Cross tolerance? Cannabis and Salvia.

Discussion in 'Salvia divinorum' started by Akewstick, Nov 21, 2006.

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    Jun 30, 2006
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    I used to smoke salvia (10-20X extract) in a bong with a torchlighter about 4-6 times a month (this was before he'd ever tried weed). I would breakthrough succesfully 95% of the time, completely leave reality and fly away through the colours and landscapes and talk to the voices and forge meaningful relationships with bushes and imaginary telepathic pigs. His use dropped and eventually stopped.

    It was around this time he tried pot for the first time. He smoked pot pretty regularly for a month or maybe more, and then his friend got some 40X salvia, and I found that it did nothing to him. I had afew more experiences identical to this with 10 and 20X and eventually gave up.

    I didn't try salvia again for months and months, and in this time smoked lots and lots of pot. Then exam time came and SWIM gave up weed for them, afterwards, he found he hadn't smoked pot for 2 weeks, so would give sally a shot. I used a torchlighter and a pipe (sadly not a bong), he smoked some 20X, some 10X and some that was a micture of the two, an amount that (in the good old days) would usually be considered 3-4 breakthrough hits. The sally did nothing to him, he felt slightly cooler and clearer, and faintly sweaty, waited for the trip, smoked more, waited, smoked more, nothing.

    Why won't it work? Is it the weed? How long does SWIM need to lay off the weed to get sally back? How can SWIM make it easier to break through? Will SWIM never meet her again? Why SWIM?

    TFSE has been used at great length, apologies if SWIM missed anything.
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    Since both marijuana and salvia divinorum have not been studied enough, it's hard to know all the coralations between the two.

    However back when I was young and dumb and first started dancing with Sally, he went overboard using salvia for meditation daily and taking to extremes. (swip was on a spiritual trip at the time using salvia, dmt, and amt to discover the interworkings of himself.) After an extreme salvia trip that stopped swips salvia use for a while, he noticed his marijuana experience had changed and become much more indepth... to the point of having "replays" of some of his intense salvia emotional and spiritual trips.