coke and vicoden experience

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    Apr 24, 2005
    I have been thinking about the idea of using downers, ie benzos or opiates for the comedown off coke. I didn't plan on going with opiates but came across a Vicoden by chance. So fate would have it I would try them together.

    setting: mostly chillin in the car
    just sitting around content after using this combo

    9:00 Smoking Pot

    10:00 Did some coke that was in a solution of saline that I put in a nasal spray bottle (comes pretty handy and is discreet). I mixed it so that one spray would equal .1g roughly a line. I got the usual feeling of coke, numbness, anticipation.

    10:30 Take vicoden pill maximum strength whichever one that was. And also took another spray of coke.

    11:00 starting to feel effects of vicoden but it's more pronounced than vicoden alone

    1130. the combination is an amazing feeling as I've never experienced such wonderful peaceful blissfullness from coke. the combo makes coke much better than when alone, less edgy, and alot more round and smooth.

    The high continued to 1230-1 where i didn't really noticed a hard comedown from coke, just a mellow haze. which is good. enjoyed this combo. will do again.

    i guess this is a hint of what a speed ball would feel like.

    i would describe the feeling of this after taking the vicoden i've noticed after trying 3 times now, that once the vic hits, everything bad about coke goes away and waves of relaxation come along, also the awareness from coke and feeling of wellbeing confident is mixed with a cozy reassurance like past H experiences.

    also something very important to note that is i have a strong experience or feeling when the vic kicks in because the fiending for yayo goes away and i just feel satisfaction. with my current state, even though im yayed out, i'm okay with the feeling even if i stopped yaying. like the yay experience is complete now.

    curious to try other combos like, snorting coke & smoking H, or snorting Coke, and oxy. or coke and percocets.