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Drug info - Crystal Meth Recrystalization & Wash

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine' started by s.ca.ca, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. s.ca.ca


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    Dec 14, 2008
    SWIM has a friend who may or may not have an ounce of Crystal Meth.

    SWIM has read through the forums and has found many different techniques for cleaning and recrystalizing Crystal Meth.

    If SWIM could call on SWIY's extensive experience and have explained to SWIM in a step by step non abreviated manner and equipment list the process for losing the least amount of product, cleaning and recrystalizing Crystal Meth SWIM would be much appreciative.

    Not that SWIM or SWIY would ever actually buy, use or sell Crystal Meth. That would be illegal and morally reprehensible.
  2. kb13

    kb13 Silver Member

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    Dec 15, 2008
    Warning performing this act could be considered "manufacturing a controlled substance"

    swim found this very easily using google-

    The easiest for large amounts is to use
    1 glass quart jar
    1-2 quarts acetone
    1 large glass bowl
    coffee filters


    Take stash and put into quart jar
    add acetone (enough to dissolve product)
    thoroughly mix
    mixture will separate if let sit undisturbed
    (meth dissolves into clear acetone, the cut (waste) doesn't)
    carefully pour liquid through coffee filter into bowl
    Evaporate the acetone

    The wash is done!

    swim can re-wash leftovers in coffee filter

    be careful - Don't burn your face off!
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  3. bman1

    bman1 Palladium Member

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    Feb 3, 2005
    ^^ Nice post but if you can edit plase take out a link to another forum.
  4. FrenchFries


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    Oct 24, 2007
    KB13 is wrong, meth does not dissolve into acetone. Most methamphetamine recrystallizations are done using a combinations of solvents.

    Dissolving the meth in a minimum of water and dripping acetone into the mix until small crystals or cloudiness begins to form at the spot where the acetone drips into the water, or dissolving the meth in dry alcohol and dripping acetone until small crystals or cloudiness begin to form works. Also dissolving meth in a minimum of water or dry alcohol and dripping MEK can be used for recrystallization.

    There are a variety of ways to do this, recrystallization from alcohol is probably most common.
  5. EducatedUser408


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    Jul 16, 2008

    Good call FrenchFries!!!!............Crizz will not dissolve in acetone.........Well, not easily.........But if SWIM were to put crizz in a pyrex dish, cover in acetone, and then heat it up so that the acetone boils, then yes, the "work" will disolve.........It will come back after acetone evaporates, but it won't be the same
  6. slimmbanditt

    slimmbanditt Newbie

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    Nov 9, 2012
    Question about acetone conversion (drying)

    I have a pet iguana who likes to test certain methods that he reads on this site, I'm not sure why he does it, i guess it just interests him, because he doesn't use or manufacture drugs of any sort or condone the act of doing so. He recently asked me to post a question concerning the process of "drying" "acetone"(? dont know why he wanted the info ir even what "dry" acetone is, how it differs drom... "wet" acetone? maybe... anyway, he said he dried a fairly good quantity of epsom salt in an oven(I think he said he heated @ about 400 *F for about an hour... He followed steps mentioned in posts to the T, considering many posts provide conflicting info, he used the most popular guide(s) that seemed the most plausible {hes a very intellegent iguana}, anyway, he said he added the dried salts (not sure of exact amount, he mentioned hed rather use too much rather than too little since it could be reused, and he figured using more than recommended wouldn't hurt, but probably absorb more water from the acetone if anything)... the acetone he used was supposedly 100% acetone (fingernail polish remover, actually containing another chem he doesnt remember the name of)... there was around 8-10 ounces, he estimates, of cosmetic-grade acetone and he added the dried salts and shook the shit out of the bottle, then let settle, shaking continually every 5-6 mins. for about a 1/2 hour... when he was done, he used three coffee filters to strain new "dry" acetone into a mason jar... he said he did notice the new solvent was much quicker to evap, and that the filters, not being wet prior to filtering, absorbed alot, so he lost some dry tone from dripping/evaping from filters... sry for the long explanation, he said to be very specific, wut he wants to know is, shoult he have lost as much as he did, which he ended up with exactly 100 ml (i think thats like 4 ounces...?)... anyway, anyone with some experience/insight in this area of experimentation, any response is welcomed and appreciated... my inguana has been a little hornery since this experiment, he hates 2 things in these situations, 1 being messing up the desired outcome b/c of his own mistake/misunderstanding, and especially, 2: ppl who posts invalid/incorrect info/methods of experimentation, especially when it costs him money (he's on a fixed income, 75% disabled... i told him his tail will grow back but it doesnt make him feel any better... again, sry for long post and irrelevant info, im typing for him and hes acting a little "tweaked" out for some odd reason... :confused: thx in advance for any resonsive info...
  7. berry slits

    berry slits Silver Member

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    Apr 29, 2011
    The method your pet used to dry the acetone is exactly how it is done, your pet could have saved it self time though, there is no real need to keep shaking it over and over for 30 mins, just add enough mag sulf to sufficiently absorb all the water ( one will notice that the mag sulf will start to swirl in the ace like a snow globe and not go directly to the bottom, safe to say is a sufficient amount of ms), let the mag sulf collect at the bottom, decant off thru coffee filters, be sure to leave the bottom layer that is cloudy for when the filter almost empty and pour of the rest off. seal er up and one has dry acetone or most any np solvent for when ever one needs er next.
  8. jeanplumes1985

    jeanplumes1985 Newbie

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    Jan 4, 2016
    Hey mate, i want to disolve a whole heap of really fine crushed up meth i been saving and turn it back into bigger crystals can u please help me out with spacific info id like to try doing it by using alcohole and acetone.
    Cheers mate
  9. DroppedYourPocket

    DroppedYourPocket Silver Member

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    Nov 9, 2013
    Found this here http://pokerfraudalert.com/forum/showthread.php?156-HOW-TO-CLEAN-METH-OR-COKE-QUICKLY-AND-EASILY

    Method-You need to get rid of the cuts that are not going to be removed easily or you have a lot of meth and want to be sure you aren't losing much and that the final product is as pure as can be. This method has been found superior to an acetone wash but it takes a long time, around 24 hours, so if you are impatient set aside some meth for yourself and do not rush this process or you will regret it.

    What you need- A lot of meth and a good dry alcohol. Methanol and denatured alcohol seem to work best. Having read isopropyl alcohol works I can say it most certainly does not so do not use it. You want the driest alcohol possible and no, vodka will not work. It has to much water in it.

    Take meth and grind it into as fine of a powder as possible. Bring a measure of alcohol to boil. Be careful, dry alcohol is flammable(less than tone but still a danger)what I have used that works is bringing a pot of water to a high boil. Turn of flame source put beaker full of alcohol into boiling water and let it sit. After 2-3 minutes you will see bubbles in the alcohol, it's ready. Put crushed meth in the bottom of a glass implement, can be glass or bowl, your choice. Pour boiling alcohol into container with meth and swirl or stir until dope is dissolved completely. Roughly a 3:1 ratio of alcohol to meth will suffice. Meth will readily dissolve, meaning, anything that's not meth will be left behind after filtering.

    Take hot meth/alcohol mixture and pour through pre-wet coffee filter into bowl or cup. After this do NOT touch your container! No freezing, shaking, or stirring. The less you jostle the container the bigger crystals you will end up with. As the alcohol is evaporating what you want will be left behind and form crystalline solids but crystal formation is delicate so be careful. It will take a solid 24 hours to evaporate the alcohol and all the crystals to be dry. Be careful not to mess with the crystals until they're dry. Also, once you harvest the crystals put some alcohol in the container you used, swirl it around, and let dry. You will get some more meth out of it.

    You can take this a step further and perform an acetone wash on the crystals. Anhydrous acetone preferred. Make sure all acetone is evaporated before use. A good way to tell is by smelling the meth. If you smell acetone it's not fully evaporated yet.

    The reason for acetone wash: Cuts and impurities are left behind on the coffee filter the first time but some cuts are water soluble so they dissolve along with the meth. The beauty with recrystallization is that as the liquid is drying and the meth is forming crystals the dope will naturally form crystals with itself and that will leave the cuts on the outside of the crystals. The acetone wash washes the cuts from the outside of the crystals and presto you have pure methamphetamine.

    CAUTION- Drugs can kill you and are illegal. I do not recommend doing them. If you must, I hope you listen to my advice and don't put who knows what into your lungs, veins, and nose. Be smart. Drugs kill but the cuts compound the problem. So at the very least make sure your meth is pure. Plus the high you want is the high from pure meth, the cuts mess with this high. Having quit drugs some time ago I have to say life does improve without them. I also remember buying bag after bag of cut crap and wishing I had a better connect, when in all actuality I never needed one. I could have done this on my own and saved so much time and cash.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2017