    more familiar with hashish, opium, and, as a result of the barrage of
    bohemian/hippie-ish travellers visiting the island over the past 40
    years, a variety of psychedelics (and occasionally even heroin and
    cocaine). It is also somewhat famous for its psilocybian
    mushrooms, which are frequently depicted on the souvenir batik tapestries
    that are generated by local artists for the tourist market.

    Also, Woodman, I am assuming that the "brown-sugar" that you
    referred to in your above post as being available in Kathmandu is tan
    powdered heroin, not
    another form of hashish. Is this correct?<!--
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    Jan 27, 2005
    The pseudo-meth thateirias refers to is called Pilliphone (as mentioned in the poem,) and supposedly widely available where the Korean version of the Yakuza socialize or own nocturnal establishments, but it's apparently another aspect of life in SK that foreigners are excluded from.

    There were some pioneering folks trying to get an X/Rave scene going in some Seoul nightclubs a while back, but the cops got wise to them and when it got to the point that more uniformed pigs were attending the events that paying patrons, themovement was all but eviscerated [​IMG]

    The "Brown Sugar" circulating in Kathmandu is almost entirely imported from India or the Golden Crescent---it's not the tar shit you come across in N.America, but a fine brown powder that is usually smoked on a foil (chasing the dragon.)
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    Mar 13, 2005
    Just go to Hong Kong, almost all clubs has a residnence dealer there...not kidding.....the city is full of this stuff
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