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    Feb 24, 2004
    i just took acid for the first time last sunday night and,at first i thought it wasnt working so i took more and it sucked. i mean at first i started just seeing little hallucinations and thought, this is cool,my friends put on a light show and i was really getting in to it.then i started to think why am i here and every question was answered with why. so pretty soon i started to say god made me and so on, and then my friend told me that god didnt exsist and i could of sworn that everyone in there agreed so i started to think how can i be here if i dont exsist? and i started to see everyone just start moving and doing crazy things and just telling me to let go (which never happened) and life is what i make it and then i suddenly started to lose touch of reality and thought that i didnt exsist and it made me feel isolated cuz no one was in the room with me(someone was i couldnt see them) then i started to feel two opposite feelings at once and it felt as if there was an answer for everything except why i exsisted and it felt to me that everyone was against me and they were playing tricks on me and the music was saying some weird shit, i couldnt see anything the way it was and i couldnt feel any feelings or it was as if i had no senses at all and i kept thinking will i return to normal? then i started to think, this is normal(and ill be like this for ever)but i didnt like it at all , it was as if life was total bullshit,as if everyone and everything was just a pigment of my imagination. my question is this if i could think that god doesnt exsist when im high on acid then do i think hes real when im not high?and just because i had a really intense and bad trip the first time will it be the same next time? cus despite the bad trip i really enjoyed most of the feelings that acid gives you. will i always have a bad trip?how can i make it better?
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      Interesting trip report but more details on dose, setting etc. would have been useful
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