confused about swims salvia divinorum trips!

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    Aug 11, 2005
    ........ I have been doing 5x salvia for a while and getting some pretty nice closed eye visuals...

    recently she decided to get some 20x to see if she could experience a stronger trip...

    this is the trip report from it!

    last night I smoked 1/4g of 20x salvia in a pipe.
    after about 5 minutes, she lay down and lets the intense shut eye visuals wash over her.
    the music was pink floyd which swim listend to as a child. all the visuals I saw were childlike, disney characters floated in front of her and she became a small part of a huge rush of movement and space

    the strange thing was that all through the trip, I was connected to the other characters through a pink vine type thing which ran through her head.
    like a huge pink spagetti!

    this has been the case in every trip on salvia I has had. has anyone else been linked into their dream by the salvia vines?!

    the visuals lasted about 15 mintues after which swim fell into a deep and dreamful sleep for about 3 hours.

    this morning swim woke up feeling refreshed and happy!
    god! salvia is so amazing!

    this was a few weeks ago... and last night I smoked another bowl of 20x.

    I was in her room on her sofa when she smoked it... after she had inhaled it and had started "tripping" she got an overwhelming urge to lie in her bed... swim staggered over to her bed (she was finding it very hard to walk) and lay down... without realising why... she took the duvet and pulled it over her head.

    swim spent the rest of the trip under the duvet! she was experiencing powerful shut eye visuals... which... as her previous trip.. were "childlike" .. (like disney characters etc) swim also had flashbacks from her childhood memories.... it was all a bit strange!

    about 20 minutes into the trip.. I got the urge to go to the window in her room... when she opened it and looked out... she saw that the ground below was very close to her... (it is not! swims room is on the 3rd story) the ground below looked so inviting to her... so she got up and started to climb out of the window... she was going to jump out... but then for some reason she stopped and went back to her bed!

    I am worried about this! as jumping would not have been a good idea!

    I had music playing... but halfway through the first song... I couldnt hear it anymore... (not because she was under the duvet!) it was like it had been turned off... but it hadnt!

    the trip lasted for about 40 mins.... and then swim fell asleep... she woke this morining feeling fine!

    what swims question is, is
    do any other swiys get the same "characters" or visuals in their trips?!
    do any other swiys seem to go deaf?
    do any other swiys feel the need to hide under duvets (or anything similar?)
    do any other swiys find it impossible to walk on sally? (ie swim cannot walk more then about 10 steps... and when she does it is a struggle!)
    do any other swiys fall alseep at the end of their trips?!
    do any other swiys get the urge to jump out of the window?!

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    Feb 26, 2006
    from U.K.
    Swim only did the one Salvia trip - much too intense for him so not something he wants to do again. But he knows about being connected to the "scene" - you have pink spaghetti, he was connected by a thick rope, but not a nice rope at all - it hurt :(

    As for being unable to walk - check. That too was Swim's experience.

    But impulses to climb out of windows, or other foolish ideas that Sally might put into your head are a good reason why you should trip with a buddy present.

    And 40 minutes? Goodness, that is impressive! Swim's trip lasted about 2 minutes - which was about 1 minute 59 seconds too long for him......

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    Apr 7, 2006

    I once knew a fish who had a few break-through salvia experiences. Some themes that were common to each breakthrough are as follows:

    *** Some sort of 'entity' was in communication with the fish during the breakthroughs. The fish was in awe and fear of this entity.

    *** While the same types of visuals were experienced during each of the fish's breakthroughs, the fish also experienced similar themes in each breakthrough which had to do with personal development.

    *** The fish could not get up and walk around during the peak of the experience since he could not even recognize his surroundings. The fish felt a major body load!!! The fish did not think he went deaf, but the fish also was impervious to his environment for the peak of his journey. A few auditory hallucinations were noted.

    *** The fish had no thoughts of jumping out of his window, suicide, or anything like that.

    *** The fish liked going to sleep after his breakthroughs. He would reserve his trip for the end of the day where he could sleep off any after-effects and continue a light trip into his dreams.

    I hope this helps.
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    May 12, 2006
    from U.K.
    1/4g of 20x sally seems alot to SWIM and in my mind would explain the length and power of the trip. I have experienced reoccouring visuals, and seeming to go deaf, (though I have experienced seeming to go deaf when deeply consentrating on things bothe before and since salvia) I have felt compelled by salvia to find a way to intensifie visuals hiding under a duvet usually did this. Walking I have always found difficult while using salvia wether 5, 10 or 20x. I has never fallen nor had the feeling of wanting to fall asleep while or shortly after a salvia trip. as for jumping out of windows no. but i did set myself on fire on my first sally trip
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    Aug 5, 2006
    31 y/o from U.S.A.
    -I have not yet experienced the connection themes that most you's experience on salvia..I will try soon to make a complete breakthrough
    -I do seem to disregard sound. SWIM hears more of what is in her head, instead of outside it.
    -SWIM never felt paranoid, or a need to hide, I was stuck between feeling like she was 5, and listening to her normal voice instruct her that she was not in fact, 5 years old..
    -I cannot walk very well on Sally, the gravitational pull makes sure of that, SWIM's pupils also get very HUGE.
    -SWIM falls asleep at the end of her trips too! I feel insightful and relaxed after meeting with Sally.
    -I have gotten invitations to "come and play" on a Sally trip, but her reason was always with her..I was never told to do dangerous things by Sally..Sally seemed comforting, even though I am still a little wary of her.
    You had a loooooong trip. SWIM's trips last maybe 5 Good trisp report, just be careful, always have a sitter.
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    Jul 13, 2006
    from U.S.A.

    I have been getting a recurring theme the last few times he smoked salvia. Its been quite disturbing, as it feels like the same malevolent force is lying in wait for him to enter the salvia world so it can take hold of him.

    A more descriptive report of swim's experience is here ---->

    I couldn't really say if he went deaf as the outside/real world doesn't matter to him on salvia. He is completely disconnected most of the time.

    Swim generally likes to lie down, especially on grass. He never feels a need to hide, and would rather be out in the open actually. The most claustrophobic the environment the less enjoyable the trip is for swim, he prefers large outdoor areas, especially at night.

    Swim can never walk on sally. He is generally too fucked to move. He doesn't know how some of his other friends can do it.

    Swim generally falls asleep near the end, but this is mainly because he tends to do it later at night when he is a little tired already. He has taken naps after smoking sally in the day but generally is fine if he smokes it in the day. He much prefers smoking it at night as he can just nod off while coming down and wake up feeling all better (he likes doing this with many of his trips for any psychedelic, makes the come-down easier). He also has had some crazy dreams on salvia. See the above link for a report.

    Swim never gets the urge to jump out a window or cause harm to himself in any way. He doesn't really want to fly either! Stay away from windows!!
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    Aug 21, 2006
    from spain
    Was You in control of her actions?
    I have had an extreme experience with Weed and 2*8g chargers of N2O which caused a disociated body-bending euphoria, lasting an undescribably period of time. At the end I got scared because he had contorted his body etc. without his control.
    He knows to lie still (apart from his body squirming uncontrolably) and enjoy the trip, but you's report on climbing out of windows worries him:
    If whatever get's him to bend his body because it feels good, tells him to climb out of the window, he wouldn't be able to resist!!

    So, was this a conscious move?
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    Aug 23, 2006
    do any other swiys get the same "characters" or visuals in their trips?!
    do any other swiys seem to go deaf?
    do any other swiys feel the need to hide under duvets (or anything similar?)
    do any other swiys find it impossible to walk on sally? (ie swim cannot walk more then about 10 steps... and when she does it is a struggle!)
    do any other swiys fall alseep at the end of their trips?!
    do any other swiys get the urge to jump out of the window?!

    I listened to pink floyd on salvia once and I also couldnt hear it after a little while.
    I tried climbing off the side off a park (she explained it after), I was pulling and SEWIM was pushing her back to where I was at the top.. She explained that she was trying to get out of the trip and we were bringing her back in.. scary, eh?
  9. Seven

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    Oct 25, 2006
    YES - I have seen the Salvia "Vine!"

    SWIM sincerely thanks You for you's description,
    as it has clearly enabled SWIM to realize something new
    about his visits with Sally!

    During 1 or 2 visits, SWIM also had the "Vine"
    running right through the center of his head! SWIM's vine
    was small - maybe 2 inches across, and colorless rather than
    pink (thank SWIgoodness!)

    In SWIM's case, the vine was
    a comfortable element of the trips, and "stabilized" SWIM,
    so that he could move very freely without fear of head injury.
    (Yeah, that sounds a little odd to SWIM also,
    but that is how I felt at the time.)

    In SWIM's case, the "Vine" is more frequently like a clear "tube"
    (or "pocket" as SWIM calls it.) The pocket, on occasion, seems for SWIM
    to be a link to where I had been before departing with Sally.
    Perhaps that was a part of SWIM that was not completely
    "letting go" during those particular visits?

    The pocket has only been a factor in a few visits with Sally,
    but now that I think about it, there exists
    (in many of SWIM's trips with Sally) a tubular component.

    Sometimes, this tubular component is the gateway to wherever Sally is taking SWIM. It has also been present in the form of a "portal"
    through which SWIM can see whatever Sally is showing SWIM.

    At other times, the tubular component has been much larger,
    and contains all that is SWIM's reality at that time. I was
    slightly aware that something existed outside of this large
    tubular "energy field", but it was so comfortable and interesting
    in there, that nothing outside of the field mattered to SWIM.

    Now SWIM wonders if many other SWIMmers
    often experience a tubular component during their visits?

    Thanks again.
    SWIM loves to realize something "new" about his journeys!


  10. Inu-Yasha

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    Nov 5, 2006
    30 y/o
    SWIM bought 1g of 35x extract and had the wierdest trip, I would be standing looking down so the images of his hands and feet were lined up and he grabbed his feet while standing, cant explain why or how. probably the trippyest thing SWIM ever encountered

    SWIM also gets the urge to jump out a window and goes deaf, but it's probably just because he wants to run around and use up energy, like crazy cabin fever