concerta? let down?

Discussion in 'Concerta & Ritalin' started by h1mh1ms3lf, Nov 25, 2006.

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    Jan 20, 2006
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    I got a 54 mg concerta yesterday and was planning on taking it tonight...
    but was kind of sceptical becuase he has never taken it a miracle happened...he came across a 27mg concerta (half the dose) this made him happy because he could experience it first with a smaller dose

    anyway he took it and later found no effects :(...he doesn't have adhd so he figured it would give him energy and a little buzz or something...but nothing

    now...he is thinking about taking the 54mg ...its been 4 hours since he took the 27mg...would it be too soon to take the 54mg?

    what effects do other people normally recieve from concerta?
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    Nov 22, 2005
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    Well considerin Concerta is a time release only from of methylphenidate, You is not going to get much recreational value unless the pills are crushed then swallowed. And don't be surprised if nothing much happens even then.. read my post re: concerta = zzzZzzzZz
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    Nov 25, 2006
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    Yeah, I have had mixed results with concerta. The first couple times he took it there were little to no results. After pulling an allnighter he took one to stay awake in lecture and promptly passed out the moment the lights went off for a slide show. If he had taken adderall, there is no doubt that staying awake wouldn't be a problem. After continued trials he wrote it off as being ineffective. However, recently he was in a jam to write a paper and decided to give it a shot. Much to his surprise he actually got a bit speedy and was able to focus much better than if he hadn't taken it.

    The way I figure it works is in a much different way than adderall (which is obvious, they're two different things). Adderral will keep You awake and focused for an indefinite amount of time (I have managed 85 hours). The only draw back is that You will become more and more physically exhausted with muscle and joint pain while still mentally stimulated. Concerta, on the other hand, will help You focus, but provided he isn't tired. I don't find Concerta very useful for staying awake. Which, to me, is a surprise considering Concerta is a time released form of ritalin (which midly stimulates SWIM, moreso than Concerta at least). I haven't experimented with multiple Conertas but he would have to imagine that the stimulation effect could be achieved with enough dosage.

    As for crushing Concerta, I would not recommend it. From what I understand, Concerta's time release mechanism is vastly different from Adderall's. Adderall's time release mechanism consists of beads... half of them dissolve immediately while the other half dissolve at approximately T+3 or 4 hours. Concerta, on the other hand, has a small hole on the side of the pill. As the pill sits in one's stomach, the chemcial is slowly pushed out of the hole to control the amount being absorbed. The issue there is that the entire outer pill casing is just some sort of filler, which if You plans to insufflate can't be the greatest thing for his septim. However if You plans to parachute the remaining powder, I can't imagine it can be bad for you considering it all enters your stomach in one form or another.

    Anyway, point is, if You wants to insufflate ritalin, I would highly recommend using ritalin and not concerta.