Opinions - Cocaine the perfect project oriented drug?

Discussion in 'Cocaine & Crack' started by pankreeas, Nov 26, 2006.

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    Nov 22, 2005
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    Is anyone in agreeance with swim on this 1? for some reason I find that the other even more so "project oriented drugs" like amphetamines for example don't give him close to the same levels of concentration. Ex./ I find speed is great for stayin alert and on top of things.. but once that focus changes to something else.. that becomes the new fixation. However with coke swim can get lots of work done, leave his papers / lab equipment strewn allover the place, go get some smokes, come back to it and be right back in the zone. No other substance seems to give swim that feeling that he can do anything (and actually complete it) as opposed to almost all other substances which help swim with creativity & are great to "daydream" on.. but not actually get productivity from.
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    Dec 19, 2006
    It's funny You says this because for swim it is the exact opposite, if I take alot of adderall (which I had a 15mg prescription but occasionally "self medicates" at higher doses) I find that swim can work all night without distraction. If I am bumpin lines of yay, I am distracted with myriad thoughts racing through his head, followed by the inevitable craving for more yay, not conducive for studying or getting work done.

    I find yay better for social situations, and loves the combination of alcohol and yay ...
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    Jul 13, 2006
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    I agree with Frankster on this one. Cocaine makes him twitchy and overly focused to the point where he can't do work, and doing more means cutting lines and such which just takes up time. Popping an adderall or focalin is much easier, will have him focused for longer, and simply is more effective overall, not to mention much cheaper!

    Maybe cocaine simply works differently with swiPankreeas than most.... Otherwise SwiBajeda has posted about the kava - adderall combination that he has found to be quite excellent in a few threads on DF. The kava negates some of the more annoying effects of the addy, such as the over-fixation on things you can get and the jitteryness (which swim gets waaay worse from yay).

    Just want to emphasize that coke isn't the most widely used study aid. It may work for some people such as swiPankreeas but for many it isn't correlated with studying at all, so I wouldn't recommend trying it unless a person was desperate to find a study aid and nothing else conventionally used was working for them. This advice is just from swim's personal experience and anecdotal reports from numerous people he has known.