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Smoking - Crack smoke residue

Discussion in 'Cocaine & Crack' started by Siegfried, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Siegfried

    Siegfried Newbie

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    Aug 4, 2008
    Male from The Netherlands
    This pink unicorn is wondering about the residue that crack smoke leaves. He can see a white film in the glass pipe after taking a hit, but what about the smoke that is exhaled? Usually when the unicorn exhales there is a ton of smoke, and if he exhales it in the same place every time, would there be a significant amount of residue, for example on the walls, ceiling, or table, that would build up over time? Could it be detected or would it leave any smell? Or is there no significant amount of crack residue after you exhale for it to be a problem in say, the unicorn's bedroom.

    Another related question, this white film that's deposited in the pipe after a hit, does the same kind of thing happen in your lungs? And how bad is it for you compared to say, cigarettes or weed?

  2. junkbox

    junkbox Silver Member

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    Apr 21, 2010
    Female from U.S.A.
    When SWIM used to smoke crack, she always did it in the same place, in her closet :crazy even weeks aftr use, there was still the crack smell left behind. SWIM has never noticed any actually visible residue. And about what happens in the lungs, SWIM is not sure. But she is also a routine pot smoker, and cig smoker and after a crack binge she is always coughing up something horrible which does not happen usually when she is not smoking crack so that leads her to believe that is is much worse on the lungs
  3. jeanjeani

    jeanjeani Silver Member

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    Dec 3, 2010
    Female from U.K.
    The Guinea Pig's been itching to reply to this thread all day, but resisted on the assumption that the unicorn would be inundated with responses. This not being the case, here goes.
    Firstly I'll have a "crack" at answering your second, related query, on the grounds that it's the responsible thing to do.
    You want to know how harmful the effects of crack smoke would be on the lungs.I refer to an article entitled "The Harmful Effects of Cocaine & Crack Cocaine" found on the web site "Drugaddictiotreatment".(if naming this site is an infraction of Forum rules, please remove the ref. and leave the advice).
    " LUNGS: Smoking cocaine damages lung cells' ability to process gases, leaving user with constant cough & short of breath. Use may result in respiratory failure-brain stops signalling muscles that control breathing to stop working"
    It's more general health warning is that
    " Regardless of dosage, these reactions may appear:
    * convulsions
    *increased heart-rate
    *abnormal heart beat
    *heart attack
    * sudden sharp blood pressure increase
    *extreme depression
    *suicidal behaviour"

    The last reaction warning should probably make us all think twice before we put flame to pipe....we are quite simply engaging in potentially suicidal behaviour!
    That said, I want to go back to the unicorn's original query about the residue he sees inside his pipe. The Guinea Pig lives in the North of England and over many years of indulging in said suicidal behaviour, has not met anyone here who uses a commercially produced crack pipe. In this area we favour the home-made version, which is built using a small plastic medicine bottle, with a hole burned in the shoulder and a tube, made from a sawn-off ballpoint pen barrel fixed into the hole. The lid is removed and replaced with a slightlly hollowed circle of perforated tinfoil, loaded with ash, upon which the rock or powder is burned. A more novel variation is the plastic outer from an asthma inhaler, which needs no tube, just foil on the long bit and the smoker's lips around the mouthpiece.
    OK, one benefit of the do-it-yourself pipe is the ease of dismantling, and once you've done that, it's easy to scrape off the "residue", which will form quite a substantial heap of soft, light brown powder, and this we SMOKE. After a few rocks have been thru your pipe, you have enough to get quite a good hit. It's basically recycling your crack, in the same way that marijuana smokers have described smoking what US smokers call "resin"(not to be confused with Cannabis Resin) as discussed elsewhereon DF.
    AS well as the simple "scrape and smoke" method, it's possible to refine the residue further by placing the heap of powder on a mirror, adding a little nail-polish remover and flambe-ing it, when a more resinous substance will result, which is definitely stronger, and I've known users to say it's almost as powerful as the original stuff.
    Now I'm not suggesting the unicorn scrape his bedroom ceiling! And I've never heard of the drug squad producing anyone's bedroom ceiling as "Exhibit A". I'm sure the residue won't be as noticable as the evidence of cigarette smoking woiuld be, and if it ever gets that noticable, I doubt you'd be in any condition to give a shit.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2011
  4. jaekid

    jaekid Newbie

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    Feb 2, 2011
    Male from earth
    thank swiy for the last response on this. my cats friend has wondered for a very long time about effects on the lungs after smoking this substance. afoaf told him that he read a book a very very long time ago, basically after "crack" was first discovered, and it said that after the user takes their very first hit ever, the lungs become permanently changed in such a way that they accept the smoke more readily, and actually lead to increased cravings and permanent addiction.

    he said he has never been able to cross-reference any data to confirm this, but would appreciate an educated answer to his query.
  5. oliwog

    oliwog Newbie

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    May 19, 2008
    Male from U.K.
    swim smokes crack every weekish, and finds he coughs up a lot of black shit that looks just like the stuff that comes out the pipe when its cleaned. swim only gets this stuff after a crack or binge and it starts after a day an gets less a less each day the longer swim leaves it without having a pipe, swim first noticed this after he started on the brown(clean now) swim has smoked crack for 7-8 years and only just got this black shit in his cough the past 2 years
    swim thinks maybe its cos he uses a volcano to vape weed an tokes a lot the thc maybe helping clear out his lungs, swims partner who tokes just as much crack an weed but smokes weed in spliffs with baccy has never had this stuff cough up.
    imo its better coming up than staying i your lungs, if you cough up blood then you need to start to worry.
    an yea the residue from a crack pipe tends to be stronger than the crack thats smoked through it in the first place, its much cleaner an nicer than using that nasty resin you get from bongs an stuff from weed that shit is mostly tar and far from worthy of being recycled.
    swim is also wondering if dealers are cutting crack an brown with other stuff that sticks in swims lungs as swim said b4 hes used crack for 7+ years an also dabbled in brown(non habit forming back then) and only had this black stuff in the last couple years. mainly when swim started using more gear he noticed it.
    swim was thinking of getting some of the black stuff tested to see wot it consists of.