Combinations - Combining fun drugs with non-recreational OTC meds

Discussion in 'Drug combinations' started by El Calico Loco, Apr 23, 2007.

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    Swim often takes 25 or 50mg of diphenhydramine twenty minutes or so before dosing on something known to cause nausea, such as 2C-E or DXM. It doesn't seem to have any negative side effect except for lethargy, which disappears when the fun chemical peaks.

    Swim once combined DXM and 2C-I before he knew this was a bad idea. At one point in the trip, he began feeling overstimulated and agitated; The Others (Entities From Somewhere Else) showed up and began shouting in unison, "TAKE AN ASPIRIN." More and more showed up until he finally did as they demanded. He felt better within half an hour.

    I have occasional trouble with heartburn, which occasionally pops up during a trip. He generally takes club soda or a rolaids.

    I have found that taking 1/4tsp of citric acid completely eliminates DXM nausea.

    The question is this: what is Swiy's opinion on taking regular doses of OTC meds for their intended purposes while high on something else? Aspirin or acetaminophen for a headache, diphenhydramine for histamine reactions or nausea, pepto bismol, rolaids, etc.

    Seems to me that those that affect the GI tract, like Rolaids and Pepto, would be harmless; but he doesn't know that for certain. Diphenhydramine has never given him trouble despite its known anticholinergic and deliriant properties - probably because he takes only a normal dose, not a "recreational" one - but he wonders just how safe this is. And he has no idea why the aspirin helped, or even whether it was wise or foolish.

    Of course, all depends on the drugs in question...but I wonder if the members of DF have any guidelines they follow. I told him I would ask.

    He is also curious about nicotine and caffeine. Frequent users of these drugs might not even think about the fact that they're doing a combination; they're just drinking a soda or lighting up a smoke, like they always do. I have found through experience that both mix poorly with DXM.

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    Good thread, why the hell hasn't anyone replied! I find that taking 5 HTP and 1000 mg Vitamin C before taking MDMA eliminates some comedown effects, something to do with seretonin replacement I am told.

    Also Valarian Root capsules and weed can produce a very nice and tired stoned feeling, perfect before bed!